Student Voices: Jerry Craft’s Visit to Kellee’s Middle School


I am so lucky because my principal began an initiative at my school where we get to have an author visit our school yearly (2023: Christina Diaz Gonzalez, 2022: Nathan Hale, 2020: Neal Shusterman, 2019: Jennifer A. Nielsen). The author sees all students in the school, so it is a great community literacy event for my school, and I love being able to bring this experience to all of my students each year!


This year, we hosted NEWBERY-WINNING AUTHOR Jerry Craft!
The visit was phenomenal and included 5 presentations for approximately 220 kids and book signings. It was all such an amazing experience!

Here are some reflections from my students after the visit. I asked them to think about what they learned, what they enjoyed, how they were impacted, or anything else they wanted to share:

  • Having an author visit yearly means a lot because it shows that our school cares for us.
  • I thought that the day was overall amazing. My biggest takeaway from the experience was that something you hate when you’re young could end up being your passion. This visit impacted me by making me feel like I could do anything. To me, these author visits make me feel like I can do anything with my life and it inspires me to read a lot more. This visit was important to me because I felt that Jerry Craft was really the person who could inspire people to read.
  • I am very glad that Jerry Craft was able to come to our school because he had a great presentation and he was good at educating all of us in a very fun and entertaining way. I think it was cool how Jerry Craft was able to draw a perfect circle for all of his 5 presentations! That was pretty cool, I can’t even draw a perfect one, lol. This visit impacted me because whenever the authors come to visit our school and tell us about their books, it always inspires me to be more creative and to be able to reach their level of creativity. Having authors come to visits means to me that I can look forward to skipping a class period to listen to an expert about all of their writing strategies, ideas, etc. This visit was important because it is good for us kids to be able to hear about all of the different authors and what they do to make each of their books different than the others.
  • My biggest take away, was that Jerry Craft said, that he didn’t read a lot as a kid, which was weird to me because I was always told that normally, authors read a lot to get inspiration, but I think is not always like that.

  • It showed me that you should always go into something saying you can do it because if you say you can’t you won’t be able to. You have to put your mind to it so you can do it.
  • Having an author visit yearly help is important and means a lot to me because I love seeing how different authors see different things in different ways and the challenges they face to become who they are in the present. It also helps me learn more about myself because taking some bits of what they say can reflect choices in my present and future and I appreciate the authors for coming and Mrs. Moye for getting these authors for us to enjoy and being caring for us.
  • The biggest takeaway I took from that visit is that no matter how much you prepare for something, you never know what you are going to end up as.
  • The visit impacted me by showing authors are people too they don’t just write books because they have to but because they are inspired.
  • I feel like hearing from an author yearly is just amazing and how they got from the beginning of their life to how they are right now.
  • I thought this visit was important because it helped me understand different people POVs and how their life as an author works.
  • I loved the way he talked about his goals and how his dreams never stop.
  • Having a yearly author visit to me means that I get to learn the creative processes of famous authors.

  • Learning about the work that goes into making books makes me feel more connected to the books that I read.
  • It feels special that we learn something from someone who created a successful book.
  • It made me realize I could do so much in life if i don’t give up and keeping working toward it.
  • I think my biggest takeaway was how, in the end, he kind of “taught” us how to draw different things and how even if you think you won’t be able to draw something good, you can if you believe you’ll be able to.
  • This visit was important because it showed me that even when people don’t think you’ll be able to do anything with your dream if you believe you can, you can show other people that they’re wrong.
  • As this will be my last year, I saw that over the years, all authors have said different things that impacted me throughout my life in middle school.
  • I really enjoyed the day. Mr. Craft was super nice and I found his presentation very interesting. My biggest takeaway was that even if you fail a lot, never give up and keep trying because you will succeed eventually. One thing that impacted me was how Mr. Craft said a lot about how you can do anything even if you think you can’t. Take the little steps that lead up to that goal. I like having a yearly author visitor because it helps me learn more about the people who wrote some of the books that I really liked and how they made them. I like seeing what problems they faced because I could somehow relate to them as well. This visit was important because meeting an author who tells you about their experiences writing their books is really impactful. Their stories and how they accomplished their goals was interesting and relatable to some.
  • My biggest takeaway was that not everything will be perfect, but sometimes it’s for the best.

Another teacher also shared her students’ responses to “What I liked the best was…”

  • How he explained that he went from being bad at writing books to being basically famous.
  • When he explained about his life and how was it. That you can do whatever you want if you propose it.
  • My favorite moment from the author’s visit was seeing his drawing skills live and seeing the Raina Telgemeier books in his presentation. I was surprised to learn that he was inspired by Raina Telgemeier who is also one of my favorite authors.
  • I thought it was interesting how he got the inspiration of real places of his life
  • When he talked about the awards he won as a book writer and how he did it.
  • I wanna read New Kid now because its very inspirational to others.
  • When Mr.Craft showed us an easier way you can draw and not just throw away messed up drawings into better drawing by seeing what you can make out of the messed up drawing.
  • When he started to talk about how he didn’t like to read but now he writes books and has to read for inspiration.
  • When jerry craft started drawing iconic media characters with mundane items. I want to learn more about shape theory.


The next day, Jerry Craft surprised my school by COMING BACK TO PLAY IN OUR STUDENT VS. STAFF BASKETBALL GAME!!!

This is more than I could have ever asked for!!!

As you can see from the comments and love, my students and I would highly recommend Jerry for a school visit!


Student Voices: Book Recommendations from Anja K., Meghan K., & Teresa Z., 7th graders, and Silvia S., 8th grader


Book Recommendations

“Top Ten Books I Recommend” by Anja K., 2022-23 7th grade

This book is so good; I really don’t get why people don’t read it! It is about a girl that goes to school in Paris and meets a boy that she really thinks is cute. I really thought it was a cute moment when St. Clair took Anna to his secret spot!! So Romantic!!! I REALLY RECOMMEND!!

This book is such a great book!! It is about 4 kids that are in suspicion for killing a young man in the same grade. I REALLY RECOMMEND!! (I definitely recommend it for people that are interested in mystery!!) 

This book is SO GOOD! It has a lot of action and a bit of blood, but if you like action, this book is for you! It is about students that go to a school and learn how to be heroes. Great! Amazing! Recommend!!

I think this book was a really cute book!! It is about this girl that found a smelly pet and does not know what it is so she tries to find out what the animal is and how it got there. This was a very interesting and funny book to read!! Really recommend for people that like funny content!!

This series is so good!! I am trying to finish the series and you can get some of the books in the HCMS library!! This series is about a boy named Tanjiro and his sister which turns into a demon and fights with him in the Demon Slayer Corps. 

 I really recommend this book it is so good!! It has a nice theme to it about twins, their competitiveness, and how they live!! It was a cute little book!!

This book is such a good book!! I totally recommend this!! It is about a girl that is allergic to mainly dogs and all animals with fur so she tries to get a pet, and it does not work out so well. 

This book is about kids that learn how to do Yo-Yo tricks and dancing. I really recommend this book for kids that like graphic novels that have dancing in it. This book is a little different from others though.

A Silent Voice is about a girl that is deaf and a boy that makes fun of her and how he tries to make up with her in High School after Middle School. I really loved how it had a cute message to it!! If you like this summary, I totally recommend this book for you!! 

