Happy 5th Anniversary to the Top Ten Tuesday Meme!: Our Favorite TTT Posts


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Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. The feature was created because The Broke and Bookish are particularly fond of lists (as are we!). Each week a new Top Ten list topic is given and bloggers can participate.

 Today’s Topic: Our Favorite TTT Posts

We love Tuesdays! Happy anniversary to the Top Ten Tuesday meme! In honor of the anniversary, we are linking our favorite TTT posts.


1. Our Favorite Pairings of YA Books and Classics

Our readers have responded really well to this one, and we are very proud of it because it represents who we are as teachers!

2. Top Ten Books for Readers Who Like Nonfiction

Nonfiction has a bad reputation, so I was excited to create this list.

3. Top Ten Professional Books

I try to read at least ten professional books per year, and I remember it was very difficult for me to pick books for this list because there are so many great ones!

4. Top Ten Books We’d Give to Readers Who Have Never Read Historical Fiction

I love historical fiction, so this was a very fun (but difficult) list to create. There were so many great choices!

5. Top Ten Books Ricki Read in 2013 and 2014 

It is so hard to narrow this list down to 10 books per year, so I am very proud of these titles. I recommend them all very highly.


1. Characters We Wish Had Their Own Books and Characters We’d Like to Check In With

We just really love these characters and need more!

2. Books the Feature Characters Who Show Resilience Despite Disabilities

I loved highlighting books that show that there is strength in all sorts of people.

3. Topics We’d Like to See More in Picture Books

These are important topics we’d like to see more of.

4. Book Characters Who Would Be Sitting At Our Lunch Table

I really love the more unique topics that make me push my thinking. This one was fun!

5. Characters We Would Want with us on a Deserted Island

Ricki’s choice of Snatchabook really made this post (though I am proud of mine as well!).

Share some of your favorite TTT lists from your blog! Let’s celebrate!

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