Student Voices!: Recommended Titles by Jacque, Jacob, Cooper, Maria, Lisa, Jordan, Alexandra, Molly, Olivia, Damon, Nathan, Duda, Max, Kaley, & Elsa


The best way to learn what kids are thinking & feeling is by listening to them, so I am happy to share my students’ voices!

Books That Made Me Realize I’m a Reader by Jacque S., 8th Grade

  • So B. It: While reading this book, it put me in an emotional level and game me a reminder of reality.
  • Dark Life: I loved reading this book. I really enjoyed reading it.
  • Percy Jackson series: While reading this book, it was so good that I needed to talk to someone about it, so I recommended it to a friend so we could talk about it.
  • Stung: This book blew my mind, and I just had to read the second one. I could reread this book and never get bored.
  • The Eleventh Plague: This was one of the first books I read and enjoyed, and it got me into reading more.
  • False Prince: While reading this book, there were many plot twists and it did surprise me.
  • Feedback: This book was amazing! I never expected anything that happened. It was very suspenseful.

Top Ten Books for a Book Club by Jacob & Cooper, 6th Grade

  • The Honest Truth: Lots of twists that create emotion and conversation.
  • Mark of the Thief: Lots of action and plot twists that lead to intensity and conversation.
  • The War That Saved My Life: Not predictable plot leads to mystery and entertainment.
  • Life on Mars: An emotional book that keeps the reader turning pages and conversations flowing.
  • The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe: A bestseller that is very magical and has heart.
  • The False Prince: Lovely book about truth and doing the right thing.
  • Grenade: Lots of plot twists that keep the book exciting and readers talking.
  • Middle School: The Worst Years of my Life: Very fun look at school that middle schoolers can relate to.
  • Orphan Island: Very interesting book that leads to questions and mystery.
  • Ravenmaster’s Secret: Did this one in class, and it was very fun. Many great conversations and opinions.

Top 10 Fantasy Series We’ve Read (in no particular order) by Maria & Lisa, 6th Grade

  • Emily Windsnap series: It is a really exciting and colorful story, but there is also lots of adventures in it.
  • Dog Man series: It is a really fun story and is also super funny!
  • School for Good and Evil series: You won’t know what will happen next; it’s always a surprise! It’s so detailed and super adventurous. Lastly, you will find out something new each chapter.
  • Ever After High series: A great series! It’s all about team work which makes the dream work. It has many books in the series. You will never know what will happen next!
  • Phoebe and Her Unicorn series: Super funny and always puts our frown upside down. Lots of books in the series, and I hope there is more to come with Phoebe and her unicorn.
  • Hazardous Tales series: Such a good series. It mixes history, fun, and excitement in one story.
  • Warriors series: It has a lot of adventure and so many great characters. Such a great series!
  • Amulet series: The drawings are super creative just like the story. Each book connects to the next!
  • Captain Underpants series: It’s a great series! It is super funny and makes my day happy!
  • Percy Jackson series: It makes Greek mythology into a story and an action packed adventure that keeps you on your toes.
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events: Super mysterious and adventurous.

Quick Book Talks for 10 Must Read Books by Jordan Klinkbeil, 7th Grade

  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan: Percy isn’t expecting to wake up in a magical camp full of Greek demigods, but he does and he has to try and save his mother as well… fun.
  • The False Prince by Jennifer Nielsen: The prince of Carthya is dead… right?
  • Gallagher Girls series by Ally Carter: There’s no spy training school! Are you sure about that?
  • One of Us is Lying by Karen McManus: Wait…what?! A major gossip-spreader dies in detention. Was it the jock? The brains? The beauty? The criminal?
  • Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick: What is up with the kid, Patch Cipriano? And why has Nora’s life spun out of control since he appeared?
  • Renegades by Marissa Meyer: Tale of good versus evil, but who is the good and who is the evil?
  • War Cross by Marie Lu: Hacking into a broad-casted video game? No problem. Get a call from the game’s creator? Problem.
  • The Fault in our Stars by John Green: Cancer brought them together but loves keeps them together. Boring? Not.
  • Illusive by Emily Lloyd-Jones: What will happen when an illness cure gives people superpowers?
  • Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard: Mare Barrow is a Red. A normal. However, how come can she control electricity then?

