You Are (Not) Small by Anna Kang



You Are (Not) Small
Author: Anna Kang
Illustrator: Christopher Weyant
Published August 5th, 2014 by Two Lions

Goodreads Summary: Two fuzzy creatures can’t agree on who is small and who is big, until a couple of surprise guests show up, settling it once and for all. The simple text of Anna Kang and bold illustrations of New Yorkercartoonist Christopher Weyant tell an original and very funny story about size–it all depends on who’s standing next to you.

About the Author and Illustrator: You Are (Not) Small  is the first collaboration of this talented husband-and-wife team. Anna’s childhood experience growing up in a town where she and her family were one of the few Asians was an instrumental part of the inspiration for the book. Of this experience, Anna says, “I eventually learned that how you saw others—and yourself—largely depended on your personal experience and your community, which shapes your perspective.” Christopher adds, “When I was growing up, I was always the second smallest in my class so this story is near and dear to me. I learned the valuable lesson that there are good things about being small, there’s always someone taller, and humor is a wonderful way to handle/celebrate our differences.”

Christopher Weyant’s work has been published worldwide in books, newspapers, magazines, and online. His cartoons are in permanent collection at The Whitney Museum of American Art and The Morgan Library & Museum in New York City. Anna Kang received her MFA from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. You Are (Not) Small is their first children’s book; they are currently at work on a sequel. They live with their children in New Jersey.

Kellee’s Review: I love these little monsters! They are so persistent and determined! And what makes this book even better is the the colorful, thick-lined illustrations. They are very eye catching.  As much as I love these little (tiny? big? giant?) creatures, kids will love them even more and will be surprised by the twist towards the end of the book.

Ricki’s Review: With my husband’s and my genetics, my son is destined to be short. I was always the shortest student in my classes, and this story would have made me feel a lot better as a child! I value books that teach children to celebrate their differences and to feel comfortable with themselves. This would also be a great book to prevent bullying. The confidence of these characters is admirable, and they make great role models. This would be a fantastic read-aloud.

Teachers’ Tools for Navigation: This fun, seemingly simple book is more than it seems! It gives amazing opportunities to talk about perspectives, adjectives, and interjections. The creatures could also easily be compared and contrasted. It is a great introduction to all of these concepts.

A downloadable classroom guide is also available through Amazon.

Discussion Questions: Which of the monsters do you think is big? Which do you think is small?; What other adjectives could you use to describe the ___ monster?

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