I am very excited to share a new program called LitWeaver. It features literary selections devoted to grades 5-12 and is an excellent resource to teachers. And here is the great news…IT IS FREE! Teachers can create a sign up and browse the library. They can print out the literary selections or send them to students’ digital devices. The designers (Will Weaver, Don Gallo, and Mary Dennis) promise they will always feature free selections, but eventually, there may be a low cost to teachers. Each week, they plan to add more selections to the library with a goal of 100 high-quality selections by 60 authors in the first year. The selections include: short stories, poems, plays, essays, and a few novels (on the way). When classes are reading and discussing a work, the authors will be be able to access the selection’s discussion board.

I’m really excited about this resource and decided to devote a full blog post to it because I wanted to spread the word. I’ve been aware of this resource for quite some time, but I was thrilled when I heard that it officially launched this month. I worked in a school where resources were always an area of concern, and I wish I had this program available. I hope you find it to be useful!

Some of the featured authors (you might recognize a few—wink):

Will Weaver

Rich Wallace

Alden R. Carter

Charlie Price

Lisa Rowe Fraustino

Joseph Bruchac

Rodman Philbrik

Kelly Milner Halls

Marc Aronson

Nikki Grimes

Joyce Sweeney

Gary Blackwood

Kao Kalia Yang

Susan Beth Pfeffer

Dian Curtis Regan

Don Gallo

Ellen Conford

Annette Curtis Klause

René Saldaña, Jr.

Harold Schechter

Richard Peck

Naomi Shihab Nye

Deborah Noyes

Alex Flinn

Walter Dean Myers

Alan Sitomer

Pete Hautman

Jerry Spinelli

Sue Ellen Bridgers

Anton Treuer

Sharon Dennis Wyeth

Elsa Marston

Lensey Namioka

Gordon Korman

Marsha McGregor

Sandy Asher

Ellen Hopkins

Gloria Skurzynski

Chris Crowe

Jane Yolen

Bruce Coville

Katie Williams

Terry Trueman

Katherine Paterson

Lauren Oliver

Jean Davies Okimoto

Jan Cheripko

David Lubar

Ron Koertge

Mel Glenn

LitWeaver has had early success—a 7120% increase of new teachers signing up since launching the beta 3 ½ weeks ago! This confirmed their idea that YA lit should be more accessible, more varied, and more affordable. There will eventually be 200 pieces of content (in various genres) in their library.

In addition to teachers signing up, they’ve already been contacted by Rutgers University, publications, and several blogs. Here’s something from School Library Journal.

They’re working right now on how to provide more and more free content for teachers. They believe this is doable but will need everybody’s support to help shape the product—so please spread the news!



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