Student Voices: Top 20 Favorite Books by Aneesah F. and Jordan K., 8th Grade


Top 20 Favorite Books from Aneesah F. and Jordan K., 8th Grade
(in no particular order)

City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

This is the first book in the Mortal Instruments series. Clary Fray is a normal 15 year old girl who lives in NYC with her best friend, Simon Lewis, but when she goes into the Pandemonium Club, she sees something that leaves her shocked. 3 teenagers walk into the club, holding strange weapons and covered in strange tattoos, and murder someone in the club. Then the body vanishes. Clary learns that the 3 teenagers, Jace, Isabelle, and Alec, are Shadowhunters, and the boy they killed was a demon. How come Clary can see them now, after living a normal life for 15 years? There’s only one way to find out.

I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You by Ally Carter

The introduction to the Gallagher Girls series and a universe where an all-girls boarding school in Virginia, is actually a school for spies. Cameron Ann Morgan, who goes by Cammie or Cam, is Headmistress and retired CIA operative Rachel Morgan’s daughter. Go along with Cammie as she keeps track of her year at the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women in her Covert Operations Report. Technically, Gallagher is a school for geniuses, not spies, but they’re taught 14 different languages, martial arts, and advanced encryption, among many other things, so you could say it’s a school for extreme geniuses. Discover how spies-in-training spend their school year in I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You.

The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen

In the kingdom where Sage lives, the royal family were all killed several years ago, but there are still rumors circling that claim Jaron, the youngest boy of the royal family, may actually be alive. A nobleman of the court, Bevin Conner, takes it upon himself to gather a group of orphan boys and bring them to his house, and determine who can masquerade as the best Jaron. When Sage is picked up in Conner’s wagon, he begins a journey that he can’t back out of. Does Sage have what it takes to pretend to be Jaron and sit on the throne?

One of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus

Five strangers, all in detention for a phone that wasn’t theirs in their bags. Addy, the Beauty, Cooper, the Athlete, Nate, the Criminal, Bronwyn, the Brain, and Simon, the Outcast. When Simon doesn’t walk out of detention alive, suddenly, they’re all suspects in his murder. They all have motives too, Simon ran a gossip app, and he was planning to release juicy details about the 4 other people in detention with him the next day. Did any of them really have the guts to kill Simon, or are they the perfect scapegoats for a killer still on the run.

The Jewel by Amy Ewing

Violet Lasting no longer belongs to herself. She was sold as Lot 197 for 6 million diamantes. Violet was 3 away from 200, the best surrogate of that year. The Duchess of the Lake won the bidding and now owned Violet. She would have to carry the Duchess’s daughter, she already had a son and they were only allowed one of each. Violet is meant to be treated as furniture by others, but must play into the Duchess’s plan when she learns the dark secret of what actually happens to surrogates after they’ve served their purpose. She has to get out and away from the Duchess. Can she and Ash, a Companion in the House of the Lake, escape the terrifying fate that awaits her?

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Mare Barrow lives in a world where the rulers have Silver blood and deadly powers. Mare has Red blood and lives in poverty in the Stilts, finds herself working in the Silver palace and discovers that she has powers just like her employers. She is hidden right under everyone’s noses and declared a long-lost Silver princess. Mare is engaged to a Silver prince and trained as they are, whilst working with the Red Guard, a resistance group fighting the iron grip of the Silvers in power. Journey with Mare as she discovers something that should always be remembered. Anyone can betray anyone.

Olivia Twisted by Vivi Barnes

Over the span of 16 years, Olivia has been moved from one foster home to another. She just wants to graduate high school but her talents with computers causes her to be noticed by a mysterious guy at her new school, Z. He pulls Liv into his elite hacker team and she might just get the chance to escape her oppressive foster parents. Olivia and Z become closer, and she learns dark secrets about Z’s past, like why he had to have his name legally changed to Z. However, she catches the attention of Z’s boss, Bill Sykes, who has bigger plans for Liv…

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

First book in a 4 book series. Cinder is a cyborg that lives while her wholly human step mother and step sisters. Her step mother and older step sister, Pearl, are completely awful to her, but her younger step sister, Peony, is her best friend. In New Beijing, a plague is cutting a lot of their population and they face the threat of the cold Lunars waiting to make their move. The people of Luna have a special talent, they can manipulate people’s minds, all except for lunar shells, who do not have this power and can’t be effected by it. Cinder somehow ends up in the middle of the struggle with Luna, and in the eye of the crown prince of New Beijing, Kai. She must fight her feelings and learn about duty and freedom while simultaneously uncovering dark secrets about Luna, and their beloved queen.