I really loved how this book had 2 twins that wanted to be different and not the same as the other twin because people kept on messing up there identities I really recommend!!

“Ten Favorite Books” by Meghan K., 2022-23 7th grade

A girl who wants to play football with the boys but everyone is judging her….She does not care what people think and she follows her dream. I recommend this book because girls can do anything boys can do. Also, this book made me really happy to read because I was in a similar situation when I started playing football with the boys.

A family moves to a new town, They meet this boy and he claims the town is haunted, Only to their surprise he is right….. I recommend this book because it was interesting! I could not stop reading it.

A girl named Pip thinks Sal did not murder Andie Bell. Will she find the real murderer. I LOVE this book!! SO many twist and turns. Always kept me interested. 

A girl who does not want to have a Quince. Her family convinced her but it went differently for what she suspected. I really like this book because the mom finally realizes that the girl should wear what she likes and do what she likes.

A girl who wanted a pet dog until she found out she was ALLERGIC… So she decided to get a rat, still allergic. Ends up finding a way to keep her cute little rat friends. I Love Allergic! Definitely a 5 out of 5. Amazing book. I Understand because I have a lot of pets and I thought I was Allergic to my cat and I was sooo sad. But it ended up that I was not!

A girl who wants to be just like her dream Tik Toker. One day she wished for her to be 22 just like the famous Tik Tok star she wanted to be. Really good book! Kept me interested. Definitely worth reading. I loved it!

A big family has to share a tiny house. Second oldest child is not too happy with her older brother because he does not have to share a room, so they find a solution. I can relate to this book because my middle sister got the biggest room and I always wanted it but when she moved out I got it! Definitely miss my sister though.

When girls were brought down because they wanted to do other things besides chores. Jane Goodall did not care and did what she loved…Studying chimpanzees. I love reading books where women do what they want to do and do not let people judge them!! Pretty good book.

A young Otter learns to follow his mothers footsteps and be just as good as her. I like this book a lot because as family you always need to stick together even through ups and downs. 

Stacy has to go to babysit this family… They go to the beach and Stacy falls in love. How does Marry Anne feel about having to watch over all the kids by herself while Stacy is off with this guy. I recommend this book because it shows that you should stick with your friends over a guy! Don’t just push your BFF over a guy you just met. 

“Ten Books I Enjoyed from my School Library” by Teresa Z., 2022-23 7th grade

This book is really good. I enjoyed it!

It was about a kid that just went to a new school which has rich kids and more bullying involved with it but I thought it was really good!!

I love this book because it teaches you how to reach your goals.

I like this book. Overall it’s good, but it is really dark.

This book is so good. I love how they learned how to overcome their differences and be friends.

I love this book–it’s so good! I love love stories!

I love this book it teaches how to go through stuff, and it’s so fun to read. 

This book is good; it teaches a really good lesson.

This book is really good, and it’s really fast to read. I love it so much!

This book is really good–I 100% recommend this book.

“Recommended: The Clique by Lisi Harrison” by Silvia S., 2022-23 8th grade

The Clique books felt exclusive and special. I truly enjoyed the drama and how Lisi Harrison created their own slang and inside jokes with hidden meanings. Reading the clique allowed me to live a fantasy quite similar to Mean Girls with girls my age with real insecurities. I do wish the clique continues and that some of the characters undergo some character development. The Clique will always be a series I recommend because it deserves every star it gets. I hope that you are as interested in the clique as I was. 

Ever dream of that fashionista and luxurious lifestyle with the perfect friend group? Meet The Pretty Committee comprised of 4 girls Massie, Alicia, Dylan, and Kristen. Massie the girl meant to lead and conquer with her miu miu lace cami, who can turn any fashion-don’t into a fashion-yes. Alicia is the exotically beautiful and stylish runner-up that can get any boy with a hair flip. Dylan the polished redhead daughter of a tv star surrounded by cameras and all you can hear of clicks and flashes. Kristen is the smartest and sportiest girl in the pretty committee with her secret double life. 

On the night of the nationwide New Year Yve’s party where everything comes to place by the drop of a handbag. Massie Block trapped as a beta in The Ahnnabeees (the wanna-be clique) at Presbyterian Middle, has amazing ideas for them but is neglected. Alicia Rivera eager to guide and lead her dance studio squad with their caption on vacation, gets her one in a lifetime to shine and perform at Merri-Lee Marvil’s New Year Yves party. Dylan Marvil always sweet-talked because of her mother’s fame she has had no one ever bother standing up to her. Kristen Gregory needs to leave planet loser and change up her life this year. Claire Lynons the sweet naive Orlando girl psyched to win a last-minute invite to the New Year Yves party but has to sneak out before the countdown to midnight ends. 

Massie goes to a physics telling her she will now be the leader and connect 5 gems by midnight and she should have purple because royals like Massie always had purple. Alicia with her determination “offends” one of her teammates and gets in great trouble but who can let a chance of being the next star go like that? But it’s not meant for her; she trips on a bracelet charm. Claire was held in a room before getting her first kiss from a star until her parents come in to take her out after seeing her on tv. Dylan struggling to fit in her size 2 pants doesn’t know her mother’s stylist has put skinning mirrors is told the truth by Massie and wonders who that girl is. Massie after telling a girl her pants are not going to fit no matter what bumps into someone and her charms come falling out.

Kristen who happened to come in and sees Dylan out asking to switch clothe seems rich enough to enter the party sees a girl looking for something and goes to help. Each girl finds a charm and goes to Massie to give her the charm and they realize they are meant for each other after discussing how each of their lives is missing something. Massie and Alicia decide to move schools to Octavian Day and The Clique begins. But where is the last gem? 

Thank you so much to my student voices today and their recommendations!

Student Voices: Author Spotlights from Kamari L., 8th grader, and Hala B. & Trinity P., 7th graders


Author Spotlights

“Judy Blume” by Kamari L., 2022-23 8th grader

Judy Blume’s books have been a staple of young adult literature for decades for a good reason. Her ability to capture the struggles and triumphs of being a young adult has resonated with readers for generations. One of her most beloved books that I will talk about today is Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. 

In this timeless classic, Mrs Blume follows the journey of Margaret Simon as she navigates the challenges of growing up. From dealing with her parent’s divorce to trying to fit in with a new group of friends, Margaret’s experiences are both relatable and heartwarming. One of the reasons I loved this book is because I could relate to Margaret’s struggles. Like her, I was trying to figure out my place in the world and understand my changing body. Reading about Margaret’s experiences made me feel less alone and gave me a sense of comfort and understanding. 

I love the way it tackles complex issues with honesty and sensitivity. The novel deals with topics like religion, menstruation, and peer pressure in a way that is approachable for teenagers. I appreciated that the book didn’t talk down to its readers, like some adults tend to, but instead treated them as intelligent and capable of understanding these important issues. Something about Blume’s writing style is honest and straightforward, which makes the book accessible to readers of all ages. Her ability to tackle important topics like puberty and religion with sensitivity and humor is what sets her apart from other authors in the genre. That’s something I love. 

Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret remains a must-read for anyone going through the ups and downs of being a teenager, which isn’t always easy. Blume’s ability to capture the complexities of growing up is a testament to her talent as a writer and her deep understanding of what it means to be a teenager. It’s a classic for a reason and deserves a place on every bookshelf. It’s a personal favorite!

