The Fox in the Library by Lorenz Pauli


the fox in the library

The Fox in the Library
Author: Lorenz Pauli
Illustrator: Kathrin Schaerer
Published August 1st, 2013 by NorthSouth

Summary: Fox didn’t come to the library to read a book–he came to catch a mouse! But  Mouse offers the fox a book, Fox gets all sorts of creative new ideas.  Like eating chickens!  Until Chicken points out that chicken bones are dangerous. But then all the animals must band together when the chicken eating, hating-Farmer walks into the library.

Review: I am a sucker for books about bookstores, books, and libraries. I imagine this is the same for all book lovers. The illustrations in this book are bright, and it was very fun to read it to my son. I don’t think you can read too many books about books to kids. They need to understand that there is a world of books out there, and going to the library is cool! Some books lend themselves to silly voices—and this is certainly one of those books. The mouse even mocks the fox for calling the library a “lie-berry.” I suspect that kids won’t ever forget the pronunciation after hearing this book.

Teacher’s Tool For Navigation: This would be a great book to read to children before a trip to the library. It would stir their imaginations and make them excited to discover all of the creatures that may lurk while they visit.

Discussion Questions: How does Mouse outsmart the fox?; What do the animals learn in their trip?; What kinds of books appeal to each of the animals?


We Flagged: “‘Nothing here belongs to you,’ Mouse said with a giggle. ‘You can only borrow things here. And I’ll never be yours. This isn’t the forest; this is the library'” (6).

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