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For the past 3 years, Alyson Beecher has hosted a Mock Sibert through her nonfiction picture book Wednesdays meme. Each year the mock award has grown: from just Kid Lit Frenzy and Unleashing Readers hosting to including There’s A Book for That and anyone who wanted to participate.

Kid Lit Frenzy: 2016 Mock Sibert 

There’s a Book for That: 2016 Mock Sibert

Kid Lit Frenzy: 2015 Mock Sibert 

Unleashing Readers: 2015 Mock Sibert

There’s a Book for That: 2015 Mock Sibert

Kid Lit Frenzy: 2014 Mock Sibert 

Unleashing Readers: 2014 Mock Sibert

This year, we want to expand the Mock Sibert discussion even further by moving it to a year long conversation, so I proposed to a small group of my PLN the idea of expanding the Mock Sibert to a Book Group on GoodReads.  There are currently ones for Mock Newbery, Mock Caldecott, and Mock Printz, and we felt it was time for a Mock Sibert group. By doing this, we get to discuss books all year long, and you can join in too!

Our plan for the group is for group members to start discussions about any nonfiction books that they feel are 2017 Sibert Award contenders. Then within those discussion boards, we will discuss the books we each “nominate.” At the end of December, we will vote for the books we feel need to be looked at again. We’ll then have a FINALISTS discussion board where we look closer at each of the books with an eye specifically towards the Sibert criteria. Following our discussions, we will vote for what we believe will be the finalists. We’ll then have a WINNER discussion board where we look again at the books we voted as finalists and discuss who we think will win. About a week before the 2017 ALA Media Awards, with enough time to blog about our winner and finalists if participants would like, we’ll vote for the winner.

Come join us on Goodreads at the Mock Sibert Book Club!

First, go to GROUPS at the top of the Goodreads home page.


You can search for the book club in the search bar at the top of the groups page.


Please make sure to answer our new member’s question, and we will approve you to jump into our conversation!

Hope you will come join us!

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