Trent’s Favorite Books He Read When He Was 9


I read 199 books when I was 9. Here are my favorites!

Glitch by Sarah Graley

I love video games, and in this book they get stuck in the video game and have to fight monsters to get out. It is like Minecraft Dungeons, but a book. It is very cool!

Plum Crazy! Tales of a Tiger-Striped Cat, Vol. 1-4 by Natsumi Hoshino

I love cats, as you’ll see by all the cat books on my favorites lists, and Plum Crazy is a book of funny little stories about a cat named Plum who is a very wild cat who has the zoomies. He also has a friend named Snowball who he plays with.

Yokai Cats Vol. 1-6 by Pandania

This book has mini little stories about different cats with different personalities and powers. For example, one cat can stretch its neck as long as it wants to and is always stretching his neck out to beg for food. I enjoy reading this series because it is very silly, and all the cats have humans that add to the story in a funny way.

Amari and the Great Game (Supernatural Investigations #2) by B.B. Alston

I liked being able to read another Amari story! Number 1 was on my 8 year old list. These books are very epic in some parts, sad in some parts, dramatic in some parts, and more. All of these feelings make me enjoy reading the stories. I am so excited for number 3!

Swim Team by Johnnie Christmas

In Swim Team Bree moves to Florida and wants to take a math elective but it is full, so she has to take Swim 101, but she doesn’t know how to swim. Then Ms. Etta teaches Bree, including teaching her the history of Black people not being allowed to use pools in America. Ms. Etta is a great teacher and Bree learns how to swim. I like this book because it is interesting to follow Bree’s problems in life and how she solves them. I’ve read this book 4 times, and I liked it every single time.

Glitch by Laura Martin

This book takes place in the future where they are able to time travel. Students Regan and Elliot don’t like each other but are forced to be partners and decide to work together to help the school to not be destroyed by a butterfly which is a person who time traveled back in time and messes everything up. Glitch was very exciting because I liked following all of the action as they work to solve the school’s problem.

Better with Butter by Victoria Piontek

Better with Butter is about a goat who is found by a girl named Marvel. Marvel has anxiety, and Butter calms her down and becomes her therapy goat. I loved this book because I connected with Marvel because I have anxiety sometimes too. I also love goats.

Creepy Cat Vol. 1-4 by Cotton Valent

A girl named Flora lives in a haunted mansion and finds a cat who can multiply itself and has other powers. I liked Creepy Cat because it has a good plot that is creepy, just like the title says. And it has cats!

Avatar: The Last Airbender Graphic Novels (The Promise, The Search, The Rift, Smoke & Shadow, North & South) by Gene Luen Yang

I love the show Avatar, so I was happy to find out there were books. The books take place after the show ends and continues the story. I love all of the weird animals in the Avatar stories and the plot is always exciting. (I am so excited to watch the new live action Avatar!)

Secondhand Dogs by Carolyn Crimi, Illustrated by Melissa Manwill

This book is about a group of dogs which has a new dog that comes in and ruins everything. While listening to the book, I kept rooting for the good dogs. I found the book to be really dramatic, and I think it is special because the dogs end up saving themselves.

Amulet series by Kazu Kibuishi

Amulet is one of my favorite series I have ever read. It is about siblings who lose their mom and go on an adventure into a new world looking for her. During the adventure everything is chaotic and full of madness. While reading, I felt many emotions because the story was exciting and full of adventure.

Hooky Volume 3 by Míriam Bonastre Tur

Hooky 1 & 2 were on my list last year, and I love them and now #3 too which continues the story. I love them because they are full of adventure and thrilling. The illustrations were mind-blowing and the plot story was awesome.

Hazardous Tales series (One Dead Spy; Big Bad Ironclad; Treaties, Trenches, Mud & Blood; Underground Abductor; Lafayette; Major Impossible; Above the Trenches) by Nathan Hale

I like this series because they let you learn history in a fun way and a very good series. I found the hangman and the provost funny I LOLed while reading. Each of the books taught me different things. It’s impressive how Nathan Hale teaches you in a fun way. I look forward to reading the rest of them.

First Cat in Space and the Soup of Doom by Mac Barnett, Illustrated by Shawn Harris

I’ve been a fan of the First Cat in Space since it started as a live cartoon. I am so excited for the third one to come out! I like these books because they are funny but also adventurous.

A Story of Seven Lives by Shirakawa Gin

I felt sad for most of this book because Nanao has a sad life, but I ended up liking this book because someone who doesn’t like cats likes cats at the end and Nanao’s life gets better.

