Look! by Jeff Mack



Author and Illustrator: Jeff Mack
Published April 7th, 2015 by Philomel Books

Goodreads Summary: This hilarious tale of a friendship that develops over a love of books is the perfect picture book for fans of It’s a Book and Officer Buckle and Gloria!

Everyone needs a little attention from time to time. Just ask our gorilla who will stop at nothing to be noticed by the boy with his eyes glued to the TV set. But for the gorilla, it’s going to take more than a quiet nudge to steal away the boy’s attention. When his usual antics fail to catch the boy’s eye—LOOK OUT! The gorilla has some other tricks up his sleeve.

Using only two words—LOOK and OUT—Jeff Mack relates an adorably hilarious story about an attention-loving gorilla, a television-loving boy, and a friendship that develops over books. Simple in construct yet richly creative, this interactive and colorful tale will leave children laughing and loving books for years to come.

Ricki’s Review: Ah! It only uses two words! This creative story about a friendship between a gorilla and a boy captured my heart. It teaches kids the importance of avoiding the TV and picking up a book instead. I am an unapologetic book pusher, so I always appreciate books that promote reading. Readers are forced to use their imaginations to follow the storyline, and the illustrations and characters’ personalities will make them giggle. This playful tale is sure to capture readers’ hearts.

Kellee’s Review: I love how this book teaches a lesson about the importance of getting away from electronics without seeming preaching. The gorilla is entertaining, and it’d be fun to predict what he is going to do next to try to get the boy’s attention. I also think the book will make kids get mad at the boy then will need help realizing that they may be doing the same thing on a daily basis. The use of only two words is also going to be a big conversation starter as well. Look! would also be a good first book to introduce the idea of theme. What is this book trying to teach the reader?  And like Ricki, I am big fan of books that promote reading, and this one is a great addition to those out there!

Teachers’ Tools for Navigation: We are suckers for books that feature only a few words. One great, fun way to improve speaking skills is to give students only the words of the book to start (the book should remain hidden). Students pair up or work in small groups to speak the words in expressive way to tell a story. They perform a skit for the class, and then the class discusses the various ways that words can be interpreted. Then, the teacher reads the book for the first time to the students. Ricki used to do this in her class each year to introduce speaking skills. She stole the idea from her methods class with Wendy Glenn. 🙂

Discussion Questions: How do the illustrations help you understand the book? What do the characters teach you?; Why might the author have chosen to feature only two words in the book? Did you think it was effective?; What is the theme of Look!?

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Image from www.jeffmack.com.

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**Thank you to Penguin Young Readers for providing a copy for review!**

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  1. He was just at our school on Friday. A total pleasure to work with, inspiring (and keeping attentive) two large groups of K-2 and 3-5. Will have to find this one!


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