A Christmas Wish for Corduroy by B.G. Hennessy



A Christmas Wish for Corduroy
Author: B.G. Hennessy
Based on the characters created by Don Freeman
Illustrator: Jody Wheeler
Published October 21st, 2014 by Viking Juvenile

Goodreads Summary: Before he met Lisa, Corduroy was just a little bear in the toy department of a big store, waiting for somebody to take him home.

It’s almost Christmas and Corduroy wishes he could be a child’s holiday gift—but he’s a plain bear, and nobody seems to notice him. He sets out across the store to ask Santa Claus for help, but he can’t visit without wearing a special outfit! After stopping to try on hats, boots, and even baby clothes, Corduroy finally arrives at the North Pole. Can Santa help Corduroy find a new home in time for Christmas?

With warm humor and classic art, A Christmas Wish for Corduroy takes readers back to the beginning and shows how Corduroy became the beloved bear we know today. This is a heartwarming story about the power of hope, perseverance, and friendship–an important addition to any Corduroy collection.

My Review: This prequel to Corduroy is a perfect Christmas story. It takes the Corduroy story and added a perfect amount of holiday flare. In the story you learn how Corduroy gets his famous overalls and how he gets his famous name. There are even some quite funny parts. I really enjoyed reading it to Trent. The colorful photos really held his attention, and he especially loved his new Corduroy stuffed animal (he held him through the whole reading and was even giving him kisses!). I know that this will become a book we read every year.

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Teachers’ Tools for Navigation: Primarily, this book will be a wonderful read aloud; however, after reading, it would be fun to have students write their own stories of how Corduroy got his name and overalls (or they could write a prequel to a different picture book classic).

Discussion Questions: Do you think Santa helped Corduroy get his wish?; If you were the clerk, how would you think that Corduroy got to Santa’s chair?; If you were in the toy store, which toy would you have chosen?

We Flagged: “One December afternoon, a toy bear in a big store was just waking up when he heard a mohter asking a boy, “Have you decided what you would like for Christmas yet?” The bear sat taller and perked up his ears. Maybe this boy wanted a bear! But the boy zipped right by him and pointed to a bright red, shiny fire engine. “I’m going to ask Santa for a fire truck with a big ladder and a bell!” the boy said. The bear watched sadly as the boy walked away.” (p. 1-3)

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Happy holidays to you and yours!!!


**Thank you to Penguin for providing a copy for review!**

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  1. Aw, he’s SO adorable!!! Love the pics of him giving kisses to Corduroy. My youngest son loved the Corduroy books and we had this one (probably still do – our 16 and 20 year old sons still want us to read a few Christmas picture books to them on Christmas Eve!).

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas with Trent – that is such a great age for holidays!


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