Baby-Sitters Club #1-3 (Kristy’s Great Idea, The Truth About Stacey, Mary Anne Saves the Day) by Ann M. Martin, Graphic Novel by Raina Telgemeier

My mom’s favorite book series as a kid was the Baby-Sitters Club. There is even a show which is a little like the book but a little different. I was excited to finally read the graphic novels, and I really liked them because they are realistic and full of drama. (P.S. I am so mad they canceled the series! It is such a good show!)

Smile Series (Smile, Sisters, Guts) by Raina Telgemeier

This book is about Raina Telgemeier’s life. Smile is about when she got braces. Sisters is about how when she was little, she wanted a sister but when she started getting older, she felt like her sister was annoying but still loved her. Guts is about how Raina learns her stomach pains are because of anxiety. I like this series because it’s entertaining, and I felt like I NEEDED to read it. I couldn’t put it down.

Coraline by Neil Gaiman

I read Coraline because I was going to see Neil Gaiman at the Dr. Phillips Center (He was so good! Though it was odd to hear the voice of the audiobook in real life). This was one of the weirdest books I have ever read, but I really liked this book and I felt like I couldn’t put it down. I liked it so much, I also read the graphic novel and watched the movie.

Honorable Mentions

If I listed and mini-reviewed all of the books I loved, it would take forever! So here are some other favorites:

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Trent’s Favorite Books He Read When He was 7

Trent’s Favorite Books He Read When He was 8

Trent’s Favorite Books He Read When He Was 8


I read 202 books when I was 8. Here are my favorites:

I Need a New Butt! by Dawn McMillan

This picture book is funny because he’s asking for a new butt, and he is thinking of things that might make a good butt. I think it’s silly that someone got fired for reading this book to kids because it is appropriate and is just funny.

Cat Kid Comic #3 & #4 by Dav Pilkey

This series is about a comic club that all make comics and share them with the reader which is fun. Everyone should read this because it is a really good series. I like the illustrations because most of the comics they make are made from paper of photos or objects.

The Investigators series by John Patrick Green

I like this series because it full of mystery and you have to think about who could have done it or what happened. It is humorous, too. The illustrations are really good also.

Housecat Trouble series by Mason Dickerson

I like this series because it is fun and kind of suspenseful and surprising. The cat tries to save his home from monsters in book one and the cat is trying to help his cat friend who teleports in book two. It is called Housecat Trouble not because he causes trouble but because he finds himself in trouble. He is trying to prevent the monsters from destroying houses.

The First Cat in Space Ate Pizza by Mac Barnett & Shawn Harris

During COVID, I watched Mac Barnett’s Book Club Show since episode one, so I saw the first episode of The First Cat in Space during Live Cartoons with Mac and Shawn. I’ve seen every episode multiple times. I am so glad they made a book!

Katie the Cat Sitter series by Colleen A.F. Venable & Stephanie Yue

This series is so much fun. She cat sits like 247 cats, and she finds out that the person who she is cat sitting for is a super hero and that who she thought was good isn’t. And the cats aren’t normal cats! One can hack into the pentagon! They have thumbs 😆

Hooky series by Miriam Bonastre Tur

I like this series because the characters find out they’re witches and then they try to find a safe place to stay because the village they live in will not allow witches in or else they will burn them. I didn’t want to stop reading because it was so interesting. You read enough of the book, and you just get sucked in!

Penguin & House series by Akiho Ieda

I love the penguin in this book because he is so intelligent and fun! He even cooks food for his owner. He goes on walks on his own and still comes back. It is also funny because the penguin is so much smarter than his owner.

Sue & Tai-Chan series by Kanata Konami

This series is so much fun to read because the older cat just wants to sleep and the younger cat wants to play, so it annoys the older cat which really makes the older cat angry.

Chi’s Sweet Home series by Kanata Konami

I like this series because Chi is so much fun. His reactions are super exaggerative. He is also so cute! And it is sweet how he is with his friend who comes and visits him.

Cat & Gamer series by Wataru Nadatani

In this book, there is a gamer who is given a cat that was found in a parking lot even though she hasn’t ever had a cat and has no idea why she wants a cat, but she ends up loving having a cat. And the cat is so cute! I love this series because it is fun to watch the gamer grow, and it is funny when she’s trying to play her game and the cat gets in her way.

Cat Massage Therapy series by Haru Hisakawa

This book is so funny because at the beginning a man goes into a massage parlor for a massage and learns that the massages are done by cats, and he ends up bonding with the cats and helps them out, including taking them to his job to do massages. Everybody wants to get a massage by the cats because they all are so cute and so warming.