Illusive by Emily Lloyd-Jones

A long time ago, the MK virus threw the planet into an epidemic, and the vaccine created to stop it had a few abnormal side effects. A small percent of the population developed powers that resembled those of a superhero. Those affected by the vaccine were given 2 choices, serve their country or become a traitor. Several of these people chose the third, unspoken option, to live a life of crime. Ciere Giba is a 17 year old thief with the ability to change her appearance at will, her talents mark her as an illusionist. After crossing a gang of mobsters, Ciere must team up with others who have abilities like hers to find the formula for the vaccine that caused their powers.

Evermore by Alyson Noel

Ever Bloom was a normal 16 year old girl, until she was in a car accident that claimed the lives of her parents, her little sister, Riley, and the family dog. Since the accident, she can see people’s auras, hear their thoughts, and get their whole life story just by touching someone. Ever is deemed a freak at her new school until Damen Auguste appears. Damen is the only person that can silence the noise going on in her head, but as he pulls Ever further into his world, she comes up with more questions than she gets answers.

Fallen by Lauren Kate

This is the first novel in the 5 book series. When Lucinda is forced to go to a private reform school after a terrible accident with a boy named Trevor. Who they claim she murdered. But somehow she remembers almost nothing from that night except a burst of flames. As she starts at Sword and Cross she meets people who she just seems drawn to as if she knew them once. The longer she stays at the school the deeper the secrets seem to go. Discover with Lucinda as she finds out who she really is and unravels all the secrets of the past.   

The Program by Suzzane Young

If erasing your memories was the only way to let go of pain and sadness would you let it happen? For those who even show a bit of sadness that seems to be the only option in the world of the program Solan lost her brother and many close friends to suicde the one thing the program is trying to destroy. But she wants to remember. Will she be able to fight them and escape. Will she be able to find James and escape this world of loss and sadness.

Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper

A look inside the mind of a young lady that can’t use her voice but that doesn’t mean that what everyone assumes about is true. Melody is brilliant but can’t show anyone because she has cerebal palsy, cannot speak, and is in a wheelchair. But Melody is going to keep fighting and refuses to not show what she knows.

Scythe by Neal Shusterman

In a futuristic world where the medical field has advanced to the level that they have eliminated death. To stop the world from overcrowding, an order of individuals named the Scythes are put in charge of deciding who will end their days. Citra and Rowan are chosen as apprentices to Scythe Farraday and in the end, only one will be chosen. The first in a trilogy shows what happens when a utopia is actually a dystopia.

Burn For Burn by Jenny Han & Siobhan Vivian

3 girls that are complete opposites come together to get revenge on those who’ve done them wrong. Lillia, Kat, and Mary all want to just fix a wrong. But when people start getting hurt can they keep what they’ve done a secret. Find out as you read Burn for Burn.

The Lost by Natasha Preston

When teenagers just keep going missing. Piper and Hazel’s town just says their runaways but these 2 don’t believe it. When they start investigating they find out where the teens are really going. The captors imprison their teens and make them go through horrible “games”. Will they make it out of this alive?

Once and Future by Amy Capetta & Cori McCarthy

The tale of King Author with a slight twist. Ari who is the fortey second reincarnation of King Author turns out not to be a guy but a girl. Merlin who’s been trying to find the King that will break his forever aging backwards curse finds Ari. Together they discover truths and lies. Will Ari be the one and true King?

Hunted by Darcy Coates

When 22 year old Eileen Hershberger goes missing in the dense Ashlough Forest after going for a normal mid day hike. Her brother and his friends go out to find her for themselves after the police really aren’t paying much attention to the case. But the deeper they go in the more it seems she didn’t get lost but someone or something was involved. FInd out the mystery behind Haunted.

Hunger Games by Suzzane Collins

In the world of Panem the Hunger Games are used to keep all 12 districts in check. Have 2 people from each district come together and fight till the last one stands. When 16 year old Katniss volunteers to take her sisters place in the games. She’s faced with trying to stay alive but also is struggling over her feelings for Peeta who is the male chosen from district 12. Will she ever be able to repay him for the bread?

City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert

Vivian Morris moved in with her aunt in 1940. She goes from being a sheltered teen to one who finds excitement everywhere in the city. Follow Vivan as she unfolds her story of her crazy tale in City of girls. 

Thank you, Aneesah and Jordan, for your list!

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