Living Popups: Educational Augmented Reality Enabled Children’s Books


Living Popups is a newer app + book opportunity that takes reading to a new level!

The way it works is:

  • You buy Living Popups titles: or at Barnes and Noble
  • You download the Living Popups app (free)
  • Then you use the titles + the app to bring an extra layer to reading!

I read Cooper the Dog and Always in my Heart, both picture books that have augmented reality. Both are cute picture books with very clear lessons: Cooper is about being comfortable with who you are while Heart is about grief and the journey towards healing.

First, I read the stories as a traditional book.

Then, I jumped into the augmented reality, which was not what I expected! Instead of it being a narrator reading the book to you, it is supplemental with characters talking to the reader, helping with comprehension, and even asking multiple choices questions.

The technology for this product is new and will definitely engage kids and even help them dig deeper into a book.

Both of the picture books I read were made specifically for Living Popups, but the company has other options as well such as Boxcar Children, Shakespeare, and classics, including My Father’s Dragon, Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Animal Farm, and Of Mice and Men.

One negative is that I do hope to see the company work on making sure their library is inclusive in the future as currently the representation is very low.


**Thank you to Sara Delgado, Director of Creative Development/Production at Living Popups, Inc., for sharing these titles and this new reading experience!**

4 thoughts on “Living Popups: Educational Augmented Reality Enabled Children’s Books”

  1. They support early literacy skills, cognitive development, and social-emotional learning.They promote curiosity, empathy, and a love for reading.

  2. Thank you so much for your incredible review. Looking forward to sharing more with you and getting your feedback. Would love for you to see our titles like Sleepy Hollow or My Fathers Dragon, Animal farm, Of Mice and Men, The Great Gatsby, and all of our Shakespeare’s. We have a totally diverse crowd in every book. We are tackling other diverse stories so look for new titles. Thanks again. With deep gratitude, cheryl


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