A Man and his Cat series by Umi Sakurai

At the beginning, a man finds a cat that no one else wants at a pet store, but he felt sad for him and fell in love with him, so he adopts him. But he doesn’t know what to do with him, so he talks to the lady at the store who helps him find what he needs to take care of a cat. At home, the man and his cat bond and the man begins to change—he gets happier! I like this series because it makes me feel happy for the man.

Amari and the Night Brothers by BB Alston

I really enjoyed this book because it has lots of magic, magical creatures, and drama—oh, and suspense! I like Amari because she is a good person; she tries to protect the world. I think everyone should read this book because it teaches that not everyone should be judged based on who they’re related to; if they’re related to a bad person, that doesn’t mean they’re a bad person.

Wonder Cat Kyuu Chan Vol 1 & 2 by Sasami Nitori

This book is like Penguin and House but with a cat. The cat is super intelligent. This book makes me laugh because it is funny to see a cat that is more intelligent than his owner.

Bounce Back by Misako Rocks!

This is a very unique book because her cat talks to her and helps her with school and having a new life (they moved from Japan to America). I liked it because it had sad and happy parts; there were twists and turns.

Nights with a Cat Vol. 1 by Kyuryu Z

This book was enjoyable because the cat is really hilarious. For example, he gets in his owner’s way all of the time. I also like this book because I connect with his sister since the sister wants the cat’s attention but never gets it, and I always want my cats’ attention.

Wings of Fire Graphic Novels series by Tui T. Sutherland & Mike Holmes

In this series, there is a prophecy, and a group of dragons are trying to do the prophecy. I like the dragons in this series because they are all trying to save their world. This leads to a lot of suspense and fighting.

Travis Daventhrope For the Win! by Wes Molebash

This book was full of suspense since he’s trying to save the multi-verse. At first when he does sword training, he is pretty terrible at it which was entertaining (though he ends up being good at it). I also liked Juniper because she is a unique character and shows that girls can be good at fighting.

Strange Planet: The Sneaking, Hiding, Vibrating Creature by Nathan W. Pyle

This book shows us aliens who are studying a cat then act like the cat. One of my favorite parts is that the aliens came up with silly words for things because they are our words but with a little twist, like a bed is a rest slab.

With a Dog & A Cat Every Day is Fun 1 & 2 by Hidekichi Matsumoto

I found this series to be humorous because the cat doesn’t like the dog and the dog is really happy. The cat is always mad about the dog playing with him, but the dog never gives up. But they do live together okay.

Leonard (My Life as a Cat) by Carlie Sorosiak

I love that Olive rescues Leonard and right away treats him like he has always her pet. Leonard is cool because he is an immortal entity from another planet. This is unlike any cat book I’ve ever read before.

Honorable Mentions
If I listed and mini-reviewed all of the books I loved, it would take forever! So here are some other favorites:

  • The Missing Piece by Shel Silverstein
  • 5 Worlds series by Mark Seigel, Alexis Seigel, Xanthe Bouma, Matt Rockefeller, & Boya Sun
  • Max Meow series by John Gallagher
  • Mayor Goodboy series by Dave Scheidt & Miranda Harmon
  • Stuntboy, In the Meantime by Jason Reynolds & Raúl the Third
  • Invisible by Christina Diaz Gonzalez
  • New Kid Class Act by Jerry Craft
  • Yuzu the Pet Vet Vol. 1 & 2 by Mingo Ito
  • The Evil Society of Cats Vol. 1 by Pandania

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Trent’s Favorite Reads as a 6 Year Old

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Trent’s Favorite Reads as a 6 Year Old


This year, Trent and I read over 425 books together!!
(And that doesn’t even count the books he read at school, on his own on Epic, or on his own during our family reading time 😲)
You can checkout our Goodreads bookshelf to see all of the books we read.

I am so proud of this little reader I have in my household, and I am happy to share some of his favorite reads as a 6 year old. Here are the books he chose as his favorites when we scrolled through all of the books he’s read this year. [These books are in order of how we read them this year.] All of these books were chosen by Trent and the quote is why he likes it:

Leo: A Ghost Story

Leo: A Ghost Story by Mac Barnett, Illustrated by Christian Robinson

“I like that I don’t know why the girl sees him and everyone else does not. It is a mystery book.”

Dragons love tacos collection 2 books set by adam rubin

Dragons Love Tacos series by Adam Rubin, Illustrated by Daniel Salmieri

“It is really funny when they eat the tacos and go ACCCK with their fire. And in the other book it is funny that they have to time travel to find more tacos.”

