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awesome 8

Awesome 8: Over 50 Picture-Packed Top-8 Lists!
Published May 3rd, 2016 by National Geographic Children’s Books

Goodreads Summary: Curious kids who want to know the who/what/where of the coolest things on the planet will welcome this first book in an awesome new National Geographic Kids series. Every turn of the page presents a different theme and counts down the greatest of the great top 8 of its kind. For example: The Awesome 8 Coolest Coasters, Haughtiest Hotels, Wicked Water Slides, Perilous Predators, Remarkable Ruins, Weirdest Wonders, Swankiest Subways, and anything else you can imagine. It’s truly something you have to see to believe–which is why the entire list appears in photographs, layered with fun facts and insightful stories.

Kellee’s Review: I think this may be one of my favorite National Geographic books I’ve read yet. You know we love lists here at Unleashing Readers (Top Ten Tuesday, anyone?!), so this book already was set up in a favorite way. This large-sized book packs so much information into its pages. Each 2 page spread includes an top 8 list with crazy, interesting topics and beautiful photographs. Each Awesome 8 is just a normal list, each item includes fascinating information that ties it to the topic.

Ricki’s Review: Ahh! This National Geographic book was so much fun! My son and I loved flipping through the stunning photographs and talking about each of the categories. This is a great learning book for kids. My son is very young, so it was great to use as a counting book, too. The repetition was very helpful. This is the kind of book that inspires kids to want to do more research and explore more within each category. There isn’t a kid (or adult) in the world that won’t be able to find something of interest in this book.

Teachers’ Tools for Navigation: In addition to being an instant favorite in classrooms, Awesome 8 will definitely make anyone who reads it want to make their own top 8 list. This activity could revolve around any unit that you are teaching. You could also give your students choice of topic or you can assign topics to fit your lessons/unit.

There’s an Awesome 8 section on the National Geographic Kids website as well which allows for extended inquiry: 

Discussion Questions: What was your favorite Awesome 8 list?; Which list did you wish had more than 8 items on it?; Which list made you want to learn more?

We Flagged: “Eight Cutest Critters:  These animals may be small in size, but they’re pretty big on awesome. Here are eight of the tiniest (and more adorable!) creatures on Earth. Say awww!

4. Eye Spy: What are you looking at? A baby tarsier shows off its huge peepers, which are about the same size and weight as its brain. Found exclusively in the islands of Southeast Asia, the nocturnal primate has the biggest eyes in the animal kingdom compared to its body size.” (p. 27)

*Disclosure: This quote cannot share the entire feeling of the book without the photos. See the published book to see the amazing photographs.

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  1. National Geographic just keeps hitting it out of the park when it comes to their kids books – they are so popular with kids, and you can totally see why! The photography is just stunning, and really grabs kids attention, and lists are always fun. I love to pull books like this out when taking kids on library tours, to really highlight the potential of the nonfiction section, which often gets overlooked. Who says learning can’t be fun?!


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