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Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. The feature was created because The Broke and Bookish are particularly fond of lists (as are we!). Each week a new Top Ten list topic is given and bloggers can participate.

Today’s Topic: Top Ten Words/Topics That Will Make You NOT Pick A Book

We changed this a bit. We both will read just about anything, so we’re using topics or words that will deter us from picking up a book or trends that we are just tired of reading about.


1. Just Like Twilight: Or “Just Like” any popular at that moment book. “The New Hunger Games!” Ugh! I know they are trying to sell books, but can you describe your book in a way that doesn’t make it seem like a sell-out automatically?!?!

2. Dragons: I know this is very broad and I have liked some “dragon” books, but as soon as I see a dragon on the cover or someone says it is about a dragon, I automatically think I will not like it.

3. Paranormal Romances: This is one of the trends I am just done with.  They have to be really, really good and recommended to me by a very reliable person for me to pick them up.

4. Magical Realism: Magical realism is when there is magic/fantasy in a normal world. I often have major trouble with these books. For example, in Billy Creekmore the story is such a great historical fiction and had a bit of a ghost story in it, but then suddenly there is actually a ghost?! Why?!

5. Adult Authors Writing YA/MG/Juv Fic: I think so many adult authors are making the switch over to write young adult, middle grade, or children’s lit just to make money.  Now, that isn’t to say that some of them aren’t good. I know my students love James Patterson’s Middle School series and I have friends who liked Theodore Boone by John Grisham, so I may be wrong in this; however, it is something that makes me hesitate before reading/picking up a book.


1. Vampires: I have read dozens and dozens of vampire books. At this point in my life, I will probably opt for a different book, given the choice. My students are tired of them, so I am tired of them. If there is a new twist, I am always willing to give it a try.

2. Fairies, Faeries, Pherries (Okay, kidding on the last one): The pixie dust just doesn’t do it for me. Also, book-talking a novel about fairies makes me feel silly. If you have any suggestions of fairy books, I am always willing to give it a whirl, but so far, I haven’t been impressed.

3. Amnesia: For me, this feels like the oldest plot trick in the book. For some reason, these books continue to be pervasive. I like the mysterious aspect of finding out who the character is, but that is about it. It feels formulaic to me–especially with the blinding flashbacks that are sure to show up.

4. Talking Machines: Some things shouldn’t talk, especially inanimate objects like machines or chairs. This is the only one on the list that is pretty much a deal-breaker for me. Unless the character has a mental illness, if the couch starts talking, I am done.

5. Religion: I love reading and learning about different religions, but the second it gets preachy, I am done. I don’t want to convert to the author’s religion, and I know the second I mention religion in my classroom, I’ve lost the majority of the class. If the book is informative or cultural, then it is great by me, but if it starts a-preaching, I will be a-reaching for a different book.

What words deter you from picking up a book? 

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  1. First, I have to tell you that I get confused looking for where your comment section is located until I remember, on your blog, it is located at the top.Sorry, I am a feedback kind of gal. Please feel free to delete this comment. I will post two of them.

  2. I have always been anti-fad, trend,etc so I agree with Kellee that books touted as “the next Hunger Games” makes me automatically put the book back on the shelf. It seems like the promotional team is too lazy to be original or they think consumers won’t read a book if the novel isn’t compared to a financially successful one. Maybe this is the way it works in the real world but thank heavens I can rely on fellow book lovers to share what they truly like and don’t like about new titles.

    • I feel that way with most “extreme” fantasy- either hit or miss.
      I love talking animals if they are the main characters (Neversink, Seekers, Blue Jay the Pirate, etc.), but I don’t like stories where humans are the main characters and animals talk.

  3. I love the way you split this one up. My list has some similar topics to both of yours. I forgot to add religion to my list, but it definitely would be up there too. And I know what you mean about magical realism. Many times it just reaches a little too far for me.


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