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**This book is technically historical fiction, but I felt it was pretty darn close to nonfiction**

taste of freedom

A Taste of Freedom: Gandhi and the Great Salt March
Author: Elizabeth Cody Kimmel
Illustrator: Giuliano Ferri
February 11th, 2014 by Walker Childrens

Goodreads Summary: No one ever forgets their first taste of freedom.

Gandhi’s famous Salt March shook the foundations of the British Empire and the world, showing the strength of a people united in peace to fight for freedom. Gandhi’s march had a significant effect on changing world and British attitudes towards Indian independence, and inspired the use of non-violence in other protest movements, like the US Civil Right movement. You’ll never forget Elizabeth Cody Kimmel’s heartwarming, insightful account or Guiliano Ferri’s stunning illustrations of the event seen through the eyes of a child inspired by Gandhi’s vision for a better world.

My Review:  This is a good introduction to one of the greatest, most peaceful men ever to live. Although it is a little tame about the history, it overall stays truthful to the history. I very much liked the story-telling feeling of the story and the water color and pencil drawings were so beautiful and soft.

Teachers’ Tools for Navigation: The back matter includes a lot of information including resources to get further information, a map that shows the route of the Dandi March, and an afterword with more information about Gandhi.

Discussion Questions: Why did the young boy join the march?; How did Gandhi change India?; Who do you think is easier to respect in this story: the British or the Indians?

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“Gandhi and the satyagrhis are ready to leave by dawn. I join a long line of people as the Mahatma begins walking. His pace is very fast. Even Rajiv has to breathe heavily to keep up.”

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**Thank you to Candlewick for providing a copy of the book**

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  1. This looks good – I hadn’t seen it yet. I enjoyed Grandfather Ghandi last year. These could be companion books. I had a student read a DK Photobiography of Ghandi and create a 3-D monument of him reaching for salt.


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