“Jerry Craft” by Hala B., 2022-23 7th grade

Jerry Craft is an all time favorite author-illustrator who has made a name for himself in the world of children’s literature. He has created multiple books, including the graphic novel series New Kid, which has won many great awards. The reason his books are amazing is because of the fact that he uses his life stories and experiences to add on to life created in the books full of creative and adventurous journeys.

Jerry Craft’s work is known for its ability to reach compound problems in a way that is both appealing and obtainable for young readers. They are told through the eyes of the characters he created that are relatable to others and showed amazing characteristics. He is a talented and important voice in the world of children’s literature. His work is entertaining and really well thought out, he also has the power to inspire and encourage young readers to think cautiously about the world they have around them and how to acknowledge the different situations that may happen.

Jerry Craft is a great author because he uses his life experiences to achieve an amazing story that is worthy of being told. The books he writes about reflects on my middle school in many ways like showing students that are having a hard time that they are not alone and that their problems always have solutions.

Why I chose to write about Jerry Craft 

The reason I wrote about this topic is because I think that Jerry Craft’s story should be shared and read by multiple people that may be influenced by it. These books allows others to get another perspective on the life issues people have been through, I love the way he stretches his story to a whole new world of experiences and adventures with challenges and solutions and I know if other people read his books they would feel that way as well.

Jerry Craft’s school visit

I am really excited that Jerry Craft is coming for a school visit on February, I think that meeting the amazing person behind the awesome books will be an interesting and fun-filled time. These school visits teach a lot of things about authors like how they are also people who are not different from anyone else. Their minds intrigue stories that come to life and have an impact on their readers. An author takes a lot of time coming up with these ideas, it is hard and not easy, yet, they still manage to impress everyone that has come across their books. Recently, we had Christina Diaz Gonzalez come to visit our school which was very exciting and fulfilling to watch. The reason these school visits are memorable is because of the hard work given from these authors to provide all the students with honest answers to their questions and allowing the students to get to know the author by sharing their stories and adventures with them.

“Katherine Applegate’s Books” by Trinity P., 2022-23 7th grade

Throughout the years, I have read books by Katherine Applegate, and let me tell you those books are amazing! I will only review the books that I have read or am excited about reading soon there are still more amazing books that she created that I have not read yet. 

She is most recognized by the book The One And Only Ivan, somewhat based on a true story about a gorilla named Ivan living in a small circus in the Exit 8 Big Top Mall and Video Arcade. It is a very amazing book with lovable characters which I love. 

The One And Only Bob which takes place after The One And Only Ivan, Bob used to be a stray, living on the streets that stumbled into the Exit 8 Big Top Mall and Video Arcade and met Ivan and ever since they have been best pals, now he has a new home and family and still sees Ivan but then a storm came and he has to go on an adventure, finding lost family, saving lives, and making new friends. Definitely recommend it to people who have read The One and Only Ivan because it is so fun and great. 

I have not read The One And Only Ruby yet, but I will and I am so excited, that it came out that I ordered it a day later and would probably read it this summer. 

The Endling series is an amazing fictional story with mythical animals and magic. It is about a Dairne named Byx who is convinced that she is the last of her kind after her species is said to be extended. She makes friends and sets off for somewhere where she might be safe and hopefully find other Dairnes. This is probably of my favorite books because of all of the excitement and adventures.

Wishtree is a very touching and sweet story of a tree where people in the neighborhood has a tradition, they write their wishes on a strip of fabric, paper, etc, and tie it to the branches. The tree also protects animals that call it home. What’s interesting is that it is told from the perspective of the tree and its feelings and interactions with the surroundings. It is beautiful and very heartwarming and would recommend it to people. 

Odder is about an otter named Odder and her life from living in the ocean to losing her mother and being rescued, then being released back into the ocean, and later she was in a devastating accident with a shark. It has more information about the animals which is a little different but still quite interesting.

Thank you so much to my student voices today and their look at these three amazing authors!

Student Voices: Reflections on Middle School by Neko L., 8th grader, and Leticia R., Lauren Q., & Ronny D., 7th graders


Reflections on Middle School

“Middle School Reflections” by Neko L., 2022-23 8th grade

As I end my Middle School career, I reflect on all the experiences I’ve had, all the friends I’ve made, and most importantly, everything I’ve learned. At this school, I have found teachers who have taught me things I will use for the rest of my life, disciplined me, and shown me how to be a good person. I look back at how I was all the way back in sixth grade, and I realize how much I have grown and am proud. The school and the faculty have taught me so much, and I am so sad that this is my final year, but I am also pleased that due to the help and teaching of the staff at this school, I am fully prepared to transition into High School. 

I have found new passions in many classes like art, guitar, and the literacy leader program. In my guitar class, my teacher taught me how to use my imagination in every problem and think outside the box. His skills teach me not only about learning the guitar but also about math, science, and social skills. In art, I strengthened my creativity and learned many new things for my own art. In the literacy leader program, I made new friends and socialized, and practiced leadership.

I remember coming to this school small and scared. Covid-19 was still a thing and everyone was required to wear masks, it was not my ideal start to middle school but it was a start. I learned a lot in my 6th-grade year. I started out as this annoying, strange, little kid. I learned being annoying was not very acceptable in the community. I used to get in so much trouble all the way back in 6th grade, and I’m grateful that I have grown and learned from those mistakes. Throughout my years here, I grew from that little kid who knew nothing about this school and the people in it to a kid who now knows people and this school and to not be annoying or get in trouble. Now in 8th grade, I am doing better than ever, I am getting better grades, I rarely get into trouble, and I feel that I am bringing at least a little bit of joy and appreciation to my peers.

I am extremely excited for my coming into high school, it feels like I really have a chance to make a difference in my school for my peers throughout the next few years if my life. I feel like all of my troubles and bad grades and being annoying in the past has brought me here because now I have learned from them and I am now a better person and I finally feel like I can be ready for high school. I can’t wait for my new classes and new teachers and new friends I will meet and old friends that I will make new experiences with.

“My Transition from Elementary to Middle School” by Leticia R., 2022-23 7th grade

Transitioning from elementary to middle school was a significant change that turned my world upside down. For six years, I had grown comfortable in the familiar routine of waking up, getting ready, and going to the same place. But suddenly, everything was different. I had to leave my comfort zone behind.

When I first visited the middle school before starting, I was taken aback by its size. It felt enormous compared to the cozy halls of elementary school. Mixed emotions flooded my mind as I thought about the upcoming transition. I was excited about new experiences but also scared and nervous about the unknown. Countless scenarios played out in my mind, and I wanted everything to be perfect.

I spent the night before organizing my clothes and planning where to meet my friends. I was determined to have the best pens, notebooks, and classes. Everything had to be just right. As I boarded the bus the following day, fear gripped me, but knowing that I had my friends by my side brought some relief.

I felt a mixture of anxiety and anticipation during that first day of school. I was eager to meet my new classmates and see what my classes would be like. As the days turned into weeks, and the weeks into months, I began to settle into the rhythm of middle school. I realized it was normal to feel anxious before such a significant change.

Through my middle school experiences, I’ve learned that it’s okay to have difficulties and be scared of the challenges ahead. But once you face those challenges head-on and come out the other side, realizing everything will be okay, it’s the best feeling in the world.

