Good Night Monster Storybook Kit: Stuffed Monster with What Did the Good Night Monster Do? by Ruth Austin, Illustrated by Katie Harnett #GoodNightMonster


What Did the Good Night Monster Do?
Author: Ruth Austin
Illustrator: Katie Harnett
Published May, 2020 by Compendium

Summary: Bedtime can stir up all kinds of emotions for a child. Good Night Monster is your child’s very own nighttime guardian, a friend for building confidence at bedtime.

Get to know Monster and read about its evening adventures in the playful storybook. When it’s time for bed, tuck Monster in with your child for added comfort. Or pose Monster under the bed, near a closet, or anywhere your child wants a trusted lookout while they sleep.

-A reassuring friend for kids
-Share your monster’s adventures and discover the adventures of others using #goodnightmonster
-Includes a plush, a storybook, a letter to your child, and tips for grown-ups on how to use Monster to manage emotions

Kellee’s Review: This storybook kit is going to do so much for so many kids! It is being advertised for kids who are afraid of monsters, but Trent is not afraid of monsters, but he loves the idea of his monster, Moony, guarding his room. All kids are going to love the reassurance that their monster can bring to their room.

And in addition to that super cute stuffed monster, the book that comes with it introduces the reader to their monster and how he takes charge at night and explores their room and is just so much fun to read.

Moony has quick become a favorite stuffed animal for Trent. Like the book and the instructions, Trent made a bed for him that he goes in during the day, and then at night he takes him out and puts him at the end of his bed to stand guard.

There is so much that can be done with Monster and its book, and my family is loving the addition of Moony.

Ricki’s Review: When we first got this book, my boys were really excited to share it with our 1-year-old. And then we opened the box, and my 3-year-old and 6-year-old were green with envy. They learned the magic of the goodnight monster, and everyone wanted a part of it.

The goodnight monster is a creature that comes with its own box bed, a set of instructions for kids and parents, and a story. At night, children whisper fears to the goodnight monster, and the monster protects them in their sleep. The goodnight monster also has a blast doing it. It tries on clothes from the drawers, plays with toys in the room, etc. as it waits for the child to get up. Here’s my favorite part for one of my children who wakes up grumpy—in the morning, the child can hold the monster if they are feeling crabby (we’ve utilized this quite frequently).

Initially, I thought the goodnight monster would rest with my 1-year-old, but after receiving the kit and knowing its purpose, it is with my 3-year-old, and my goodness—it does a great job protecting him. If I had more time on my hands, I might position it in the mornings like some people do with elves on shelves.

We named our goodnight monster Giggles because the one year old giggles every time he holds it. Below, I include a picture of the 6-year-old talking with Kellee’s 6-year-old while sharing their goodnight monsters.

Teachers’ & Parents’ Tools for Navigation: Forget monster spray and lovies without a purpose. This monster is very specific to needs that almost every parent or guardian experiences: night fears and morning grumpiness. We will recommend this kit again and again and again. It is truly magical.

Discussion Questions: 

  • What did you name your goodnight monster and why?
  • What fears do you have? How can your goodnight monster protect you?
  • What does the goodnight monster do at night? Which of your toys might it play with? Which outfit of yours do you think the goodnight monster will enjoy wearing the most?

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**Thank you to Compendium for providing copies for review!!**

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