Ricki’s Bookish Bucket List



 After writing our Bookish Bucket List as one of our Top Ten Tuesday, we learned about Love At First Book’s 50 Bookish Things You Must Do Before You Die . We immediately knew we had to participate. Today, I will post 25 items on my bookish bucket list, and tomorrow, Kellee will post her list! You can also see other lists by checking out Love At First Book.

1. Read all of John Steinbeck’s books. He is my favorite classic author.

2. Visit The Steinbeck House restaurant. Eat and be merry!


3. Read all of the books that match the movies in my Netflix queue. Then, I can actually watch them instead of having them linger in the queue.

4. Continue to attend the ALAN Workshop until I am physically unable to do so (e.g. on my deathbed).


5. Go on a  road trip around the country, visiting all of the major famous author’s houses. Attend every tour.

6. Clear out my TBR list. Ha. Ha. Ha. Imagine?

7. Visit my old high school to thank my teachers for helping me love to read.

8. Get Henry (my son) a library card.

9. Sign up for the mommy-baby reading sessions at our library.

10. Read every Shakespeare play.

11. Try to read at least one NYT bestseller book a month.

12. Read more middle grade books.

13. Finish my YA novel and submit it to be published.

14. Be asked by Amazon to be a Vine member.

15. Attend the ALA Youth Media Awards.

16. Write a children’s book.

17. Host a bookish party!

18.Participate in BookCrossing.

19.Write more thank-you notes to authors.

20. Spend more time spreading the word of the blog!

21. Finish color-coding my bookshelves (three down, one to go!)

22. Have my students over for a book-giving party.

23. Name all of my children after great authors.

24. Host more book giveaways on the blog.

25. Become much more active on Twitter. The bookish crowd is awesome!


6 thoughts on “Ricki’s Bookish Bucket List”

  1. What a great list! Now I’ll have to come back and check for more giveaways 🙂 Thanks for joining us!

    • I certainly have enough books to give away, so I will definitely host more. This summer, Kellee and I will be hosting several book giveaways for our one-year blog anniversary. 🙂

  2. I love these lists! ALA Mid-Winter is in Chicago, I think, this January so I’m hoping to go! I love the idea of reading one NYT bestseller a month… just not sure where to fit that in 🙂 And as I said on Kellee’s post, finish my TBR list…. A ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! 🙂


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