Transitioning to middle school taught me valuable lessons about adaptability, resilience, and stepping outside my comfort zone. While it was a daunting change at first, I’ve come to appreciate the new friendships, opportunities, and growth that middle school has brought into my life. And as I continue my journey, I look forward to embracing future challenges and discovering more about myself.

“5 Assignments I Liked in 7th Grade and Why” by Lauren Q., 2022-23 7th grade

Moon Phases with Oreos

In my science class my teacher Ms. Bullock had us do an assignment about the different moon phases. When we did this assignment we made the different moon phases out of Oreos. We took the Oreos and carved out the moon phases and then we put them in order and explained them. This assignment was really fun and helped me remember and understand the moon phases better. 

Boundaries with graham crackers

Also in my science class, my teacher had us do this assignment about plate tectonics to help us learn the different plate tectonics. In this assignment we put two graham crackers on top of frosting. Then with the different boundaries we moved them in different directions and for some we had to wet the graham cracker. This assignment was really fun and educational.

Literacy Week Door Decorating

In my literacy leaders class (Ms. Moye’s class) for literary week, we had to decorate the doors. In this project we got to choose which Christina Diaz Gonzalez book to use to decorate the door. We got to draw and come up with so many ideas for the door. We drew the characters, made flags, and cutouts of different things we thought complemented the book.

Science debate

In my science class, my teacher had us do a debate on whether we should continue space exploration or not. We got assigned into the different teams and had to come up with reasons to support our claim. We all had different roles in this debate and it showed us how to work as a team and listen to the other team. We had time to do our opening, rebuttals, and our closing. We also had time to talk to our team to see what we would say next. This assignment was fun but also taught us. 

Book Snap 

Also in my literacy leaders class (Ms. Moye’s class), we had this assignment where we had to choose a book and try to promote it so more kids will read it. We had to make a poster about the book and the author. We put the author’s name and then wrote a little summary about the book to make other kids read it. This assignment took a lot of time to finish but in the end it was worth it and fun.

“Food Rescue” by Ronny D., 2022-23 7th grade

**From Kellee: This post is about a program we do at my middle school. We have a share table in the back of the cafeteria for students to place any food or beverages they do not want. Others then can take what was left, if they would like. Anything that is left over gets donated to the Salvation Army. Last year, we donated almost 8,000 pounds of food! Ronny was part of my 5th period class who was in charge of daily lunch pick ups and the Salvation Army pick up once a week**

The food rescue program consists of the food that students don’t eat being donated to people in need. Student Literacy Leaders weigh, pack, count and collect the food by themselves. It is the students who make the food rescue program happen and one of those students was me. My experience with this program was great. It made me realize how much food is wasted, and how much we can help eliminate food waste. Each year, 119 billion pounds of food is wasted in the United States. Our School, HCMS, is making a difference to food waste in America. The Salvation Army are the ones who pick up the food collected weekly. After the food is collected, the Salvation Army delivers the food to places and people that need it. There are also other factors to food rescue like the “share table,” a bin & cooler where people leave their donations. Then, after lunch, the food is transported to the refrigerator in the front office. An experience I won’t forget while doing food rescue was the first time I ever did food rescue. It reminds me of how much I liked the idea of donating food to people in need. 

Thank you so much to my student voices today and their look at middle school experiences!

Student Voices: Character Reflection from Luci S., Caeden S., & Anna D., 7th graders, and Elisa, 6th grader


Character Reflections

“5 Books That Would’ve Been Better from the Villain’s Point of View” by Luci S., 2022-23 7th grade

I did not dislike any of these books; however, I think they would have been intriguing from the villain’s point of view.

Shatter Me Book Summary – The Advocate

  • Shatter Me would have undoubtedly become more captivating and alluring if it had been presented from the perspective of the villain. By delving into the depths of the antagonist’s mind, readers would be exposed to a complex and intriguing character with multifaceted motivations and a compelling backstory. Exploring the world through the villain’s eyes would provide a fresh and unique perspective, allowing us to witness the evolution of their sinister plans and the meticulous strategies they employ to achieve their goals. Understanding their fears, desires, and the circumstances that shaped them would not only add depth to the narrative but also blur the lines between good and evil, creating a morally ambiguous landscape where the reader is constantly questioning their own loyalties. By immersing ourselves in the villain’s point of view, ‘Shatter Me’ would have been transformed into a captivating tale of twisted emotions, gray morality, and a truly unforgettable antagonist.

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Volume 1 (Avatar: The Last Airbender) – Author  Random House – Random House Children's Books

  • Avatar: The Last Airbender would have taken on a mesmerizing and thought-provoking dimension if it had been narrated from the perspective of the anti-hero’s. By peering into the inner workings of the antagonist’s mind, readers would gain profound insights into their motivations, fears, and struggles. The story would transcend the conventional battle of good versus evil, providing a  exploration of the villains’ personal journeys and the circumstances that led them down their dark path. This shift in perspective would challenge our preconceived notions and force us to question the very nature of morality. We would witness the conflicts within the villains themselves as they grapple with their actions, delving into their complex emotions and understanding their reasons for pursuing power. The Last Airbender would become an enthralling tale of redemption, empathy, and the exploration of the human capacity for change, blurring the boundaries between heroes and villains in a way that resonates deeply with readers.

Cleopatra in Space - Wikipedia

  • Cleopatra in Space would have taken on a fascinating and captivating dimension if it had been narrated from the perspective of the villains. By delving into the minds of the antagonists, readers would be introduced to a rich and complex world of intergalactic politics and power struggles. Exploring the story through the eyes of the villains would provide a unique insight into their motivations, their twisted ideologies, and the intricate web of alliances and betrayals they weave. It would offer a fresh perspective on Cleopatra’s journey through space and time, as we witness the villains’ relentless pursuit of dominance and their relentless efforts to thwart her mission. This shift in perspective would add depth and complexity to the narrative, introducing morally ambiguous characters with their own personal struggles and conflicts. “Cleopatra in Space” would become a gripping tale of conflicting loyalties, blurred lines between good and evil/ Backstabbing characters, and the intricacies of power dynamics in an interstellar realm.

The Stonekeeper (Amulet Series #1) by Kazu Kibuishi, Paperback | Barnes &  Noble®

  • Amulet would have taken on an enthralling and captivating twist if it had been narrated from the perspective of the villains. By immersing readers in the minds of the antagonists, we would gain a deep understanding of their motives, fears, and the darkness that drives them. Exploring the story through the eyes of the villains would provide a fresh and intriguing perspective, allowing us to witness their intricate plans, cunning strategies, and the inner conflicts they grapple with. It would offer a fascinating exploration of the villains’ backstory, their troubled pasts, and the events that shaped them into formidable adversaries. This shift in perspective would add depth and complexity to the narrative, blurring the lines between good and evil and prompting readers to question their own allegiances. ‘Amulet’ would become a spellbinding tale of moral ambiguity, showcasing the intricate dance between light and shadow, and revealing the intricate layers of the villains’ motivations and inner struggles.

