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Nonfiction Picture Book Wednesday

Nonfiction Picture Book Wednesday is hosted by Kid Lit Frenzy and was started to help promote the reading of nonfiction texts. Most Wednesdays, we will be participating and will review a nonfiction text (though it may not always be a picture book).
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Although many elementary students enjoy and love nonfiction, this love tapers off when students get to middle school. Very few of my students read nonfiction at all. However, there is a wonderful thing happening that is helping increase the amount of nonfiction read in my school: memoir and informational nonfiction graphic novels. Here are some that I have read that my students and/or I have truly enjoyed.
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Children’s/Middle Grade

deafo around the world primates

deadspy ironclad donner treaties

media dust bowl jay z

FC_BC_9780545132060.pdf sisters sharks dinosaursGN

Middle Grade/YA

dumbest 911 annefrank beirut


fist feynman dahmer maus

Hope you and your students enjoy some nonfiction graphic novels!


6 thoughts on “Nonfiction Graphic Novels”

  1. Wonderful list, Kellee. I liked Feynman and the one about Anne Frank, enjoyed the extra information that the Frank one covered. I still want to read those I’ve missed, like Primates and Sisters. Thank you!

  2. Absolutely a great list! Most of these I know (and have read!), but there are a few that are totally new to me, and I am off to order. In my face-to-face children’s lit class, I booktalk a lot of graphic novels, and once a student reads one, they’re usually hooked and want to read them ALL. I can’t keep them on the shelf of my office lending library. Great point, too, about what a good way GNs are to get more nonfiction into our students’ reading lives.

    • Thank you! I find that my middle schoolers really do not want to read nonfiction at all. Only through graphic novels have I been able to hook (some) them.


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