Top 5 Anthropomorphic Books by Alexandra, 8th Grade

  • Lone Wolf (Wolves of the Beyond #1): Faolan, a wolf pup, was born with a splayed paw. The laws of the pack say that any pup born with a deformity is to be left to die. This book is a story about how Faolan defied his fate and survived, with help of a grizzly bear. This book is a good story about survival, feeling outcasted, and family.
  • The Escape (Horses of the Dawn #1): This book is about a herd of horses who were thrown out to sea. Estrella, a young foal, knows the way to land. Once they reach land, it’s up to her to lead the herd to safety, away from the dangers of humans, and the wilderness. This book is really exciting to read, especially all the adventures the herd goes on and reading about all their new experiences on land.
  • The Dragonet Prophecy (Wings of Fire #1): This book is told from the point of view of dragons, which is interesting to read about. The five dragonets are destined to fulfill a prophecy that will stop a war that has lasted 20 years. For now, they’re stuck living under a cave in order to stay hidden, but they want to see the world. Little do they know about the dangers that await them.
  • Mez’s Magic (Lost Rainforest #1): In the world of Caldera, animals are separated by who is awake at night and who is awake during the day. Mez, a nightwalker panther, finds herself still awake during the day. Mez begins to discover mysterious powers and learns a big secret when a strange snake appears outside her den. This book is a great story told from the point of view of Mez, and there is a lot of action and mysteries in this book.
  • Into the Wild (Warriors #1): Rusty, a housecat, has always been curious about the outside world. One night, he ventures out into the woods despite warning from his friend. There, he finds a few wild cats who invite him to join their clan. Rusty makes the choice to join them and finds it a challenge to fit in and live wild. This is an interesting book told from the point of view of Rusty, and it is a new concept of wild and stray cats forming clans and traditions.

Favorite Books Read this Year by Molly, 7th Grade

  • The Ascendance Trilogy by Jennifer Nielsen
    • The False Prince is a fiction fantasy that puts 4 boys up to the test to be a prince. This book reveals the truth about Sage and everyone shows their true colors.
    • Runaway King shows how everyone betrays each other. Sage has to overcome pirates with a few other friends. This book is amazing because the plot twists are brilliant.
    • Shadow Throne shows how war is brewing throughout the kingdom.
  • The Young Elites trilogy by Marie Lu
    • The Young Elites is a dark fantasy fiction. Many people are affected by the blood fever which also comes with supernatural powers.
    • The Rose Society is an incredible book because it shows the inner thoughts and voices going through the main character, Adelina.
    • Midnight Star definitely is the book that made me love reading. Adelina and her friends show courage, strength, and bravery. This book teaches sacrifice, kindness, bravery, and courageness.
  • War Cross dulogy by Marie Lu
    • War Cross is a science fiction novel about a virtual reality game where teams play to win it all. There are hackers, team players, romances, and friendships.
    • Wild Card has Emika solving the mystery of who is actually the bad guy while she makes new friends along the way.
  • Hate List by Jennifer Brown: A traumatic event at school changes everything.

Ten Book Series for 6th Graders (in no order) by Olivia, 6th Grade

  • Jedi Academy by Jarrett J. Krosoczka & Jeffery Brown: The first 3 books of the series are about one group of kids and the next ones are about a different group of kids. I like that it is an illustrated novel, so it does have pictures but also a lot of words. It is a very joyful series.
  • Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling: I love this sereis because you go through all the books going through Harry’s and his friends’ lives. Also since the series is so long you can grow closer to the characters. Last, it is never boring and is always action-packed.
  • Kingdom Keepers by Ridley Pearson: I love this series because I love Diseny, and it talks about Disney but is not kiddish–it has a lot to do with villains. Last, the kids are in middle school, and I can relate to them.
  • Smile series by Raina Telgemeier: I like this series because it is a graphic novel about the author’s life. It has one book about her and one about her and her sister.
  • The Baby-Sitters Club graphic novels by Ann M. Martin, Raina Telgemeier, and Gale Galligan: I love this series because you can read it as a graphic novel or a standard book. Also, each book is from a point of view of a different character.
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney: I like this series because there are so many books. Also, it is an illustrated novel which I like.
  • House Arrest series by K.A. Holt: I think this is a good series because it has action and drama. Also, it has an interesting storyline.
  • Who Is/Was series by Various: I like learning about famous people in very fun ways.
  • Track series by Jason Reynolds: I like that each book is about a different character. I also like that it is about track.
  • I Survived series by Lauren Tarshis: This series is great because it teaches you about important events in history but in very interesting ways by having kids go through the events.

