One Year Anniversary Celebration Week: What We’ve Learned this Year



As we wrap up our first year as blog partners, we can’t help but reflect on all of the lessons we’ve learned—both as a team and as bloggers. Sharing a blog requires a strong friendship, and while we were friends before the blog, our bond has grown much stronger from working closely together. We’ve learned:

Google Drive is a lifesaver.

We have a complex shared calendar. If an outsider opened the file, it would be like entering the Twilight Zone. There are sticky notes all over the place and a lot of jargon, but it makes sense to us. Having a shared file that updates automatically has saved us a lot of time and energy, so thank you, Google Drive.

Emails are not always the best form of communication.

Kellee and I exchange a few hundred emails a day. We have realized that, often, just picking up the phone and calling each other is much more effective when we have important questions.

We share the same taste in books but not in art.

You would think this wouldn’t be a big deal, but when it comes to designing the blog and posts like, “Top Ten Covers We’d Frame as Piecesย of Art,” not sharing the same taste in art becomes very apparent. Luckily, we manage to compromise, and we think the end products (e.g. the new blog design) are a perfect blend of our styles.

Regrettably, we can’t take every book that is offered to us.

This lesson has been very difficult for us to accept (and we still struggle with it!). We are often contacted by authors and marketing companies with book review requests. We love to help spread the word about these great books, but we receive more requests than there are days in the year.

Babies do not make good blog partners.

As we both entered motherhood this year, we realized that our blogging habits would never be the same. Now, we both jump on the blog in those brief napping hours or after the babies go to bed. It is too tricky to blog with a baby in a sling.

Friends do make good blog partners.

Even with the stress that comes with co-blogging, having a friend there to do it with you makes it 100% easier and more fun.


What have you learned by blogging? Teaching? Living?

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12 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary Celebration Week: What We’ve Learned this Year”

  1. I’m so glad you’ve made it through the baby year, Kellee and Ricki. It can’t have been easy! I always enjoy your posts (as you know), & wonder how you do it. As for me, I push through too, but blogging when out of town is another challenge I’ve had. Usually I just take a break. It’s hard to pull away from the moment to blog if I’m with wonderful people, or in exciting places.

    • Yes! Blogging while out of town is most certainly tricky! When I know I am going to be away, I always have to plan my posts far in advance. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I, like Ricki, always plan my posts ahead if I am going to be out of town ๐Ÿ™‚ If not, I would definitely not be able to keep up ๐Ÿ™‚
        And thank you ALWAYS for your kind words Linda. I don’t know if it would have been as successful of a year without you.

  2. Thanks for letting me know about Google Calendar. Currently, Fats, Iphigene and myself only make use of our Facebook Page to organize our schedules. I didn’t realize there was a Google Calendar that can be shared. How fun! You really learn something new everyday. ๐Ÿ™‚


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