Books Trent Got For Christmas


No one would probably be surprised to hear that Trent got an actual box full of books for Christmas. I want him to grow up around books and reading and readers because I know how important it is for development, a love of reading, and overall long-term intelligence. This means that most Christmases Trent will find many books under the tree. This year, I wanted to share with you the books that Trent received from me and my family.

Books I got for Trent at NCTE/ALAN (SIGNED!)

I think this is one of the most clever books ever written. I was so happy to be able to get it signed by Jon Sciezska.

I love Jane Yolen. And I want Trent to love dinosaurs. And I love this series. A perfect combination. I was so honored to meet Jane Yolen and get her to sign books for Trent.

I actually had this book at home, but when I heard Jane Yolen and Melissa Sweet would both be at NCTE, I knew I had to bring it and get it signed by both. It is a sweet book about loving books.

This is one of my favorite nonfiction picture books I have ever read. I am glad I could get it signed for Trent and that I will be able to share it with him when he gets older.

I loved Invisible Boy and although this is different, I knew I had to get it for Trent (and me!). I also had a wonderful conversation with Tracy Ludwig at NCTE.

Other Books I got for Trent

Each Kindness
I think every person should own/read this book, so I had to get it for Trent.

Jen Vincent always told me how much her sons loved this book, so I knew Trent would like it as well.

Such a wonderful book; I was surprised I didn’t own it already!

Bob Dylan is very important in our home, so I am making sure that Trent has all of Bob’s picture books.

We need to own more Mo!

Trent loves watching birds, so I though this book would be a fun one for him.

Kadir Nelson. That is all.

smelly locker ogre
I really liked funny poems when I was younger, so when I saw these at the Scholastic Warehouse Sale, I snatched them up for Trent.

knut living color
Nonfiction is important! I chose these two because Knut is so cute (though his story is sad), and Steve Jenkins is brilliant.

home run touchdown
This was a set of sports board books and since we watch a lot of sports in the Moye house, I thought they were a good intro.

My mom is a huge Peanuts and Scanimation fan, so I thought this would be a fun book to own.

Books my Family Gave Trent

whoo dragonstacos GALLOP FINAL (Page 1) pete1 pete2 pete3 0-439-71836-8 cars artforbaby fox

Books my Friends Gave Trent

charliebrown rudolph santa

Books from Kohl’s Cares
We’re suckers for Pixar and Disney 🙂 And it is for a good cause!

toystory2 monstersinc mickey

I am so lucky to have a son who likes books and family and friends that help grow his library!

What books did you receive/give for Christmas? 


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    • Yeah, he is a bit spoiled when it comes to books 🙂
      Dragons Love Tacos was hilarious! My sister has great taste in books 🙂
      Thank you for checking out this post!


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