Battle Bunny

Battle Bunny by Jon Scieszka & Mac Barnett, Illustrated by Matthew Myers

“When the authors wrote it they made it so a boy got it for his birthday and his grandma let him have it and it’s funny that he changed it into BATTLE BUNNY dun dun duuuuun!”

Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast series by Josh Funk, Illustrated by Brendan Kearney

“I like all of them. It is funny that there are different worlds: first, the freezer and the fridge and the other parts. And I like that it rhymes.”

26084419. sx318

The Typewriter by Bill Thomson

“I like it because when they type a thing it comes to life. I like the illustrations because they are very good illustrations.”

We are in a Book! (Elephant & Piggie, #13)

We Are In a Book by Mo Willems

“It is funny that they talk to me. And they know they are in a book. And Gerald is like OH NO! PAGE 49! NOW 50! AND THE BOOK ENDS AT 53! It is really funny.”

30038982. sx318

One Lonely Fish by Andy Mansfield, Illustrated by Thomas Flintham

“I like it because I like how the numbers count on and the fish get bigger and bigger and the biggest fish you cannot even see his eyes or whole body.”

Piranhas Don't Eat Bananas

Piranhas Don’t Eat Bananas by Aaron Blabey

“Brian is like TRY ONE OF MY FRUITS and then everyone else is like NO, WE PREFER BUTTS! In the end, they try the fruit and think it is pretty good, but say, ‘We still prefer butts.'”

Please Say Please!: Penguin's Guide to Manners

Please Say Please: Penguin’s Guide to Manners by Margery Cuyler, Illustrated by Will Hillenbrand

“Because the Penguin wants everyone to have table manners. HIPPO, YOUR NAPKIN IS NOT A HAT. And when they all leave, the penguin says they all need to say, ‘Please open the door.'”

Harold & Hog Pretend For Real! (Elephant & Piggie Like Reading!, #6)

Harold and Hog Pretend for Real by Dan Santat

“They try to be Piggie and Gerald. And Piggie and Gerald try to be Harold and Hog. And I like how Harold and Hog look like old versions of Piggie and Gerald.”

The Bad Guys series (we’ve read 1-4) by Aaron Blabey

“I like the Piranha, Shark, and the Wolf. I like all the Bad Guys because they are pretty funny.”


Billy Twitters and his Blue Whale Problem by Mac Barnett, Illustrated by Adam Rex

“He brings a huge blue whale home! It’s so funny that he tries to take care of him, and he’s too big for the house.”

26245753. sx318

Rules of the House by Mac Barnett, Illustrated by Matt Myers

“I like it because the boy’s sister doesn’t do the rules. Like, the haunted house says don’t open the red door, and SHE OPENS THE RED DOOR.”

The Boy Who Cried Bigfoot!

The Boy Who Cried Bigfoot by Scott Magoon

“I like it because the Bigfoot is funny.”

I Really Like Slop! (Elephant & Piggie, #24)

I Really Like Slop! by Mo Willems

“It is funny that Piggie makes slop and Gerald is like BLECK but he tries to pretend he loves it. But then Piggie says, ‘Have more since you like it.’ I actually like the whole series because it has a lot of kindness.”

Jack at the Zoo

Jack at the Zoo by Mac Barnett, Illustrated by Greg Pizzoli

“It is really funny that he gets replaced with the koala.”

44581496. sx318

We Are Water Protectors by Carole Lindstrom, Illustrated by Michaela Goade

“I like that the they’re trying to protect the water from the black snake pipe.”

25897837. sx318

Maybe Something Beautiful: How Art Transformed a Neighborhood by F. Isabel Campoy & Theresa Howell, Illustrated by Rafael López

“I like that they makes the whole neighborhood become full of art.”

35297500. sx318

Harriet Gets Carried Away by Jessie Sima

“I like it because while she’s in her penguin outfit on her birthday, it’s funny that the penguins are trying to take her and that they think she’s the king of the penguins. It is just so funny.”

28234753. sx318

Alma and How She Got Her Name by Juana Martinez-Neal

“I like that she is named after her great great grandmother and everyone else.”

44774922. sx318

My Book (Not Yours) by Ben Sanders

“It’s funny because the sloth says it is his book but the fox takes over dun dun duuuun.”

The Box Turtle

The Box Turtle by Vanessa Roeder

“Since he doesn’t have a shell, I am sad he lost himself and he lost his shell. Now he tried everything and tried a box. I am sad for him. I’m better at the end though.”


