Henry’s Goodnight Moon Party



My beautiful baby boy was born the day after the ALAN Workshop last year. I started having contractions in the NCTE Exhibit Hall (and anyone who has been to the Exhibit Hall will understand this). We named him Henry after the great Henry David Thoreau and have attempted to flood him with books. He loves books and is especially in love with Goodnight Moon, so his father and I read it to him every night. The theme of his party was a no-brainer. Because you all enjoy books as much as I do, I thought I’d share the pictures.

 Henry's Goodnight Moon Party

The cake, which only took me four hours to make! It required three cake boxes (and a lot of patience)!


Because even though there is cake, there must also be a bowl full of mush.


I wanted to use Goodnight Moon colors for this wreath I made, but I worried that I wouldn’t be able to use it next year!


As much as I wanted to paint my living room green, the streamers were a cheaper option.


We actually had more than just one pair of mittens.


The head of our kitchen table.


These little chairs held name tags for our wedding, so they were sentimental for my husband and me.


Each room had a red balloon. The kids loved them.


My younger sister painted this for Henry, and we will be putting it in his bedroom.


These stars were a great find at the Christmas Tree Shop. (The sponge paint is from previous owners. Don’t judge me.)


Star and moon cookies and chocolate stars.

And the highlight of the party? This ONE-YEAR-OLD!:

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  1. Oh my, Ricki, this is fabulous and sweet and just right! I love seeing what you did for Henry, but that first picture of him is simply beautiful. I hope you had such a memorable day! Happy Birthday, Henry! And Good night noises everywhere!

  2. Oh, my gosh, Henry is just sooo cute! And what an amazing, original party theme! Wow, you really did a fabulous job – love all the decorations and the cake, too. I’m very impressed. For Craig’s first birthday party, we just did Teletubbies theme with store-bought stuff (as his older brother was just reminding him this week, he was quite partial to La La!)

    Nice job! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, too.


    Book By Book


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