Who’s Hiding? by Satoru Onishi


Who’s Hiding?
Author: Satoru Onishi
Published: January 1, 2018 by Gecko Press

Summary: Who’s hiding? Who’s crying? Who’s backwards? Look carefully! Is it dog, tiger, hippo, zebra, bear, reindeer, kangaroo, lion, rabbit, giraffe, monkey, bull, rhino, pig, sheep, hen, elephant, or cat? Can you tell? Look again…18 fun-loving animals can be found on each question-posing page, sending readers into an up-close, attention-to-detail discovery.

ReviewThis is a book that is fun for people of all ages! Each spread asks questions like, “Who’s hiding?” or “Who’s angry?” or “Who has horns?” Readers  have to look from animal to animal to figure out the answer. My son and I had a lot of fun reading it because we raced to see who could find the animal first. It offers a unique twist to search-and-find books, and quite frankly, we found it to be much more fun than the classic search-and-find books. I could see this book working well with students who have been identified as having ASD. Because some pages ask about emotions, it would be a good way to reinforce facial expressions. Other pages would be easier (like “Who has horns?” and might relieve some frustration.

Teachers’ Tools for Navigation: As stated above, this books would be a great test for students who have been identified as having ASD. Also, it is a generally fun book and could be used to teach skills in compare and contrast (across the pages and within the pages). Lastly, it would be a great book to give to fast finishers.

Discussion Questions: How do the animals change across the pages? Which animal is your favorite? Which page is your favorite, and why?

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**Thank you to Veronica at Myrick for providing a copy for review**

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