Upcoming Must Haves from little bee books: Race! by Sue Fliess; Toucans, Too by Bethanie Deeney Murguia; Blobfish Throws a Party by Miranda Paul; and A Cat is Better by Linda Joy Singleton


These picture books are all MUST HAVES that are coming out soon from little bee books!

Author: Sue Fliess
Illustrator: Edwardian Taylor
Expected Publication July 4th, 2017

About the Book: In this imaginative book, a tiny car lines up next to all the other cars revving their engines. . . . Will it be able to take the Winner’s Cup?

Race cars!
Line up!

Who will take the Winner’s Cup?

Cars start,
lights glow…
“Rev your engines…GO GO GO!”

All the cars are lining up for the race, but one car is smaller than the rest. As it squeezes in between all of them, the cars rev their engines . . . and they’re off! Down mountains and by waterfalls, through tunnels and past landslides, the cars race through places that somehow look oddly familiar.

My Thoughts: I love the onomatopoeias in this story! It mixed with the rhythm of the text, the fun illustrations, and the suspense of the race make the story a perfect read aloud. Along the way, readers can predict what they think can happen next, and try to predict the surprise ending (yes, there is a surprise ending!).

Toucans, Too
Author and Illustrator: Bethanie Deeney Murguia
Expected Publication May 2nd, 2017

About the Book: This hilarious follow-up book to Cockatoo, Too features cockatoos, toucans, two-can stew, and gnus!

One can. Two cans. Toucans?
Toucans, too.
Toucan stew???!

The cockatoos are back, and the toucans are too! But the toucans think the cockatoos say “toucan stew” and run away in a toucan canoe, so the cockatoos make them some two-can stew, which attracts the gnus, who ask the reader, “Can gnu?”

Bethanie Deeney Murguia’s fabulous follow-up to the well-received Cockatoo, Too combines fantastically funny wordplay with lush, vibrant illustrations, making this a humorous read-aloud that both children and parents will love!

My Thoughts: This is such a hilarious book! I haven’t read Cockatoo, Too, so I didn’t know what I was getting into (I’ve already requested it from my library though because I want to see what cleverness hides inside), and the word play and illustrations in this one make it one that I cannot wait to read to kids–I think they will find it as laugh out loud as I did.

Blobfish Throws a Party
Author: Miranda Paul
Illustrator: Maggie Caton
Expected Publication: May 2nd, 2017

About the Book: Introducing Blobfish Throws a Party, a wild and hilarious story from award-winning author Miranda Paul!

Blobfish lives at the bottom of the ocean with no lights, no friends, and no delicious treats. The only two ways he can think to change this would be to 1) throw a party, or 2) save the world in true hero style. He decides to do the first one. However, when he announces, “Deep sea party! Bring a treat to share!”, the mermaids hear “Cheap, free party! Sling on a sheet to wear!”, and the shorebirds hear “Cheep-peep party! Sing a tweet with flair!”, and so on. Soon the whole world is partying in strange ways based on what they think they heard, and Blobfish is still sad and alone at the bottom of the sea. Will Blobfish ever get his lights, friends, and delicious treats?

My Thoughts: Oh, Blobfish. He is the most lovable sad little fish. All alone in the bottom of the sea, all he wants is someone to spend time with. But his plan to throw a party just doesn’t go as planned. The hilarity that follows, in words and illustrations, will make anyone laugh. And like Toucans, Too the word play in this one make it a perfect read aloud and the basis for a rhyming teaching opportunity. So many kids are going to love Blobfish; it is going to be a majorly requested read aloud!

A Cat is Better
Author: Linda Joy Singleton
Illustrator: Jorge Martin
Expected Publication: June 13th, 2017

About the Book: Find out why a cat is the purrfect pet in this fantastically funny picture book!

A sparkly necklace for me?
Yes, I am beautiful.
Thank you very much.
See how perfect I am?

What makes cats better than dogs? Is it how gracefully they leap through the air? How much smarter they are than dogs? How much more musical and cleaner they are? Or is it how good they are at making you think they’re all these things?

Find out why cats are the purrfect pet in this fantastically funny picture book!

My Thoughts: The debate over which pet is the best starts at a very young age and is often the topic for an early argumentative paragraph because kids are so opinionated about it. A Cat is Better takes a look at the topic and puts a fun twist on it starting with one very clear claim that slowly morphs into a love of all pets.

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Thank you Caitlin at little bee books for allowing me to preview and share these titles!

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