Find Fergus by Mike Boldt

“It is funny that we have to find him. And in the end it is really hard to find to find all of the animals and you had to find certain stuff.”

51276486. sy475

The Misadventures of Toni Macaroni in The Mad Scientist by Cetonia Weston Roy, Illustrated by Chasity Hampton

“Is there a second one out yet? I want to read another one.”

Welcome to Bobville: City of Bobs

Welcome to Bobville: City of Bobs by Jonah Winter, Illustrated by Bob Staake

“Well, there’s 1 good news and 2 bad news of it. Well, the first bad news is that I don’t like that everyone does the same thing: they go to sleep at the same time, they do the same thing at the same time, they think everything the same. I’m also sad that he doesn’t fit in. But I’m glad that he finds a home place.”

Nellie Nutgraf - The Double Best Reporter in History

Nellie Nutgraf series by Tom Angleberger, Illustrated by Gillian Reid

“Well, I like that it shows a bunch of history. It is kind of like a fake book, it didn’t happen in real life, but it has history in it that’s real.”

Lost on the Titanic (Out of Time Book 1)

Out of Time series by Jessica Rinker, Illustrated by Bethany Stancliffe

“I like it because it is also fictional history. It tells you about the Titanic. I liked that there was magic in it, too.”


Superbuns by Diane Kredensor

“I like that she’s being kind.”

Where's My Turtle?

Where’s My Turtle? by Barbara Bottner, Illustrated by Brooke Boynton Hughes

“I like it because I like finding the turtle, like in the garden and in his room. It’s fun. I’m sad that the turtle is lost, but I like that he finds him.”

45143549. sx318

My Favorite Book in the Whole Wide World by Malcolm Mitchell, Illustrated by Michael Robertson

“I like it because I like that he’s happy. I’m happy for him.”

I Am Not a Penguin: A Pangolin's Lament

I Am Not a Penguin: A Pangolin’s Lament by Liz Wong

“He’s a PANGOLIN! I like that they think he’s a penguin and then at the end a penguin comes, and everyone says FINALLY A PENGUIN.”

51250344. sx318 sy475

This Way, Charlie by Caron Levis, Illustrated by Charles Santoso

“Well, I’m sad that he got blind, but I’m happy that he made a friend.”

The Way Home (Owly #1)

Owly: The Way Home by Andy Runton

“I like that he’s taking care of the blue jay guys, and I like wormy. Wormy is sometimes funny.”

The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby (Super Diaper Baby, #1)

The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby #1 by Dav Pilkey

“I like that he can talk on his first day alive, and he’s like, ‘Hey dudes!'”

40584411. sx318

Fox & Chick: The Quiet Boat Ride and Other Stories by Sergio Ruzzier

“Fox says it has to be a quiet boat ride, but Chick keeps on saying stuff: CAN I BE THE CAPTAIN OF THIS SHIP?! And it isn’t even a ship, it is a row boat! The one with the sunset is also very funny because Chick keeps asking things like: DO I NEED MY HAMMER?! and DO I NEED GOGGLES?! But he doesn’t need anything!”


The Rock from the Sky by Jon Klassen

“It’s funny the two characters talk to each other and they came closer and closer and there’s an asteroid coming.”

The One and Only Ivan

The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate, Illustrated by Patricia Castelao

“I like all of the characters like Ruby, Ivan, Mack, Julia, every body.”

43212545. sx318

Spencer’s New Pet by Jessie Sima

“You get confused the first time you read it. Because you think Spencer’s the boy but he’s actually a balloon, and the dog is Spencer, and the boy is the pet. It is very funny.”

Trent says, “Thank you for stopping by!”


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Ten(ish) of Trent’s Favorite Books as of His Fourth Birthday

Trent’s Favorite Reads as of His Fifth Birthday

Trent’s Favorite Reads as of His 6th Birthday

First Day of Unicorn School by Jess Hernandez, Illustrated by Mariano Epelbaum


First Day of Unicorn School
Author: Jess Hernandez
Illustrator: Mariano Epelbaum
Published January 1st, 2021 by Capstone Publishing

Summary: Milly is incredibly excited to go to Unicorn School, a school that accepts only the best and the brightest. There’s only one problem: she isn’t a unicorn! She’s a donkey in a party hat. Milly first feels uncomfortable but eventually learns that she and the others at the school have more in common than it might have seemed.

