Stormy Night by Salina Yoon



Stormy Night
Author and Illustrator: Salina Yoon
Published January 6th, 2015 by Bloomsbury USA Childrens

Goodreads Summary: When thunder shakes his house and rain pounds the windows, Bear is frightened. But comforting his Mama, Papa, and Floppy helps make the storm seem not so scary. Before Bear knows it, the storm has passed, because even storms need their sleep . . . and so do bears.

My Review and Teachers’ Tools for Navigation: Living in Florida means that we have pretty bad storms about 4-6 months of the year, so I really would see how this book could be used by parents and teachers to discuss ways to overcome storm anxiety. I could see a class that is  being held (sometimes for hours) in class after dismissal because of a storm sitting around reading this book and discussing how a storm can be scary but that the end would come soon.  I, being from tornado alley, had storm nightmares for years and storms still scare me, and I really think that a book like this would be a great read for kids that have the anxiety I have. I also love how Yoon had the little bear become the “strong one” during the storm to help him forget about what he is afraid of. This is a great strategy for helping kids forget about something that is scary.

Like always, Yoon’s illustrations are just so wonderful–I love how they completely cover the page and are so colorful. Also, Yoon also always captures her characters’ emotions so well!  Her books are always a pleasure to read, and I look forward to getting them.

Discussion Questions: How does Bear overcome his fear? How did his mom help? Hid dad?; Have you ever been scared during a storm? What did you do to make it through the storm?

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**Thank you to Linette at Bloomsbury for providing a copy for review!**

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  1. We’ve been having more & more storms this year, & often have them late afternoon, right as school is dismissed. It would be nice to have this book. It looks sweet, too. Thanks, Kellee.


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