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#MustReadIn2015 is hosted by Carrie Gelson at There Is A Book For That:

“For anyone out there with a To Be Read list that seems like it will never end, this challenge is for you! This is all about making your own personal list of books (5? 10? 20? 30? more?) that you commit to reading in 2015. Books can be published in any year, be from any genre, and be from any category (adult, YA, MG, Graphics, NF, etc.).  As your TBR list grows, you promise you will get to the books on this list.”

These are our hopeful lists. Many are books we’ve been wanting to read for a long time, while others are books we just really want to read as of right now (January 2015), and lastly, some are books we really need to read because we’ve promised someone (or each other). Primarily, we included young adult and middle grade books because they are what we are going to try to read more of this year. As Carrie said, we will absolutely be reading many books not on this list! And don’t worry, we will still be reading the latest and greatest picture books to our boys.

Now without further adieu:

Kellee’s #mustreadin2015


Ricki’s #mustreadin2015

ricki mustread2015

Kellee’s #mustreadin2015

1. Mexican WhiteBoy by Matt de la Peña

2. Tyrell by Coe Booth Completed 11/25/15

3. Never Fall Down by Patricia McCormick Completed 2/6/15

4. Read Between the Lines by Jo Knowles Completed 12/3/15

5. Lions of Little Rock by Kristin Levine Completed 2/20/15

6. The Dugeoneers by John David Anderson Completed 1/30/15

7. Better Nate Than Ever by Tim Federle Competed 3/29/15

8. Knockout Games by G. Neri Completed 9/6/17

9. How To Speak Dolphin by Ginny Rorby Completed 1/16/15

10. Paper Cowboy by Kristin Levine Completed 4/26/15

11. Secret Hum of Daisy by Tracy Holczer Completed 2/7/15

12. How It Went Down by Kekla Magoon Completed 12/7/15

13. X by Ilyasah Shabazz and Kekla Magoon Completed 6/20/15

14. The Honest Truth by Dan Gemeinhart Completed 3/9/16

15. Counting by 7s by Holly Goldberg Sloan Completed 3/24/15

16. Year of Shadows by Claire LeGrand

17. The Summer I Saved the World…in 65 Days by Michele Weber Hurwitz Completed 7/21/16

18. The Alex Crow by Andrew Smith

19. Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith

20. Pickle: The (Formerly) Anonymous Prank Club of Fountain Point Middle School by Kim Baker Completed 8/9/15

21. Hook’s Revenge by Heidi Schulz Completed 10/8/15

22. The Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates: Magic Marks the Spot by Caroline Carlson Completed 5/12/15

23. The Strange Library by Haruki Murakami Completed 1/16/15

24. Gabi, A Girl in Pieces by Isabel Quintero Completed 1/10/15

25. Camp Utopia and the Forgiveness Diet by Jenny Ruden

Completed: 20 out of 25

Ricki’s #mustreadin2015

1. The Alex Crow by Andrew Smith

2. Audacity by Melanie Crowder Completed 1-30-15

3. The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis

4. Counting by 7s by Holly Goldberg Sloan Completed 6-19-15

5. Dreaming in Indian, Edited by Lisa Charleyboy and Mary Leatherdale Completed 2-8-15

6. East of Eden by John Steinbeck Completed 5-17-15

7. Esperanza Rising by Pam Muñoz Ryan Completed 1-13-15

8. Gracefully Grayson by Ami Polonsky Completed 12-21-15

9. Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith

10. How It Went Down by Kekla Magoon Completed 1-10-15

11. Just One Year by Gayle Foreman

12. Like Water on Stone by Dana Walrath Completed 9-23-15

13. A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park Completed 12-30-15

14. Knockout Games by G. Neri

15. Out of my Mind by Sharon Draper Completed 12-25-15

16. Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse

17. Rain Reign by Ann M. Martin Completed 4-13-15

18. Rules by Cynthia Lord

19. The Secret Hum of a Daisy by Tracy Holczer Completed 2-19-15

20. See You At Harry’s by Jo Knowles

21. A Tale Dark and Grimm by Adam Gidwitz

22. This Dark Endeavor by Kenneth Oppel

23. When I Was the Greatest by Jason Reynolds

24. Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick Completed 12-22-15

25. X by Ilyasah Shabazz and Kekla Magoon Completed 5-31-15

 Completed: 14 out of 25

We’d love to hear about your #mustreadin2015 list!

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9 thoughts on “Kellee and Ricki’s #MustReadIn2015”

  1. So many great books on these lists, and of course some overlaps with my list as well. I love how you call these “hopeful lists.” I think I want to start calling my TBR stack my “hopefuls.” Just love that.

  2. Yippee! So glad you two are joining us. Love that you both have Counting by 7s on your lists! What a book. The main character is one you won’t forget – the cast of supporting characters are so unique! Enjoy. Lions of Little Rock and See you at Harrys also WOW titles for me. I just added How it Went Down to my TBR list on Goodreads. We can all compare notes! Happy Reading!

    • I’m so glad we are participating too! I don’t know how we missed it last year!
      I have been told for years to read Lions and Counting–that is why I made sure to put them both on my list 🙂
      Thank you for hosting this!

  3. Finally found time to look at your lists-some great ones I’ve loved, and some new ones to me that I’ll need to look for-more books! Glad you’re going to be in this group…


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