Student Voices!: Favorite Authors by Emma, Maria, Lisa, Isaias, Miguel, Sujan, & Ellian


The best way to learn what kids are thinking & feeling is by listening to them, so I am happy to share my students’ voices!

Top 3 Authors by Emma, 7th Grade

  • Chris Colfer: He is the author of a wonderful series, The Land of Stories. He created a fantasy world full of fairy tales. He also has more unknown books like Struck by Lightning and Stranger Than Fanfiction. He is also a character in Glee. Chris Colfer has opened my mind up to other genres.
  • Rick Riordan: Author of many books. He created a mythological region for readers. In his books, Percy Jackson and Magnus Chase and others, he takes Greek tales and turn them into something different.
  • Jennifer Nielsen: Jennifer Nielsen is the author of many amazing books. In her historical fiction books, like Resistance, she takes history and brings it to life. He allows readers to interact and connect to her books.

Top 5 Authors for Middle Schoolers by Maria & Lisa, 6th Grade

Jeff Kinney
Racel Renee Russell
Raina Telgemeier
Lincoln Peirce
Rick Riordan

Top 10 Favorite Authors by Isaias & Miguel, 6th Grade

  • Neal Shusterman: He is creative and very good at making books with themes and ideas that no one has ever come close to thinking about.
  • J.K. Rowling: She is very creative when she things about magic. Her books are one of the most interesting books we’ve read. The ways she writes the books are impressive.
  • Jonathan Auxier: His stories are so page turning. The way he makes his characters and explains everything are interesting.
  • Rick Riordan: He is very good at including Greek mythology which makes his books more interesting and unique. The way his books add up make a good experience which shoes he does more than Green mythology.
  • Kazu Kibuishi: His comics are probably the best we’ve read. He is creative with the creation of the story with magic and Emily and the bad people. It is interesting the way the book becomes a journey.
  • Jeff Kinney: He is probably the funniest author. The way he makes his characters are unbelievably funny.
  • Dav Pilkey: His books are funny and the concepts are so weird which makes it more enjoyable. He is another author whose books make us laugh.
  • Lincoln Peirce: His books are interesting because of the way he describes his characters and what he has the characters do. They’re relatable.
  • Lisa McMann: Her books are so creative, and the things she imagines we’ve never seen before. Such creativity. They are interesting and exciting.
  • Michael Buckley: His books are very funny and exciting. They have lots of plot twists which make his books exciting and fun to read.

Top 10 Favorite Authors by Ellian & Sujan, 6th Grade

  • Sujan
    • Jennifer A. Nielsen: I like this author because she writes lots of adventure books. I loved The False Prince series, Mark of the Thief series, and Resistance.
    • Jeff Kinney: I like this author because he writes my faovrite series for year, Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
    • Dav Pilkey: I like this author because Dog Man is one of my favorites of all time.
    • Deron R. Hicks: I like this author because I love mystery books and Deron made one of my favorite mystery books.
  • Ellian
    • Dav Pilkey: Because of the Dog Man series
    • W.C. Mack: Because of Athlete vs. Mathlete
    • Lauren Tarshis: Because of the I Survived series
    • K.A. Holt: Because of House Arrest, Knockout, and Rhyme Schemer
    • Kazu Kibuishi: Because of the Amulet series
    • Jeff Kinney: Because of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series

Thank you everyone for your great lists!


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