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan | Goodreads

  • The Lightning Thief would have gained a mesmerizing and captivating allure if it had been presented from the perspective of the villains. By delving into the minds of the antagonists, readers would be introduced to a complex and layered world of deities and mythical creatures. Exploring the story through the eyes of the villains would allow us to witness their relentless pursuit of power, their through plans, and their relentless determination to thwart the protagonist’s journey. Understanding the villains’ motivations, their troubled pasts, and the circumstances that led them to the dark side would not only add depth to the narrative but also blur the lines between good and evil. This shift in perspective would provide a fresh and thrilling angle, highlighting the complexities of the supernatural realm and prompting readers to question their perceptions of right and wrong. ‘The Lightning Thief’ would transform into an enthralling tale of conflicting loyalties, moral ambiguity, and the pursuit of power, offering a truly unforgettable exploration of the mythological universe.

“Characters That Would (or would not) Make the World a Better Place if They Were Real” by Caeden S., 2022-23 7th grade

4 characters that WOULD make the world a better place

  • Annabeth Chase-The Percy Jackson series and the Heroes of Olympus series: Annabeth is known for being the daughter of Athena, the goddess of wisdom, so of course she would be able to make the right decisions. I think she would find an accurate solution to world hunger, fix our economy, solve political issues and also be fair to all of the people that she would help.

  • Starflight- The Wings of Fire SeriesStarflight is the Nightwing in the Dragonet Prophecy and helps to save the dragon world, Pyrrhia. He would probably be fair to all of the world (Granted he is a dragon, so we as humans would be afraid of him, as shown in the books.) Because he’s seen what war did to his world, maybe he’ll try to help our world solve disputes as well.

  • Katnnis Everdeen- The Hunger GamesKatniss is known for being the girl from The Hunger Games who wins for District 12 in the first book. She then helps to spike and uprising and then goes back to the games and wins. I think that she’d be excellent at the food crisis, if war breaks out, she’d find an excellent way to defeat the enemy and bring peace again. 

  • Link- The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Manga We all know about Link. From the Manga to the Games, he’s changed worlds there. But what about in real life? I think that he would make sure that all our peace was peace, and I think he would make sure to defend the world while also keeping the peace in the world.

4 characters that WOULD NOT make the world a better place

  • Nico Di Angelo-The Percy Jackson Series, The Heroes of OlympusNico is the child of Hades who helped in the battle of Manhattan and helped to transport the Athena Parthenos to save Camp Half Blood. However, I think that he would unpurposefully act upon the trauma that he suffered in the books. He would try to help people, but he might scare or traumatize them, causing the world more problems. 

  • Moon- The Wings of Fire seriesMoon is the Nightwing from the second prophecy. I think that she is like Nico, in the sense that she would try to help people, but end up hurting them. She would try to help teach people about the dangers, but end up causing them. (Also again, she’s a dragon, so she would scare people.)

  • Peeta Mellark-The Hunger GamesPeeta is the other tribute who survives the games. But I think because of what he did to Katniss, with the trickery and everything, he would make the world worse. He would try to scheme his way into powerful positions, and may end up hurting some people. 

  • Zant, The Usupur King- Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess manga Zant is the big bad of this manga in the twilight realm. Link has to defeat him with the help of the twilight princess, and manages too. From what I’ve read of the series, Zant seems to always be power hungry, looking for ways to exploit people, or just causing disaster. He would not try to even be nice to people if he existed. He would just try to end the world. 

“Characters I Feel I Could Open Up To” by Anna D., 2022-23 7th grade

Smile by Raina Telgemeier | The Scholastic Teacher Store

  • Raina– Raina is a wonderful character from the book Smile by Raina Telgemeier. She is a relatable and endearing protagonist, and I feel like I could talk to her about anything. Her struggles with braces, friends, and crushes are all things that many of us can relate to. I admire her resilience and positive attitude, even when things get tough. If I could talk to Raina, I would tell her how much I appreciate her story and how it has helped me feel less alone in my own struggles.

Sylvie GN (2021 Walker Books US) 1-1ST NM

  • Sylvie– Sylvie is a fascinating character from the book Sylvie by Sylvie Kantorovitz. She is creative, curious, and has a unique perspective on the world around her. I believe that Sylvie can achieve anything she sets her mind to. Whether she wants to talk about her latest artistic creation, her favorite book, or her thoughts on the world, I am here to listen and provide helpful insights. She could really inspire me.

Numb to This: Memoir of a Mass Shooting: 9780316462099: Neely, Kindra:  Books -

  • Kindra- Have you met Kindra? She’s a captivating character from the book Numb to This: Memoirs of a Mass Shooting by Kindra Neely. I find her to be quite intriguing with her unique perspective on life and the world around her. I’m sure I could have some stimulating conversations with Kindra about anything that she finds fascinating. As she has experienced things that many can relate to. She’s a captivating character with a unique perspective on life.

Bridge City Comics - Click GN Vol 01 Places Everyone

  • Olive-
    There are many reasons why I could freely talk to Olive from the book Click by Kayla Miller. For starters, Olive is a relatable and likable character who is easy to connect with. Additionally, the book conveys important themes such as friendship, self-discovery, and identity, which makes it a great conversation starter. I also find that talking about Olive and her experiences would help me gain a deeper understanding of my own feelings and experiences. Overall, there are plenty of good reasons to chat about Olive and her story, I wouldn’t hesitate to share my thoughts and feelings with her.

Awkward (Berrybrook Middle School, #1) by Svetlana Chmakova | Goodreads

  • Jaime- There are a number of reasons why I feel comfortable discussing Jaime from the book Awkward by Svetlana Chmakova. Jaime is a relatable character who many readers will be able to connect with, as he struggles with fitting in and finding his place in a new school. Also, Awkward explores important themes such as bullying, friendship, and self-expression, which makes it a great starting point for discussions on these topics. I find that talking about Jaimes and his experiences could help me better understand my own feelings and experiences, and can even inspire me to be more confident in myself. Overall, there are many good reasons to talk about Jaime and his story with others, so I wouldn’t hesitate to share my thoughts and feelings with him.

Drama : Telgemeier, Raina: Books

  • Callie-
    There are a couple reasons as to why I feel like I could open up freely to Callie from the book Drama by Raina Telgemeier. Callie is a determined character who has high hopes, many readers could connect with the fact that she had to be flexible with roles in the play. I feel like I could talk to her about how she handled the situation and learn from her. Callie is also not a judgmental person, she is very kind, which proves why I could talk to her freely. Additionally, the book Drama conveys important themes such as perseverance and being flexible with ideas, which would make a great thing to talk about with her because she has more firsthand experience. Overall, I feel that talking to her would be entertaining and easy. 

“My Favorite and Least Favorite Characters” by Elisa M., 2022-23 6th grade

Dork Diaries English Set of 14

Dork Diaries Series

Dork Diaries is one of my favorite series. I love everything about it. Niki is the main character with her two best friends by her side. Her biggest enemy is Mackenzie because both Niki and Mackenzie are in love with a boy. In every book Niki is always getting herself into crazy situations.

Favorite character

Mackenzie-  Mackenzie is one of my favorite characters. She was one of the main villains in the series. I liked how she never changed in any of the books and definitely has the best comebacks and sass in the book. I wish to have her confidence and comebacks one day.

Least favorite character

Niki- Niki was definitely my least favorite character. She always made problems for herself when she could have fixed it if she told someone. She would keep things to herself and avoid the problem which created confusion and anger with others. Like Brandon, and her two best friends. She also acted like a pick me and always pitied herself.

