Sofia’s Kids’ Corner: Breathing Underwater by Sarah Allen


Sofia is an 9-year-old brilliant reader who aspires to be a book reviewer. On select Saturdays, Sofia shares her favorite books with kids! She is one of the most well-read elementary schoolers that we know, so she is highly qualified for this role!


Dear readers,

This book is wonderful in the sense that it perfectly describes sisters. The thing that is really interesting and sad about this book is that the main character’s sister struggles with feelings. The main character, Olivia, tries her hardest to help her older sister but she usually can’t. The author almost made me cry in so many scenes. This book is recommended for ages 10-14.

Olivia’s big sister, Ruth, has a medical condition in which she struggles with feelings. This means that Olivia usually looks for signs on how Ruth is feeling. For example, what music she is listening to. Ruth listens to “happy” songs and sometimes she listens to “sad” songs. Ruth listens to all of these songs on an IPod. The old type, not the new mobile device that looks just like a miniature IPhone. She has had it for almost forever. Olivia wants to make Ruth happy again and she plans on taking her back to their first home. She remembers a game her sister and her called Treasure Hunt. The way that it worked was Ruth found a word like New or Sparkley. Then Olivia went around wherever they were and took photos that had something to do with the word Ruth picked. While Olivia was doing that Ruth made a playlist of songs that have something to do with that same word. After all of their tasks were completed they met back at a certain spot and shared what they had found. Ruth didn’t seem to have the illness back at her first home. She only started having bad days around the big move. Olivia is planning a road trip to their first home and she plans to find a treasure box that she buried there the last time they were there. She also plans on making the whole road trip a treasure hunt without Ruth noticing. Olivia really hopes that the road trip will make Ruth happier and stop her bad days from happening.

I sped through this book like a torpedo! This was the first book I have ever read on a kindle and I thought I would be reading less often because of that, but obviously I was wrong! I love this book! I almost cried or screamed at some parts because the author is really great at writing things and making people feel emotional while reading them. I am definitely keeping a lookout for some of her other books!


**Thanks so much to Sofia for this review. We are looking forward to reading this book and had heard it was really well done. Now we know we need to read it!**


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