Author Guest Post: “3 Activities to Help Children Meet Challenges Successfully” by Elizabeth Godley, Author of Rock, Scissors, Paperbag


3 Activities to Help Children Meet Challenges Successfully

As children grow, they will face many challenges. Some of these challenges will be small, like learning to tie their shoes, while others will be larger, like making new friends or dealing with a bully. It is important for kids to learn how to meet challenges successfully so that they can overcome them and grow as individuals.

Activity 1: Brainstorming Challenges

The first activity is to brainstorm a list of challenges that children might face. This can be done as a whole class activity or in small groups. Once the list is complete, have students share their thoughts on how they might meet each challenge.

Activity 2: Role-Playing

The second activity is to role-play different challenges. This can be done in small groups or as a whole class. Have your students choose a challenge from the list and act out how they might meet it. After each role-play, have the group discuss what went well and what could be improved.

Activity 3: Journaling

The third activity is to journal about challenges. Have your students write about a challenge they have faced and how they met it. Encourage them to be honest about their feelings and to reflect on what they learned from the experience.

These are just a few ideas for activities that can help children learn how to meet challenges successfully. By providing our students with opportunities to practice and reflect, we can help them develop the skills they need to overcome any challenge they may face.

Published November 8th, 2023 by Nobody’s Banana Publishing

About the Book: Rock, Scissors, and Paperbag are the bestest of friends! Paperbag is afraid of everything, Rock is a talented musician, and Scissors is an excellent Orange Ball player. After the school bullies, The Bucket Kids, steal Scissors’ fake orange-ball, the kids decide to get back at the bullies. What if they could get a real orange-ball from The Great Orange Tree? That would show The Bucket Kids!

Recalling the local magical legend, they embark on a fantastic adventure to find The Great Orange Tree. However, while solving the riddle within the ancient map, they encounter a cave monster, a tornado of rapping cooties, and the horrid Land of Smells. How will they face each challenge? Will they end up back home? Will they get a real orange-ball? And if they do, will they share it?

Throughout their adventure, Rock gains confidence, Paperbag conquers his fears, and Scissors makes peace with being imperfect. Best Buds!

Winner of the 2023 Speak Up Talk Radio International Firebird Book Award, Rock, Scissors, Paperbag is a spellbinding tale of friendship, fantasy, and adventure. A perfect book to be shared and treasured.

About the Author: Hi! I’m Elizabeth Godley. I have been working with children for almost 20 years as a teacher, caretaker, mentor, fairy, clown, and friend. I am a kid magnet. Seriously at school, I cannot walk across the playground without at least 3 kids saying “Hi, Ms. Godley!”, showing me a cool stick they found, and/or asking “Are you on TikTok?” This is my second children’s book and my first kid’s chapter book. Writing books for children is a long-held dream of mine! You are helping it become a reality.

Why do I write? I want to add joy to children’s lives in a way that makes them feel connected and not alone. Kids are so “plugged in” nowadays and isolated. That is why I wanted to write Rock, Scissors, Paperbag. I want to encourage kids to make friends, go on make-believe adventures, get dirty, stand up to the bully, accidentally scrape their knees, and make some innocent mischief. In. Real. Life. Technology is amazing, but it can’t beat the smell of a library book or the weight of a water balloon in your hand.

Thank you, Elizabeth, for giving educators these tools to help their students through challenges!

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