About the Author: Jess Hernandez is a writer, librarian, teacher, and all-around word girl. When not being used as a human canvas for baby food art, she writes books for kids. Her debut book, FIRST DAY OF UNICORN SCHOOL, illustrated by Mariano Epelbaum, came out in Jan. 1, 2021 from Capstone. Sometimes she writes essays, poems, and short stories for grown-ups, too. Jess lives in a very small, very LOUD house in Washington with her husband, their three children, a blind Labrador, and seven chickens.

Review: This book is so relatable! Everyone has those first day jitters when they are about to start at a new school, no matter how excited they are, so Milly and the reader will definitely have something in common. And just like Milly, the reader probably realized that although everyone is different at their school, they all are awesome and fit in in their own way at school.

In addition to the story, I really liked the fun colors of the illustrations, and Milly is so expressive!

Trent’s Review: I really liked it because I love animals and it was funny when they all revealed the truth showing their fake unicorn horns and manes. In the end, Milly found the truth everyone and the school became for all animals, so Milly fit in.

Teachers’ Tools for Navigation: As an educator, Jess created extension activities to go with First Day of Unicorn School!

Coloring Pages

Lesson Plans

And Jess does online visits with schools or groups!

Discussion Questions: 

  • What was Milly so worried about when she first got to the school?
  • Why did Milly want to go to unicorn school?
  • How did the author use word play when having the different animals speak?
  • Why did Milly turn around right before she almost left the school?
  • Have students draw their own “unicorn” (any animal with a fake horn and hair!)
  • How were all the animals at the school the same? Different?

Flagged Passages: 

Read This If You Love: Thelma the Unicorn by Aaron Blabey, Kevin the Unicorn by Jessika Von Innerebner, Danbi Leads the School Parade by Anna Kim, Clover Kitty Goes to Kittygarten by Laura Purdie Salas

Recommended For: 



**Thank you to the author and Capstone for providing a copy for review!**

Shifu Orboot Earth: AR-Powered, Interactive Globe


About Orboot from Shifu

An award-winning educational toy, Orboot is a no-borders globe that connects with the fun & interactive Orboot app.

A STEM toy that sparks the imagination and creativity, Orboot encourages the little ones to explore and discover on their own. It builds knowledge as well as develops linguistic and cognitive abilities in the process.

Explore the world with 400+ highlights and 1000+ cool facts across 6 categories – cultures, cuisines, monuments, inventions, animals and maps (national and state boundaries of countries).

Visit to learn more!

Four Reasons to Love Orboot

And Trent surely does love Orboot!

What makes Orboot stand out versus other globes and other geography apps is that it combines the two: hands on and technology. The globe can be used like a standard globe but it also can be taken to the next level by using the AR-powered app to dig in!

There are some awesome pluses to the app: all aspects of it is free, it is available in many different languages, and once you download the app WiFi isn’t needed. Also, there is a portion of the app that can be used if the physical globe is not available!

There are so many different ways to play with your globe with its app. First, you can learn information about six different categories: maps, monuments, animals, food, inventions, and culture. There is also a scavenger hunt type game, quizzes, and the ability to build their own national park. And that is the digital puzzles and activities.

In addition to the digital activities, the user also gets a passport, stickers, guide, and stamps to keep track of the countries you “visit” while using Orboot.

Trent adores his globe! He will sit with it for hours, listening to facts, interacting with the information, telling me about the places he traveled to, and making connections between what he is learning and what he knows. Trent says, “I like that I can learn about different places!”

I was surprised that the coins, stars, gems, and badges he could earn wasn’t what kept him going back to the globe, it was the knowledge and the mysteries. He loved figuring out all of the clues in the scavenger hunt type mysteries, and he likes throwing out the “Did you know?” questions at us. He likes looking up places he sees in books or entertainment to learn about them. Who can argue with a learning toy that engages kids this way?

He also really likes the Oko Park aspect because it allows him to take his knowledge about the world and apply it to make a virtual national park. In the park the user looks at the balance of the national park, problems in the national park, and ways to keep their national park healthy. Trent says, “I love that I can learn to help nature.”

As a teacher, I could see Orboot as a center all by itself. It has such possibilities that it, by itself, could fill a center need and would allow students to dive into geography, social studies, and science!

Orboot takes kids on an adventure that they’ll love!


**Thank you to Shifu for providing a globe for review!!**

Best Learning’s iPoster My WORLD Interactive Map


Best Learning’s iPoster My WORLD Interactive Map is a “beautifully illustrated large floor map for kids, great for interactive lessons in school or at home. Explore and discover the world with your fingertips!

The smartest way to learn the world which includes 92 countries, capital cities, flag, population, languages spoken, important landmarks, fun facts with 4 challenging quiz modes.