Recommended Books for Middle Schoolers by Damon & Nathan, 6th Grade

Five Books/Series You Should Read by Duda, 7th Grade

  • Nyxia series by Scott Reintgen: Nyxia is about Emmett Atwater who is chosen by the Babel company to go to a planet called Eden and mine the strange substance known as nyxia. In return, he gets money to support his family forever; however, Emmett isn’t the only recruit, and they all need to earn their ticket to Eden. But the ship is full of secrets. Is the money worth losing his humanity? A super fun read with a complex, well-developed, and diverse cast. The plot is incredible with plenty of twists and turns.
  • Heist Society series by Ally Carter: Many families have family businesses, but Katarina Bishop’s is especially interesting: her family business is pulling heists. But Kat decides she wants out and scams her way into boarding school… that is until her best friend, Hale, shows up with her expulsion. Five paintings have been stolen and her dad is the prime suspect. Will she be able to steal them back and save her dad? An amazing read. You can’t help but fall in love with the characters. Super witty and funny with a well thought out plot.
  • War Cross duology by Marie Lu: Emika Chen is a bounty hunter tracking down players who illegally bet on the popular virtual reality game Warcross. She’s in a financial situation where she needs money, so she takes a risk and hacks into the International Warcross Championships and can be seen! She attracts the attention of the creator of the game, Hideo Tanaka. He wants her to spy from the inside to uncover a security issue. But when she discovers a plot that could topple the Warcross empire, what will she do? Not only are the characters wonderful and the plot has an amazing pace plus incredible twists, but the setting adds an amazing element. It’s fascinating how the book completely transports you into another world.
  • V is for Villain by Peter Moore: Brad Baron may be a genius but compared to his superhero brother, he’s pretty lame. Especially in a school full of people with superpowers. So when he meets the mysterious Layla, he decides to join her crew of like-minded individuals. He even hones his own power! But with wicked criminals, battles, and family secrets, what side will Brad choose? Complex characters and a completely different world will make you question who the good and bad guys are.
  • Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus by Dusti Bowling: Moving to a new school and house is always hard, but it is a little harder when you don’t have arms. But Aven Green doesn’t let that stop her! She can do whatever she wants including making a new friend who knows what it is like to have a disability. He joins her in uncovering a mystery and from there, the sky is the limit. An amazing and sweet read! Aven is an incredible narrator who puts a fun twist on her life when others can’t.

Books I Hope Get a Sequel (and that you should read!) by Elsa, Max, & Kaley, 8th Grade

  • Maybe a Fox: Although the story had a great ending, I would have loved to see a story about Jules’s friend and how his brother came back from the war as well as his spirit animal.
  • Ghost Boys: I loved how Ghost Boy was made, but I would love to see another book about how one of the Ghost Boys help MLK keep going and eventually make an act that all men are equal.
  • Eliza and her Monsters: I loved the way that the plot of this book unfolds, I just wish it lasted longer! A sequel could include Eliza in college with her new-found confidence.
  • Everything, Everything: (SPOILERS!) The end of the book purposely left a lot of loose ends, and I’d love to see how Maddy and Olly’s relationship develops in the new setting.
  • The Darkest Hour: I’d love for a sequel to this book even though it may not need one. I would like to see how Lucie dealt with the after effects of the war and what job she would pick up after.
  • Heartless: Simply because after reading Heartless, I was left heartless and empty. I want more.

Thank you everyone for your great lists!


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