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The goal of Unleashing Readers is to be a go-to resource for all levels of teachers who are looking to include engaging, thought-provoking literature and nonfiction in their classrooms. We work to specifically tailor our website to teachers’ needs.

For each book we review, we will include a summary, our thoughts, potential discussion questions, quotes/pages we flagged, and books that are similar. To make the review even more useful for teachers, we will include how we would use the book in our classroom, including if we recommend the book for a read aloud, literature circle/book club, close reading/analysis, and/or classroom library buy:

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To us, these four suggestions are quite different.  If we recommend a book for:

Read Aloud

This would be a great choice to read aloud to all students in the class. We often suggest this category when the book has strong, widespread appeal to many types of students.

Lit Circle/Book Club

This text would work very well for discussion within small groups. We often suggest this category when the book offers great points of discussion, but it might not appeal to every student in the class.

Close Reading/Analysis

There are many passages within the book that would be great for analysis, close read, or discussion in the classroom. We often suggest this category when a book has complex passages or great sections to teach literary elements to students.

Classroom Library

This would be a great addition to your classroom library. Often, these books fit well with a specific type of student, but we definitely think it is worth purchasing for your classroom.

Every classroom is different, and therefore, our categories are mere suggestions. We encourage you to comment on a review if you feel a book might be used in other ways. For each category, we’ve listed an all-star, highly recommended book. Check out Our Favorites page for those suggestions. We wanted to hear from some of our favorite bloggers about their favorites within each of the categories. They came up with some great suggestions, which we’ve listed on our Blog Hop page.

Each review will also be categorized by genre, sub-genre, format, and teacher uses as well as any post type that it fits under (It’s Monday!, Top Ten Tuesday, Book List, etc.). These categories allow you to find exactly what you need by clicking or searching for a specific category. The reviews will also be tagged with topics that are found within the book. This allows you to find specific books that fit into a certain unit, topic discussion, or theme.

Another resource we are hoping you find useful is our Navigating Literary Elements page. On this page, you will find a list of books that we recommend for teaching different literary elements. This page is continuously evolving as we add more elements and change/edit/add to our lists.

We hope that you find Unleashing Readers to be useful.
Please contact us at if you have any questions,

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