Sylvie GN (2021 Walker Books US) 1-1ST NM


Sylvie lives in a school in France. As a young child, Sylvie and her brother explore this most unusual kingdom, full of small mysteries. But in middle and high school, life grows more complicated with school, parents, family, and love life.

Favorite character

Sylvie-  Sylvie was an amazing character . She was the main character of the book. I could really relate to everything she was going through throughout the story.  I loved how she was creative and that she expresses herself through art.

Least favorite character

Slyvie mom- I disliked her mom very much. You don’t really realize that she is the villain in the story but she is the one who caused Sylvie biggest problem in the book. She always wanted everything perfect and made Sylvie clean constantly and didn’t let Sylvie follow her dreams. Slyvie always felt like she wasn’t good enough for her mother and caused her to almost not follow her dream and do what her mother said. She was always on constant stress because her mom would always seem mad.

THE PROMISED NEVERLAND VOL. 1 - 1ªED.(2018) - Kaiu Shirai - Livro

The Promised Neverland Volumes 1-2

This is one of my favorite series. Three gifted kids at an isolated orphanage discover the secret purpose they were raised for. They look for a way to escape from their evil mother and try to escape and try to get everyone out of there.

Favorite character

Mother- I loved Mother so much!  She is basically the main villain in the story but she was forced to do everything or else she would end up dead . She was smart with every move she played and was always 1 step ahead.

Least favorite character

Ray- I liked all the characters but Ray I liked a little less during the second book. He was being selfish and only thinking about himself. While planning the escape the whole time Ray was a traitor. He was still on the good side but was being selfish not wanting to help the other children escape leaving them behind.

JUN198619 - CAMP GN NEW PTG - Previews World


Kayla and Willow the main characters go to a camp for the summer. They go through difficult situations throughout the book and overcome their fears.                        

Favorite character

Kayla- Kayla is the main character in the story. She is nice and pretty funny. She tries so hard to make no problems and tries to please everyone. I could really relate to her character which is a very big reason she is my favorite character.

Least favorite character

Willow- Willow was very annoying. She always created problems and would be mad at her best friend constantly just for hanging out with other people other than her. In the other books she was the exact same way and did not have a character

Thank you so much to my student voices today and their look at some characters in their favorite books!

Students Voices: Book Recommendations from Sai B., Kyan V., Liam Z., and Gabi C., 8th Graders


Book Recommendations

“5 Books with Indian Rep” by Sai B., 2022-23 8th grade

India being one of the biggest countries in the world as well as one of the most populous countries is still very unknown to people who haven’t been to the country. There are so many cultures, languages, food, and people that have come from different parts of the country and there is so much to explore. As an Indian person myself, the country is so beautiful and fun to visit. Moving on, many people continue don’t know the true beauty of this country as they haven’t visited the country or have a stereotypical ideology about the country. However, these 5 books can help people understand the cultural and beautiful aspects of the country.

Book 1: Aru Shah Book Series (Pandava Series) by Roshani Chokshi(Presented by Rick Riordan)

I am so happy I read this series as it was written by an Indian author and it was presented by my favorite author Rick Riordan. These books explore one of the biggest stories in Indian mythology called the Mahabharata. This event was about these two groups called the Pandavas and Kauravas in which they fought over the destiny of a  Kingdom. Many important gods took part in this event and are very important to the cultural part of India. These books go over a girl named Aruh Shah who learns she is a reincarnation of a Pandava who was the son of a god. She has to stop many evil spirits and demons through these books. These books do a great job in exploring the cultural part of India and explain a lot of the morals and values we learn from Indian mythology.

Book 2: The Bridge Home by Padma Venkatraman

This is another great book with representation of India but it digs deeper into the lifestyle of how Indian people live. Even though the scenario of Rukku and her brother Viji leaving their house after being violently hurt by their parents, this event is somewhat common to the poorer part of the country. Many families depend on their children to give them financial support and since in the book Rukku the older sister has intellectual problems, it is hard for the family to accept that type of child. Nevertheless, this book was an emotional rollercoaster as it did a really good job of depicting how poorer people live to survive in the country and also expresses the importance of family throughout the book.

Book 3: Save Me a Seat by Gita Varadajan and Sarah Weeks

This book is another great book with Indian representation. Even though it takes place in an American society it represents the adaptations Indian’s have to take after moving to a new country in order to have a better future. However, the lesson learned from the book does not just apply to Indians and is more of a broader moral. The book is about a character named Ravi who tries to adapt to a new way of experiencing things. He has to adapt to school and life in general. Throughout the book he meets Joe, an American, who is also struggling with fitting in and life. They both have the same problems and both try to fix them together. This book does a great job in depicting the values of friendship and the hardship it is for adaptation in a new society. 

Book 4: Red, White, and Whole by Rajani LaRocca

This book is very similar to Save Me a Seat as it also explores a girl named Reha who is the only Indian-American in her school. However, this digs deeper into the way Indian homes are like. It shows how many kids have strict interpretations from their parents and feel disconnected from their parents. This is very common in Indian households as parents were raised to work hard and achieve success but they put these expectations on their kids. The kids feel very pressured by this expectation and feel distant from their parents. In the book Riha’s mom starts to feel really sick and this event allows Riha to be closer to her mom. This book does a great job in explaining the difficulties of fitting in and the importance of family.

Book 5: Kiranmala and the Kingdom Beyond Series by Sayanti DasGupta

This book is another cultural representation of India. It is about a girl named Kiranmala who lived in New Jersey. One day her parents disappear and a demon appears. We later learn she is a long lost Indian princess and goes on a journey to fight demons and save her family. Even though this book is somewhat fictional there are many cultural aspects included in the book and develops a lot of morals and values related to Indian culture. Overall, this book does a great job in representing Indian culture and is definitely a must read.

“5 Mystery Books You Need to Read Right Now” by Kyon V., 2022-23 8th grade

Within fiction, 12.5% of adult books are in the thriller genre. That is estimated to be about 23.6 million mystery books a year in the US alone.

So why are these books so popular? Everyone loves to read about a great mystery for several reasons. Some like to try and solve the mystery before someone in the books does. Some like the suspension and action the book brings. Some like imagining all sorts of things, like what they would do in the characters’ situations. For all these reasons, mystery books are one of the most popular genres. Here are my top 5 favorites for the year.

Concealed by Christina Diaz Gonzalez

Chrstina Diaz Gonzalez is an Edgar winning author from The US with heritage in Cuba. Concealed is part of the 2022-2023 SSYRA ( Sunshine State Young Readers awards books.) With its release just over 2 and a half years ago, this book has been very popular with all kinds of ages, but especially middle schoolers. It has a plot like no other book that keeps the reader glued to the pages of the book, wondering what will happen next.

Framed! And its sequels by James Ponti

This book is the first of a series of 3 thrilling mystery books by James Ponti. The main character is a 12 year old boy with a new technique to help solve mysteries. He, alongside the FBI, solve mysteries together. Each book has its own unique plot. The reader can try to solve the mystery before the characters, therefore providing a reason to keep reading.

City Spies and its sequels by James Ponti

This book, just like Framed!, is the first of a three book series by James Ponti. In these books, a group of young students work together to thwart evil. It provides a vision into the characters and is totally immersive. The characters all come from different backgrounds and countries, and have to figure out a way to become a team in beating evil.

