Trent’s Favorite Books He Read When He Was 9


I read 199 books when I was 9. Here are my favorites!

Glitch by Sarah Graley

I love video games, and in this book they get stuck in the video game and have to fight monsters to get out. It is like Minecraft Dungeons, but a book. It is very cool!

Plum Crazy! Tales of a Tiger-Striped Cat, Vol. 1-4 by Natsumi Hoshino

I love cats, as you’ll see by all the cat books on my favorites lists, and Plum Crazy is a book of funny little stories about a cat named Plum who is a very wild cat who has the zoomies. He also has a friend named Snowball who he plays with.

Yokai Cats Vol. 1-6 by Pandania

This book has mini little stories about different cats with different personalities and powers. For example, one cat can stretch its neck as long as it wants to and is always stretching his neck out to beg for food. I enjoy reading this series because it is very silly, and all the cats have humans that add to the story in a funny way.

Amari and the Great Game (Supernatural Investigations #2) by B.B. Alston

I liked being able to read another Amari story! Number 1 was on my 8 year old list. These books are very epic in some parts, sad in some parts, dramatic in some parts, and more. All of these feelings make me enjoy reading the stories. I am so excited for number 3!

Swim Team by Johnnie Christmas

In Swim Team Bree moves to Florida and wants to take a math elective but it is full, so she has to take Swim 101, but she doesn’t know how to swim. Then Ms. Etta teaches Bree, including teaching her the history of Black people not being allowed to use pools in America. Ms. Etta is a great teacher and Bree learns how to swim. I like this book because it is interesting to follow Bree’s problems in life and how she solves them. I’ve read this book 4 times, and I liked it every single time.

Glitch by Laura Martin

This book takes place in the future where they are able to time travel. Students Regan and Elliot don’t like each other but are forced to be partners and decide to work together to help the school to not be destroyed by a butterfly which is a person who time traveled back in time and messes everything up. Glitch was very exciting because I liked following all of the action as they work to solve the school’s problem.

Better with Butter by Victoria Piontek

Better with Butter is about a goat who is found by a girl named Marvel. Marvel has anxiety, and Butter calms her down and becomes her therapy goat. I loved this book because I connected with Marvel because I have anxiety sometimes too. I also love goats.

Creepy Cat Vol. 1-4 by Cotton Valent

A girl named Flora lives in a haunted mansion and finds a cat who can multiply itself and has other powers. I liked Creepy Cat because it has a good plot that is creepy, just like the title says. And it has cats!

Avatar: The Last Airbender Graphic Novels (The Promise, The Search, The Rift, Smoke & Shadow, North & South) by Gene Luen Yang

I love the show Avatar, so I was happy to find out there were books. The books take place after the show ends and continues the story. I love all of the weird animals in the Avatar stories and the plot is always exciting. (I am so excited to watch the new live action Avatar!)

Secondhand Dogs by Carolyn Crimi, Illustrated by Melissa Manwill

This book is about a group of dogs which has a new dog that comes in and ruins everything. While listening to the book, I kept rooting for the good dogs. I found the book to be really dramatic, and I think it is special because the dogs end up saving themselves.

Amulet series by Kazu Kibuishi

Amulet is one of my favorite series I have ever read. It is about siblings who lose their mom and go on an adventure into a new world looking for her. During the adventure everything is chaotic and full of madness. While reading, I felt many emotions because the story was exciting and full of adventure.

Hooky Volume 3 by Míriam Bonastre Tur

Hooky 1 & 2 were on my list last year, and I love them and now #3 too which continues the story. I love them because they are full of adventure and thrilling. The illustrations were mind-blowing and the plot story was awesome.

Hazardous Tales series (One Dead Spy; Big Bad Ironclad; Treaties, Trenches, Mud & Blood; Underground Abductor; Lafayette; Major Impossible; Above the Trenches) by Nathan Hale

I like this series because they let you learn history in a fun way and a very good series. I found the hangman and the provost funny I LOLed while reading. Each of the books taught me different things. It’s impressive how Nathan Hale teaches you in a fun way. I look forward to reading the rest of them.

First Cat in Space and the Soup of Doom by Mac Barnett, Illustrated by Shawn Harris

I’ve been a fan of the First Cat in Space since it started as a live cartoon. I am so excited for the third one to come out! I like these books because they are funny but also adventurous.

A Story of Seven Lives by Shirakawa Gin

I felt sad for most of this book because Nanao has a sad life, but I ended up liking this book because someone who doesn’t like cats likes cats at the end and Nanao’s life gets better.

Baby-Sitters Club #1-3 (Kristy’s Great Idea, The Truth About Stacey, Mary Anne Saves the Day) by Ann M. Martin, Graphic Novel by Raina Telgemeier

My mom’s favorite book series as a kid was the Baby-Sitters Club. There is even a show which is a little like the book but a little different. I was excited to finally read the graphic novels, and I really liked them because they are realistic and full of drama. (P.S. I am so mad they canceled the series! It is such a good show!)

Smile Series (Smile, Sisters, Guts) by Raina Telgemeier

This book is about Raina Telgemeier’s life. Smile is about when she got braces. Sisters is about how when she was little, she wanted a sister but when she started getting older, she felt like her sister was annoying but still loved her. Guts is about how Raina learns her stomach pains are because of anxiety. I like this series because it’s entertaining, and I felt like I NEEDED to read it. I couldn’t put it down.

Coraline by Neil Gaiman

I read Coraline because I was going to see Neil Gaiman at the Dr. Phillips Center (He was so good! Though it was odd to hear the voice of the audiobook in real life). This was one of the weirdest books I have ever read, but I really liked this book and I felt like I couldn’t put it down. I liked it so much, I also read the graphic novel and watched the movie.

Honorable Mentions

If I listed and mini-reviewed all of the books I loved, it would take forever! So here are some other favorites:

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  1. These are really good books! Trent, you have a career as a book-recommender ahead of you.

    My kids were disappointed by the live action Avatar and are now rewatching the original, which is making them very happy.


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