Paperfold Wild Animals: 10 Amazing Punch-Out-and-Fold Paper Creatures by Megan Montague Cash


Paperfold Wild Animals: 10 Amazing Punch-Out-and-Fold Paper Creatures
Author: Megan Montague Cash
Published: May 2, 2023 by Workman Publishing

Summary: Welcome to the magic of paperfolding—from flat pieces of paper to 3D creatures, find a new creative outlet with no scissors or glue required!

Ingeniously designed using interlocking tabs and only two simple types of folds, Paperfold Wild Animals is a new kind of paper craft that’s fun and mess-free for kids 7+. Punch out and construct ten amazing models of animals from around the a wolf in mid-howl, a bear about to enjoy the fresh salmon it just caught, an ibex with its horns down and ready to charge, and more.

Every animal comes with a set of surprising facts too. Did you know that a tortoise can live to be 150 years old and is able to recognize human features? Or that kangaroos are good swimmers? Or that a lion’s roar can be heard from 5 miles away?

Review: We took our kids out of state to a wedding, and this book saved the week. My kids were feverishly folding the papers and sharing the facts with each other. They lined the animals up on the table when we ate, and they lined them on the dressers when we slept. When I think of this trip, I will think about the wedding, but I will also think about these wild animals and the fun facts that I learned. I highly recommend this one—it truly is mess-free fun!

Teaching Tools for Navigation: This book would be amazing for fast finishers in class. It requires students to follow instructions, and there are some really great facts for them to learn!

Discussion Questions: 

  • Which was your favorite animal?
  • What fun facts did you learn about the animals?

Paperfold Wild Animals on Our Trip: 

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**Thank you to Ivanka at Workman Publishing for sending a copy of this book for an honest review!**

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