All Fall Down and its sequels by Ally Carter

This book by Ally Carter is highly underrated. This book does not receive the credit it deserves. What is your next step of action when your mom gets murdered? Of course go for revenge and make the killer pay. Who can you trust is on your side? This Mystery series by Ally Carter is just as good as the most popular mystery books out there to date. 

One of us is Lying and its sequels by Karen McManus

5 kids from different backgrounds and social groups walk into a classroom. Only 4 make it out. This mystery book between 4 kids to find out which one is the killer is electrifying. I love this book because it relates to me as a middle schooler and different kids being forced to work together on something.

In conclusion, next time you want to find an exciting mystery book, come back to this blog post for 5 top mystery book recommendations that are sure to leave you excited and delighted.

“Favorite Between Two Favorites” by Gabi C., 2022-23 8th grade

Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen vs Love & Olives by Jenna Evans Welch

It’s gonna be so hard to choose a favorite because I love both of these books. However, Love & Olives wins by a margin, and here’s why.

Love & Olives had a better slow-burn plot, but the character development prize goes to Flipped. Both books had an amazing plot with nice pacing especially for their varying lengths. The major difference between the books was the boys. The girls were easily confident in themselves, loving, nurturing, and overall good role models. The boys however, couldn’t have been more different. In Flipped, Bryce was a terrible guy. While he became a “good guy” in the end, in the beginning and end, he was a jerk! His whole persona was bullying Julie and being mean to her at every chance he got. In Love & Olives, Theo is an angel who does everything in his power to make sure Liv is comfortable and happy in her new environment. This makes such a good difference in a book! But Bryce did redeem himself in the end. Love & Olives wins.

The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes vs AGGGTM by Holly Jackson

This may surprise some of you who know me in real life but I actually prefer AGGGTM by Holly Jackson.

Both books have creative mysteries with fun characters and unique plots. However, the way I am deciding these books is the small little details. I’m talking Romance, Sequels, etc. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love both but they each excel in different ways. AGGGTM did it a bit better… The romance won in the Inheritance Games, even though it was a bigger focus. I love the romance between Jameson and Avery in The Inheritance Games. Pip and Ravi were a bit plain but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt given that they were only getting together at the end of book. When it comes to sequels I also prefer AGGGTM. But both books were amazing.

Like a Love Song by Gabriela Martins vs Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

Eleanor & Park wins by default.

As many of you know Like a Love Song wasn’t one of my favorite books, especially compared to Eleanor & Park. Park was one of my favorite book boys! He was so sweet. Everything he did, he did for Eleanor. He introduced her to his mom. He defended her in front of her dad and provided such a safe space for her, no questions asked. He knew when to let go. As you can see, I put a lot of weight into how much romance my books have. So Eleanor & Park wins.

Invisible by Christina Diaz Gonzales & Gabriela Epstein vs Starfish by Lisa Flipps

These Books. I LOVE these books. I have no complaints. The representation of Latino kids and Plus-size kids is exceptional. Both of these books make a safe space for kids who may feel a little different from everything else. Invisible made me see a little bit of myself in every character. Starfish made me see the perspective of someone different. Starfish was written so beautifully. It feels impossible for me to put these books against each other, So… I choose to break make an exception to my own rules. I have decided to make a tie between these two books!

“5 Underrated Books” by Liam Z., 2022-23 8th grade

Some books don’t get the credit they deserve. There are many good books but they are just not very heard of. While some books are lesser known, they are still extremely good and entertaining . Instead of searching for more known books, search for less popular books as they can be just as good or even better. Smaller books should get the credit that they deserve.

Rebel By Marie Lu

Rebel is an excellent book that not a lot of people read. This book is the 4th book of Legend but is normally outshined by the first three books. This is because this story took place many years later after the third book and it doesn’t contain June’s POV anymore. Despite that, the story is still incredibly good and contains Eden’s story of joining the republic. And also how Day reunites with June. I definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys fast paced action books.

Restart By Gordon Korman

This book is super unique and different from other books. It is about a kid in 8th grade who had an accident and banged his head on the ground. This caused him severe amnesia which made him forget all about his life and had to try and regain it. In my opinion, this has one of the best plots and stories but more people should know about it. Overall, this book is wonderful but not enough people read.

Slacker by Gordon Korman

This is an extremely funny book about a kid named Cameron. Cameron is an extremely lazy kid who slacks off and causes many problems, including almost burning down his house. I really liked it because it has tons of funny parts and it’s entertaining. recommend this book to everyone.

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

This is an interesting story about a boy who has these nightmares of a monster in the shape of a tree. This is not all he has to deal with because he deals with death and grief and struggles to overcome it. This story can be emotional or sad but the ending is very happy and he finally overcomes all the things that have happened. I really enjoyed this book because of the good story and plot.

Framed (Swindle#3) By Gordan Korman

Framed is a really good book that contains the search of a very expensive ring. Griffin Bing was getting framed by who he thought was his bully.  But in the end, he discovered it was rats who ate the ring and coincidentally all evidence led to Griffin. This is not only a mystery book but also a comedy book. This book is better than it looks and should be more well known.

Thank you so much to my students for their book recommendations!

Student Voices: Sharing Webtoons, Mangas, and Graphic Novels by Emma Y. & Jorge G., 8th graders, and Bibi C., 6th grader


“Sharing Graphic Novels, Mangas, and Webtoons”

“Introduction to Webtoons” by Emma Y., 2022-23 8th grader

What is Webtoon? 

Webtoon is a collection of wide-genre digital comics that are read vertically, that different authors have created from scratch. These comics get updated every week on certain days. These webtoons are all diverse and come from authors who originate all around the world, and many of these webtoons are also made into k-dramas, such as True Beauty! 

What kind of genres are there? 

There are SO MANY genres on webtoon! These are a list of all of them. My personal favorite is the romance section 😉 

Comedy, Fantasy , Romance, Slice of Life, Sci-Fi, Drama, Short Story, Action, Superhero, Heart-warming, Thriller, Horror, Post-Apocalyptic, Zombies, School, Supernatural, Animals, Crime/Mystery, Historical, Informative, Sports, and Inspirational. 

How do you access Webtoon? 

There are multiple ways to access webtoon, (1) being the website and (2) through the app on a mobile device, which doubles as the most popular way being through the app since it has more unlocked features – but the website gets the point across too! I will be explaining the mobile version instead of the computer, but it’s pretty similar to the website and still easy to figure out. 

As you load into the app you’ll be greeted with a lot of banners, colors, maybe even popups if there’s an event happening, etc. It may be overwhelming at first but to proceed further, you must register an account first by clicking the little person icon at the bottom of the screen. It’s easy, all that’s needed is to add a username, create a password, and verify an email address (remember to save your password)! Now you have full accessibility to Webtoon. 

What do all these buttons do? 

As I said before, Webtoon may have an overwhelming amount of stuff on you at first but to overcome this, exploring the app may help. At the bottom of the screen there’s a quick menu distinguishing the different categories on what to do on Webtoon, the very first one, is the main category. It has the more popular webcomics and by clicking “My Series” you’ll be directed to the “My” button in the bottom of the screen’s bar. Those two are intertwined! You can also

discover comics by looking at the very top. Where it says “The Remarried Empress” (see image below), these banners will contain new comics, comics coming back from hiatus, special promotions, etc, you can click on these different comics and then be directed to the menu. At the very top of your screen, you can also search for any webcomics that you’d like. 

