The Bobs and Tweets Series by Pepper Springfield


Meet the Bobs and Tweets
Published June 28th, 2016 by Scholastic, Inc.

Bobs and Tweets: Perfecto Pet Show
Published June 27th, 2017 by Scholastic, Inc.

Author: Pepper Springfield
Illustrator: Kristy Caldwell

Summary: This series is a full-color, illustrated high-interest rhyming stories that’s just right for reluctant readers. It’s Dr. Seuss meets Captain Underpants wrapped into one zany adventure. Get ready to read…and laugh!

Meet the Bobs and Tweets Summary: …the Bobs, who are messy, and the Tweets, who are neat. How can these two strange families get along in the same neighborhood? And are all the Tweets really neat and all the Bobs slobs?

Perfecto Pet Show Summary: Get ready for one perfecto school pet show with the Bobs and Tweets! Dean Bob and Lou Tweet can’t wait to perform in the first-ever Bonefish Street Elementary School Pet Show. They’ve practiced their performances over and over again, and together with their pets, they’re ready to shine!

But it looks like their families, the Tweets, who are neat, and the Bobs, who are slobs, aren’t going to make getting to the show easy. What will happen when the Tweets and Bobs have a showdown before the show? And what if all that fighting makes Dean Bob too nervous for his performance? Find out in another wacky family saga full of pets, school antics, and two very silly families!

Review: The Bobs and Tweets are such different characters. They each are extreme representations of different types of people you’ll meet in your life time which lends directly to the theme of the book: just because you are different from someone doesn’t mean you can’t be friends or live cordially with them. Dean and Lou are the perfect example of that. Both kid is the opposite of their family and then they are the opposite of each other, yet they have such a strong friendship and just work together so well! 

Teachers’ Tools for Navigation: These books are screaming to be read out loud! The rhyming and rhythm are so catchy and fun to read, kids will be enthralled by the words and the story. Also, because of the humor throughout, it allows for deeper conversations, like the theme I mentioned above, to be discussed without it seeming so serious.

The first book sets up the characters and setting then the second book really gets into how the two families interact together. This would make both books a perfect beginning of the year read aloud to get the tough discussions of differences out of the way while reading about the fun Bobs and Tweets.

Discussion Questions: Compare and contrast the Bobs and the Tweets.; How did the realtor trick both families?; Which family do you relate to the move?

Flagged Passages: 

Perfect Pet Show Chapter 1: (Almost) Late for School

Lou Tweet is dancing outside with her cat
While she waits for Dean Bob, that boy with the hat.
They need to leave soon. School starts at eight.
But today, Lou’s friend Dean is running quite late.

“Are you done yet?” asks Lou. “Almost ready!” cries Dean.
“Chopper needs one more rinse to make sure he is clean.
My Bobs had a food fight with cold mac and cheese.
Does my dog still smell cheesy? Can you sniff his fur, please?”

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