Learn over 1,000 facts about the world we live in!

Capital & Country – Learn about each country and its capital cities with quiz.

Flag – Learn about each country’s flag with quiz.

Population – Learn about the population of each country.

Language – Learn about the languages spoken in each country.

Landmark – Learn about the important landmark or monument of each country with quiz.

Fun Fact – Learn a fun fact of each country with quiz.

  • Family Choice, Mom’s Choice Gold Metal & Tillywig Brain Child Award Winner 2018! The most valuable interactive touch activated talking map.
  • Learning has never been so much easy and fun. Hang on a wall, play on the floor or use as a colorful play mat.
  • Learn capital cities, countries with their flags, population, languages spoken in each country, important landmarks, fun facts with volume control.
  • Skills learned include concentration, earth science, memory, problem solving, geography and environment.
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries (included); intended for Preschoolers and early learners of ages 5 and up.”

Ricki’s Review: We received this map a few weeks ago, and my kids take it out to explore again and again. I love how it isn’t just a simple, straightforward map with just countries. The different settings allow kids to explore more about our world. For instance, my older son seems to gravitate towards learning the country names, capital cities, and landmarks, yet my younger son is fascinated with the flags, and he regularly puts the map on the flag mode.

When we first opened the map, all three boys were interested. They learned to take turns learning about the countries. The baby is only included in this picture because as you see, he prefers to push everything at once.

Here, my oldest son clicks on the flags to learn about the countries they come from.

And here, the kids take turns trying to identify the correct country in a fun quiz.

We plan to move the map to the wall this week, and we are happy that it will be something that the kids can keep referring to. I can’t count the number of times that one of them asks something like, “Where is XXXX country, city, or monument?” The map will offer a fun way to not only identify the location but to also learn more about the countries as they pop up in teachable moments.

Kellee’s Review: This map is endless entertainment and information! For those of us who have inquiry-driven kids, the freedom of the map and plethora of information just lends to their natural curiousity. So often I would get questions about a setting of a book or movie or just a random country that he heard somewhere, and now we can visit the map to find the country and learn all about it.

Trent is a fan of landmarks. He can tell you where the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Pyramids of Giza, etc. are, so he immediately gravitates towards learning about them with the map. And he just adores quizzes and will relisten to information and retake quizzes until he knows things by heart and will randomly share information with strangers. He says that this is his favorite part: “I love that the map tells you what the place is and tells you everything about the place.” It is all of the interesting information that keeps him gravitating towards it.

While Ricki loves that it isn’t just a simple map, I understand what she means, but I love that in the end it is still a map. Although there are some graphics, it isn’t overwhelming, and we can still use the map as a map also. I love that something that Trent goes back to over and over is fun and educational!

Teachers’ Tools for Navigation: This map would be a beautiful addition to classroom walls. It offers so much more than a simple, paper map, and it allows kids to learn more about our world. We would recommend using velcro strips to hang this map on classroom walls to allow kids to pull the map off of the wall and bring it to their seats for further investigation.


**Thank you to Best Learning for providing maps for review!**

Osmo’s Genius Starter Kit: Math, Spelling, Problem Solving, Creativity, and More!


Osmo is an add on for your tablet (iPad or Fire) that brings digital learning to life! The Osmo Genius Starter Kit (from Tangible Play, Inc.) comes with materials for 3 of their different apps and with the Osmo stand and reflector, there are 2 other apps availabe to play without any materials.

Osmo knows kids learn by doing, so each game uses physical action. Whether it’s arranging tangrams, zooming number tiles around, or even freehand drawing, Osmo sees and reacts to every real-live move. Users will receive real-time feedback which lets kids learn through experimentation in a stress-free environment.

To date Osmo has been named one of Time Magazine’s Best Inventions, is a Parents’ Choice award winner, a winner of the prestigious Oppenheim award, and a 2016 finalist for Toy of The Year.

Tangram Demo:

Words Demo:

Numbers Demo:

Newton Demo:

Masterpiece Demo:

Kellee’s Review: What I love about Osmo is that it takes technology and adds kinesthetic aspects to it. It is truly the best of both worlds. This combination of hands-on learning and technology is how we are going to prepare our students for their life journey.

Trent loves Osmo because he thinks everything about it is fun. Even when there is a challenge, he faces it, figures it out, and moves forward because of the engagement he has for the activities. And if it gets too tough, the app is intuitive and helps him out when needed.

It is hard to pick his favorites apps. I think Masterpiece and Newton would be what he picked first to play, but he wouldn’t argue about playing any of them.

