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Author and Illustrator: Julie Bayless
Expected Publication October 13th, 2015 by Running Press Kids

Goodreads Summary: A moonlit tale of friendship and play.

It is nighttime in the savanna, which means that it is time to play for one rambunctious lion cub! The cub tries to make new friends with the hippos and the giraffes, but roaring at them only chases them away. The young lion is about to give up, but when a rabbit accidentally mistakes the cub’s tail for a carrot, the lion realizes she might have met her match, in all the right ways.

Kellee’s Review: Roar! is told in mostly onomatopoeias, so it is up to the reader to really read into the colorful and clue-filled illustrations. Bayless does a really great job at using her illustrations to build her characters without ever giving them anything to say next to ROAR and MORE and YAWN and SNORE. Trent loves reading this book because he is obsessed with saying ROAR if you even mention a lion and bunny is one of the newest animals he can identify. 

Ricki’s Review: I had so much fun reading this book with my son. He knows a lot of words, but he specializes in sound effects. He takes great pride in his roar, so it was fun for me to point to the word and wait for him to respond with a big “ROAAAR!” This would be a great book to use for kids who are just learning to read because the repetition is very helpful. It will build their reading confidence. As Kellee said, the illustrations add significantly to the character development. I smiled through the entire reading.

Teachers’ Tools for Navigation: Roar! is made to be read with kids. I think it’d be so much fun to make it interactive and have the students read the word bubbles as the teacher turns the pages. Another fun activity that could be done with Roar! is having students write out what is happening on each page and even naming the characters and using the illustrations to figure out their character traits.

Discussion Questions: In nature, would the lion and rabbit have been friends?; What onomatopoeias can you find within Roar!?; How would you describe the lion’s personality? The rabbit’s?

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**Thank you to Cassie at Running Press for providing copies for review!!**

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