This is the little bar at the bottom for easier navigation.

The next button there is the “Originals” button. By clicking on originals you will be able to find comics that are the most popular and have received the most attention, they go from “Canvas” comics to “Original” comics with the collaboration of many different authors, illustrators, and creators. To learn more about Canvas, which is the third button, see below! 

Going back to the “My” button, this button contains all of your recently viewed webcomics if you had clicked on any, and your subscribed webcomics. Subscribing to a webcomic means that you get notifications every time the webtoon updates weekly, and you can also support the author as well by doing this (you can also like different episodes by clicking on the heart in the bottom left corner of any panel you click on! In this “My” section, you can also view the different downloads you have on episodes, what unlocked episodes you have, an opportunity to follow the different creators of your webtoons that you are subscribed to + see status updates from them, and any comments you’ve made on webtoons. For example, these are some of the webtoons I’m personally subscribed to! 

And the final part of the hotbar, the “More” section. This is mainly just a place to keep track of all of your coins that you’ve accumulated. Different amounts of coins are used as “fast passes”. Since webtoons are updated weekly, you can also read ahead– if you choose to, by using coins.

You can either buy coins with money or get a few free coins from different events, just keep an eye out! The downside is that you have to use your coins, if you choose to, in a set time period otherwise they’ll expire and you won’t be able to use them anymore.

What is Canvas? 

The very middle button on that little hotbar at the bottom is called Canvas. These are where less-popular comics are put and just a way for different creators to share their creations! This is also where the “Originals” originate from (hahah, get it?), everybody has to start somewhere afterall! The thing with Canvas comics is that they won’t always update weekly, it’s just whenever the creator chooses to upload, but that doesn’t mean these comics are bad in any way– they just need a little love.

What happens when I click on a comic? 

When you click on a comic, at the very top you’ll be greeted with a few buttons. The subscription button, to add to your list of subscribed comics, the “i” button which is just a short description of the story, the download button which is an arrow down, and the last one is a share-comic button. You can see the genre at the top, my example, “Omniscient Reader” is an Action comic. You can also see the creator(s) and the description is present once more. You can also see how many views, likes, and the rating it has. 

Moving on to the gray parts at the middle-bottom, the less gray episodes are the ones that haven’t been read yet and the darker gray episodes at the bottom are the read ones. You can see the episode number on the right and the little arrow just above the very top episode number is all the Fast Pass episodes you can view. 

What are Daily Passes? 

Last but not least, the image below is on a tab called “Daily Pass”. These are comics that have been completed and longer updated! Since they are no longer updated, there’s no need for a full week wait, so the solution to this is to make it into a Daily Pass. This just means that if you click on it, you can only read one episode a day. This spans across any Daily Pass comic so if you click on an episode of “A Good Day to be a Dog” today and also an episode of “Devil Number 4”, you’ll only be able to read the former.

Now go and read and enjoy!

“5 Manga Series I Read and Liked This Year” by Jorge G., 2022-23 8th grader

Haikyu!! By Haruichi Furudate

This book series is mainstream but a lot less popular than most mainstream Manga, but it’s still good. This was the first and only sports manga I read. This book is about a boy who is short but wants to play volleyball, a sport that is dominated by height, but he can jump really high. Overall, really good in my opinion. Confession time, this manga was the reason I played volleyball in middle school, with my stature of 5’4.

A Silent Voice by Yoshitoki Ōima

This book was one of my first really emotional reads because I had read one chapter of it somewhere during 4th grade, so it was nice to find out the ending. It’s about a boy who bullied a deaf girl as a child and wants to ask for forgiveness and friendship and along the way make a nice group of friends with their own flaws. This book was leaving me in suspense during 4th grade because I didn’t know how it ended or the title so it was really nice to find out they had it in the library and that I could finish it in my last year in 8th grade. Shout out to Ms.Rokaw for letting me read books 4-7 because they didn’t have it in the library!

I Want To Eat Your Pancreas By Yoru Sumino

This book was so sad and happy at the same time.  I Want To Eat Your Pancreas is about a girl who has a terminal illness and a journal called “Living With Dying”, that is discovered by her classmate, and he’s the only one who knows other than her family. The ending made my cry a little(like a tear or two), overall, a roller coaster of emotions. Probably the most impactful manga I have ever read, and it really changed my outlook on life and how you have to live it to the fullest.

Orange by Ichigo Takano

This Series was about a group of high school students who received letters from the future that said one of their friends would die, and they were the ones who could change it. It is also sort of sci-fi, but not much. Overall, a really touching story that changes your view on how precious life is, and friendship and what it means.

Astra Lost In Space by Kenta Shinohara

This book holds a really special place in my heart because it was the FIRST EVER manga series I read. The reason why it is this year is because I had read the first chapter in 3rd grade in a Shonen Jump magazine I bought at a book fair, and couldn’t find it anywhere until I went into middle school and finished it. The reason why it’s rated is personal preference, and the first of anything always has a special place in my heart. But that being said, it is a really good book about teenagers stuck in space after an imposter failed to kill them, and they have to find out who it is, while also making it back home safely. This book has many twists and turns and surprised me many times when I read it. Overall, this has to be my favorite Manga series.

“Top 5 Favorite Graphic Novels and Why” by Bibi C., 2022-23 6th grader

Roller Girl

This was one of my favorite books because of the main character’s dedication.The main character’s name is Astrid and she wanted to do Roller Derby but she couldn’t. She did not stop and she sent a note to her idol who plays roller derby and she answered all her notes! She motivated Astrid to keep going and she kept going! Even though she could not play she kept going and didn’t quit and she was there until the end.


This was one of my favorite books because of the people who were actually nice to the main character. The main character’s name is Marlene. She has frizzy hair but her family hates it except for a couple of people in her family but especially her aunt. Most people in her family think straight hair is what’s best. Their family has a tradition that every Sunday they go to the salon to get their hair straightened. Overall I really liked the people who respected that Marlene likes her frizzy hair.

The Tryout

This was one of my favorite books because of when Christina (the main character) decided she wanted to try out for the cheer team. It was her first year in middle school and she really wanted to fit in. She is one of the few Asians there and is not treated fairly. Christina was very excited to try out with her best friend until her best friend decided she was trying out with someone else. In the end she did her best! Overall I really liked how Christina really was dedicated to try out for the cheer team.

Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy

This was one of my favorites books because of the support they gave each other. All went through tough times and their father was working in the military so they sent messages to their father but it was still really tough for them. Beth, one of the sisters, was really sick and had to be rushed to the hospital and she ended up almost dying. Overall I really loved this book because even though each and everyone of those girls were going through tough times they all supported each other no matter what.

The Witches

This was one of my favorite books because of the people who the witches turned into rats, then turning all witches into rats. Witches rented out some space in a hotel and they gave a kid chocolate which turned him into a rat. There were two rats because the boy who turned into a rat met another rat that the witch also was a kid but now was a rat. One of the kids’ grandma was informed and they did everything they could to get revenge. At the end they put the potion on the witches soup and the witches all turned into rats just like them. Overall I really liked how funny the ending was when the witches turned into rats.

Thank you so much to my students for sharing webtoons, mangas, and graphic novels today!