Things We Do Over the Summer (Educators DO Work During the Summer!)


Ah. Summer is here! That means teachers are going to nothing for the next nine weeks, right?!
NO! Here are just some of the things we’re up to this summer during our “free” time.

(We ended up combining our lists because there was a lot of overlap; some are for one of us but most are for both–it turns out that we do a lot of similar summer prep!)

Attend the Future Problem Solvers International Competition

Write common final exams for the school district

Plan curriculum and write syllabi

Attend the American Library Association Annual Conference


Read for pleasure

Read professional books that we never get to all year

Read all of the journals we’ve gotten all year and have not had time to read

Write teaching guides

Answer emails for questions about summer reading and course-related questions

Go into school when test scores come in to analyze them

Meet with counselors to help with reading and language arts scheduling

Meet up with teachers who want to chat about curriculum or books before the start of the school year

Professional Learning Community pre pre-planning days

Host a Summer Book Club

Start planning for NCTE and ALAN presentations

Leadership Team meetings planning for pre-planning

See past students who are in town for the summer from college

Take part in Twitter Chats with my PLN for e-PD

Go to doctor and dentist appointments

Go to the bathroom whenever we want (Ricki admits that this has become possible year-round now that she teaches college)

Submit a book proposal

Read dozens of books seeking new material for course adoption

Write manuscripts for publication (Publish or perish at the college level, right?)

Meet with colleagues to plan and streamline college courses

Write dozens of letters of recommendation for preservice teachers seeking jobs

Review for academic journals

What are you doing this summer during your “free” time? 


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