Herman and Rosie by Gus Gordon



Herman and Rosie
Author and Illustrator: Gus Gordon
Published October 15th, 2013 by Roaring Brook Press

Goodreads Summary: Once upon a time in a very busy city, on a very busy street, in two very small apartments, lived…
 Herman and Rosie. Herman liked playing the oboe, the smell of hot dogs in the winter, and watching films about the ocean. Rosie liked pancakes, listening to old jazz records, and watching films about the ocean. They both loved the groovy rhythm of the city, but sometimes the bustling crowds and constant motion left them lonely, until one night …

My Review: This book is a love note to music and for finding a friend to share your love. This wonderful story is told in a way that makes you fall in love with the characters immediately and feel every up and down with them. Also, the illustrations in this picture book are probably some of my favorite ever. I love the cartoony style mixed with some mixed media. Beautiful.

Teachers’ Tools for Navigation: I think this book will find its most love as a read aloud and as a wait to promote music and other passions; however, the book could definitely be used in other ways in the classroom. The tone and mood of the book takes a drastic turn about halfway through and would be a good introduction to these two narrative elements. It is interesting to look at how the illustrations helped drive the change. Also, there are onomatopoeias throughout that add to the imagery of the book.

Discussion Questions: How does music bring Herman and Rosie together?; Would Herman and Rosie every had become friends without the bad event happening to them?; How are Herman and Rosie similar? Different?

We Flagged: 

“Herman lived on the seventh floor. He liked potted plants, playing the oboe, wild boysenberry yogurt, the smell of hot dogs in the winter, and watching films about the ocean.”

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  1. This is one of my favourites! My students adored this title. Such great illustrations – pictures to get lost in!


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