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I had someone ask for some recommendations of books that have science content within them and as well as books with math content. These requests has made me realize that there may be other teachers out there that may want some of these same recommendations. Today I will share with you the science books I recommended and next week I’ll share the math books.

This list contains books that are middle school and high school level. I started this list when an 8th grade science teacher asked me for recommendations. He wanted books that weren’t directly “science” books but that had science elements within them. Next to each book I’ve included how the book connects with the content. Also, many of these books are one of a series, so their sequels or companions would have science content as well.

(List updated 9-2019 & 8/2023)

Meteor hits moon and the effects from the disaster
 Space exploration, Space science
 Medical (Virology), Yellow fever epidemic
 Fictionalized account of same epidemic
 Geology, Yellowstone eruption
 AI, Technology
 Technology, Game simulation
 Chiroptologist (Study of bats)
 Alchemy, Medical
 Plastic surgery, Technology, Oil contamination
 Ornithology (Study of birds)
 Animal testing, Chimp acquisition of language (ASL), Deafness
 Zoology, Airships
 NASA Apollo Mission, National Audubon Society
 Space science (Low gravity, alien technology, space craft/station)
 Genetic engineering, Mechanics
Microbiology, Pandemic, Quarantine
 Subsea settlement
 Global warming, Oil
 Linguistics, Animal testing, Chimp acquisition of language (ASL)
 Space science, Space ship, Computer, Cryonics
 Climbing Mt. Everest
 Space race
 Space Race
 Teenager climbing Mt. Everest
2281392 Quantum physics, Philosophy
606824 (and other Hiaasen middle grade books) Ecology, Zoology
6202556 Natural History, Evolution
6279600 Botany
12444758 Dinosaurs
1111741 Astronomy
7173399 Physics, Mechanics, Inventing
3494680 Geology
11235712 Androids, Cyborgs
Extinction, Conservation, Environment
Challenger expedition, Space
Bee extinction
Science tinkering, Robots, Inventing, Other science topics
Inventions, Problem Solving
Fake news, Biology, Other science topics
Deafness, Sound waves, Marine biology
Spinal muscular atrophy
Live tissue transplant, Rebuilding humans
Water loss in California
Virtual reality
Genetics, Discovery, History of medicine
Mars rover
Mars colonization
NASA, Space travel
Climate change
Global warming
Apocalypse, Space travel, AI
Sea turtle
Climate change
Cave rescue
Ecology, Animal impact
Paleontology, Genetic mutation
Hope this list is helpful!
What books would you add to the list?
2019: The books listed include some I have read, some that were shared by the science teacher who asked me for the list, and books shared with me through Twitter when I asked for some help – Thank you to @mselke01 @thebrainlair @Hannahlily & @Loveofxena!

17 thoughts on “Novels with Science Content”

  1. Awesome list! I was just looking for this to expand my kids’ reading list by topics we’re covering in school work. Thanks!

  2. “The Weather Makers: How Man Is Changing the
    Climate and What It Means for Life on Earth” by Tim Flannery; and “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” by Rebecca
    Skloot; and then there is A. Huxley’s “Brave New World.”

  3. Excellent recommendations. We love Stephen Hawking’s books and several others on this list. I would also add the middle grade novel Brendan Buckley’s Universe and Everything In It by Sundee T. Frazier, which deals with geology and mineralogy. You can read my review here.

  4. I am an art historian, who writes books that embrace science. In my first book, The Crystal Navigator, is a middle grade fantasy that incorporates Newton’s study of optical fringes, chromatic aberration, and gravity. My second book, Mona Lisa’s Ghost, hinges on Einstein’s premise of consciousness-based reality, high tech gadgets, and Newton’s Third Law of motion.

  5. National Geographic 5000 Facts. My kids love this series of books. Lots of science facts then they go online and start reading about things they learned from the book. It holds kids attention. I have twin boys who are twelve and are dyslexic. They are both very smart and know complicated things and science, robotics, and coding. When books are layed out with lots of pictures then they pick up information easier. They pick up an interest them research and now research online. Do you have recommendations for dyslexic kid’s books?

  6. Any ideas for middle school- physical science teachers? In life science we enjoyed “Charles and Emma”, “Code Orange”, “Double Helix” and “Fever 1793” (already listed). Thanks in advance!

  7. Hi, i write middle grade fantasy/sci-fi adventures that feature a girl protagonist/daredevil and that combine themes of physics, art history, self esteem, and the importance of original thought. They were inspired by my Corgi, Wilbur who sat me down one day and told me a bunch of stories. He is a guide, helping lost children find themselves. The Crystal Navigator, Mona Lisa’s Ghost, and soon to be published The Gravity Thief. Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble.
    Nancy Kunhardt Lodge, PhD

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