Dump Truck Duck by Megan E. Bryant


Dump Truck Duck

Dump Truck Duck
Author: Megan E. Bryant;  Illustrator: Jo de Ruiter
Published: May 1, 2016 by Albert Whitman & Company

Goodreads Summary: Dump Truck Duck honks and zooms and steers his dump truck all through the day, helping the other hardworking ducks build a new park. With adorable illustrations and playful rhyming text, Dump Truck Duck is certain to become a new read-aloud favorite!

Ricki’s Review: My son has so much fun reading this picture book. I am of the mindset that there can never be too many vehicle-themed picture books. As the mother of a child who reads dozens of truck picture books a day, I love the variety. On top of it all, this playful, fun picture book makes us giggle! The rhymes work well, and the story line is very amusing. The book is quite clever, and we really enjoy reading it together. It is sure to be a favorite amongst little readers. I want my own Dump Truck Duck stuffed animal!

Kellee’s Review: Trent is so picky about his picture books. He owns so many books, but he has a set few books that he reads over and over again. It is really hard for a book to make its way into his book rotation, but Dump Truck Duck did. He even made me bring it to breakfast with us, and we had to read it while we waited for our food. I think what really sucks the little readers in are the combination of a favorite animal (everyone loves to quack!) and construction vehicles. Take this winning combination and add in fun illustrations and great rhyme, and you get a well-loved picture book! 

Teachers’ Tools for Navigation: We imagine that this book would be very inspirational, writing-wise, for students. After reading this story, teachers might ask students to create their own animal-themed story. They should try to stray from ducks and trucks. Perhaps, they could work as an entire class to create their own rhyming story. The teacher could then submit the story for publication!

Discussion Questions: How does the author use rhyme to capture your attention?; How does the rhythm/pacing enhance your reading?; What other animals would make great, funny truck drivers?; In what ways is the author creative with her craft? How might you use this in your own writing?; What literary devices does the author use?

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