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Over the last few years I have noticed a trend (a trend I love!) of biographical picture books about strong women from history. After reading a wonderful batch of them, I decided I need to share all of the amazing ones that I have read.
[Each picture book cover can be clicked on to take you to either Goodreads or a review of mine.]

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I love that these woman are getting their stories told!

Were there any that I missed? Please share!


5 thoughts on “Biographical Picture Books about Strong Women”

  1. I think I’ve read every one but the one about Ella Fitzgerald, Kellee. You’re so right, beautiful books lately about strong women. Here’s one I read recently: Art From Her Heart, about Clementine Hunter, by Kathy Whitehead-very well done. My favorite, though, still Me…Jane. I just adore the book! Thanks for compiling this great list!

  2. Hi there Kellee! I am fascinated by this topic as well. We had a Girl Power reading theme a few years back and we featured quite a number of picturebook biographies about women who have changed the course of history. You may also want to check out Kadir Nelson’s MOSES about Harriet Tubman. My Nonfiction Wednesday contribution this week is also about two amazing women – Louisa May Alcott and Razia Jan from Razia’s Ray of Hope Foundation in Afghanistan. 🙂


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