Sofia’s Kids’ Corner: Game, Set, Sisters!: The Story of Venus and Serena Williams by Jay Leslie


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Dear readers,

This book is called Game Set Sisters by Jay Leslie. While reading this book about the Williams sisters I read things that I have never heard about, even though I have read one or two biographies on them. For example the fact that there were originally five Williams sisters! This book told me so much about the Williams sisters and really made me feel the sisters, meaning I knew what they felt and what they were going through. I loved that the author just didn’t focus on their successes but also on their downfalls like when their sister was shot. Also I need to say that the illustrator was amazing! This might just be the best picture book I have ever read in my whole life! The illustrator, Ebony Glenn has done an astonishing job showing the Williams sisters and family! Her pictures are part of what helped me be there!

This book is recommended for ages 6-10!

Originally there were five Williams sisters. Serena was the youngest of all of them. Venus was the second youngest. When they were young all five of them went every day to the tennis court with their dad. When the sisters grew older they all stopped playing until only Venus and Serena were left. Since they did not go to any fancy tennis training club they came up with ways to make them stronger. Finally they went to their first tournament together. But for the finals they had to play against each other! If you want to know who wins and what effect the victory has on the sisters, you have got to read this!

I love this book because of the illustrations! As I mentioned before the illustrator did the best job ever! I also love this book because of all of the information that I got from it. I love how it mixed the information in and you don’t exactly know that you are learning. For example I read it with my kindergartener sister and she loved the illustrations and learned a lot! I love this book because the author did such a great job in talking about the Williams family. She knows so many things about the family and writes very nicely and emotionally! I hope that you enjoy this read as much as I do!

**Thanks so much to Sofia for this review! We agree that this book is amazing!**


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