Tough Tug by Margaret Read MacDonald


Tough Tug
Author: Margaret Read MacDonald;  Illustrator: Rob McClurkan
Published: March 1, 2018 by Two Lions

Goodreads Summary: Tough Tug is a brand-new boat. He likes to swirl and twirl—and run and race. He wants everyone to see what he can do. But when he sails to Alaska for the first time, he finds out what being a tug really means…

Ricki’s Review: This delightful book is sure to capture the spirit of young children. Tough Tug has determination and energy, and I yearned to read this book aloud to a classroom of readers. As he adventures to new horizons, Tough Tug realizes just how difficult it is to be a tug boat, but he knows that he passion will get him to his goal. The bright illustrations feature determined, anthropomorphic ships. Readers will feel energized after reading this one.

Teachers’ Tools for Navigation: This book begs for movement. I’d read this book to preschoolers and kindergarteners and ask them to move with tough tug. Reading this story and reacting to the movement words (e.g. “haul”) would help them learn some great new vocabulary!

Discussion Questions: How does Tough Tug show strength? What is he determined to do? What struggles does he face?; How does the illustrator make the boats come alive?; How can you connect this story with your own lives?

Flagged Passage: 

“Launch day!

Here I come…!”

“Hooray! I’m floating! This is fun!

Wait till those boats see what Tough Tug can do!”

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**Thank you to Kristin for providing copies for review!**

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