Masterpiece shows his paper on the screen and an outline of what he wants to draw. It can be from their gallery, online, or even a picture he took. Then he can look at the screen and follow the lines. He loves drawing, so him loving Masterpiece makes so much sense.

As for Newton, which is a problem-solving physics platform. I found it to be extremely difficult, so I was pleasantly surprised that Trent loved it so much. He figured out so many creative ways to solve the puzzles, past the drawing that it initially instructs the user to do. It was fascinating watching him! (Please note: the Osmo whiteboard in the image is not from the Genius Starter Kit. Trent loved the starter kit so much, we bought other games and it came with another game; however, any white board or paper would work for Newton.)

Words is at this point a bit easy for him, but I know there are ways to up the difficulty, but he is really enjoying it and getting used to searching for the letters, so I don’t want to frustrate him.

Numbers starts with addition which is perfect for Trent and lets him practice his number skills in a low-stakes, fun environment. He is a math fan, so this is another favorite app.

Tangrams is probably the one he struggles with the most. When the tasks get more difficult and do not show which shapes go where, Trent has trouble visualizing which are correct (but I’m the same way, so maybe like mom, like son).

And like I mentioned above, we loved Osmo so much, we’ve purchased other kits which Trent have all enjoyed also! I highly recommend Osmo to parents and teachers as an extension to other learning.

Ricki’s Review: Kellee did an amazing overview of each of the games within the kit, so I will offer more of a holistic overview and perspective from two different kids’ age levels. We have been staying at home pretty much exclusively for three months. My kids are in need of something different. My 3yo is able to read simplistic books and words, and my 6yo is reading fairly fluently now. They are tired of workbooks, they are tired of any book that looks like an early reader, and they are looking for something more interactive. Osmo is the answer.

The kids beg me to play with it during the day. We are pretty strict about screentime in our house, but the Osmo is so interactive that it doesn’t feel like screentime to me. As a parent, it feels remarkably guilt-free as the kids cheer and play the games together.

What intrigues me the most is that Kellee’s son, who is the same age as Henry and has similar interests, has different favorite games than my son. (Although, truly, my kids love ALL of the games.) Tangrams is both of my kids’ favorites. It seems to come naturally to them (which surprises me because I am not very good at spatial recognition). Masterpiece is the hardest for them, and I wonder if they will progress more with it with some time. Regardless, all of the games are huge hits, and they want to play all of them every time they play with the Osmo.

Here, you see my 6yo cheering wildly for himself while he plays numbers. When he met his teacher for a small math group at the end of the school year, she spent a lot of time decomposing numbers. As a parent, I have been focused with addition, subtraction, and number sentences. I hadn’t realized how much decomposing numbers helps their math sense. Osmo’s Numbers does just this. My son is breaking down numbers and figuring out how they work. Using this game in repetition will surely help his math abilities.

Not pictured: the INTENSITY of this shot. Here, the boys are playing two-player Words. They are each tossing letters into the center and hoping to guess the spelling of the word. For the 6yo, it is conscientious. He is able to consider which vowels are the right fit. For the 3yo, it is a lot of guesswork. He focuses on the first and last vowels. The middle is still confusing, as is suspected. I stress here that despite the 3yo being outside of the age level, he is still able to have fun and try out words, which is fun and exciting for him (and for me!).

And lastly, I share a picture of the boys playing Newton together. (Kellee highlights Tangrams and Masterpiece above.) I said earlier that Tangrams is my kids’ favorite, but now I wonder if their favorite might also be Newton. Gosh this game is so fun. They are considering gravity and physics. The game forces them to problem solve. If they mess up, they might slide the paper a little bit.

If you are on the fence, we recommend the Osmo highly. The kids have been having a BLAST, and it makes learning really fun. As an educator who doesn’t believe much in worksheets, this is a phenomenal system that has brought a lot of joy to our house.

The kids have been making big plans for which kits they are going to put on their wishlists for birthdays and holidays! I am very intrigued by the Pizza kit, so that might be next!

Teachers’ Tools for Navigation: We highly recommend Osmo for centers in classrooms. There are ways to set up multiple profiles which will make it so students can each have their own progress and with the hands-on + technology, students will have so much fun while learning!

Here are the subjects that the Genius Starter Kit compliments:

  • Math: Tangram and Numbers
  • Reading: Words
  • Handwriting: Masterpiece
  • Science: Newton
  • Basic geography (maps): Masterpiece
  • Spatial relationships: Tangram


**Thank you to Tangible Play, Inc. for providing starter kits for review!**