It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? #IMWAYR 9/26/22


It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?
Sharing Picture Books, Early Readers, Middle Grade Books, and Young Adult Books for All Ages!

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? is a weekly blog hop co-hosted by Unleashing Readers and Teach Mentor Texts which focuses on sharing books marketed for children and young adults. It offers opportunities to share and recommend books with each other.

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Tuesday: A River’s Gifts: The Mighty Elwha River Reborn by Patricia Newman, Illustrations by Natasha Donovan

Thursday: Who’s That Dinosaur by Gabrielle Balkan, Illustrated by Sam Brewster

Saturday: Guest Review: All Are Welcome by Alexandra Penfold, Illustrated by Janina Edwards

Sunday: Author Guest Post: “Their Story, Our Legacy” by Emily Francis, Author of If You Only Knew: Letters from an Immigrant Teacher

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Ancestor Approved by Cynthia Leitich Smith Spy School by Stuart Gibbs Haven Jacobs Saves the Planet by Barbara Dee Unbreakable by Rebecca E.F. Barone Amari and the Night Brothers by B.B. Alston Woven in Moonlight by Isabel Ibañez

  • Ancestor Approved edited by Cynthia Leitich Smith: Not very often do I find a short story collection where I enjoy all stories, but this one hit the mark. I loved the multiple voices sharing stories at a powwow that, as described in the summary, “bursts with hope, joy, resilience, the strength of community, and Native pride.”
  • Spy School by Stuart Gibbs: I now understand why so many students have recommended this book to me and so many read & love it–it is so full of action, suspense, puzzles, and humor! I have book 2 on hold!
  • Haven Jacobs Saves the Planet by Barbara Dee: I am reviewing this book on Tuesday!
  • Unbreakable: The Spies Who Cracked the Nazis’ Secret Code by Rebecca E.F. Barone: I am reviewing this book in October!
  • Amari and the Night Brothers by B.B. Alston: Amari is on both my son’s (grades 3-5) and my (grades 6-8) state reading list (SSYRA), so when we took a road trip to Miami, it was the perfect audiobook to listen to, and it didn’t disappoint. I can see why it got the rave reviews it did because the magical world Alston created mixed with plot twists (I literally gasped and had to rewind), mystery, secret societies, identity, friendships, and a main character that everyone will love.
  • Woven in Moonlight by Isabel Ibañez: A friend of mine told me this was her favorite recent read and was shocked that I hadn’t read it. Every time we met up, she would ask if I’d gotten to it yet–well, I finally did, and I am so glad she shared this story with me as it is steeped in mythology, history, and magic–and, of course, romance! Although there is definitely the captivity in luxury trope, which sometimes gets old, it is done well in this debut. (After reading, I did read some reviews criticizing the author’s choice of representation of Bolivian history though, so that is one point of view to consider, though the author IS Bolivian. Check out its Goodreads page to read the different points of view.)

The Flamingo by Guojing Cat Massage Therapy Vol. 1 by Haru Hisakawa Cat Massage Therapy Vol. 2 by Haru Hisakawa

  • The Flamingo by Guojing: This mostly wordless, beautifully illustrated graphic novel chapter book has such a beautiful story about grandmother & granddaughter. It seems so simple at first glance, but its complexity is there, within the illustrations and story, and will truly inspire!
  • Cat Massage Therapy Volume 1 and Volume 2 by Haru Hisakawa: Trent LOVED these two books and handed them to read next. They are silly mangas about a cat massage firm’s manager who meets a businessman then the two of them form an unlikely friendship.

The Lost Stone by Jordan Quinn Giant Panda by Vanessa Hull Humpback Whale by Asha De Vos

  • The Kingdom of Wrenly (Books 1-9) by Jordan Quinn: My nephew is OBSESSED with this series. His family and he have read all of them multiple times and he listens to the audiobooks over and over, so I decided that while I waited to listen to my next audiobook, I would read some Wrenly books and chat with him about them. The series is a fun early chapter book fantasy series around two friends who go on adventures. Although there are some problematic scenarios, in my opinion, that are sprinkled in a couple of the books, I can see why my nephew loves them.
  • Young Zoologist: Giant Panda: A First Field Guide to the Bamboo-Loving Bear from China by Vanessa Hull & Young Zoologist: Humpback Whale: A First Field Guide to the Singing Giant of the Ocean by Asha De Vos: This nonfiction series is amazing! Aimed to educate on the titled animal in many aspects including habitat, diet, hobbies, babies, threats & conservation, and other information. It also includes a glossary and index as well as other text features which would make them perfect for teaching about nonfiction texts in addition to the animal and zoology as a career.

To learn more about any of these books, check out my 2022 Goodreads Challenge page or my read bookshelf on Goodreads.


This is my week off! I’ll see you next week!



The Inheritance Games (The Inheritance Games, #1) Daughter of the Pirate King (Daughter of the Pirate King, #1) Quest Kids and the Dragon Pants of Gold

  • Currently listening: The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
  • About to start reading: Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller & Quest Kids and the Dragon Pants of Gold by Mark Leiknes


Tuesday: Haven Jacobs Saves the Planet by Barbara Dee

Thursday: The More You Give by Marcy Campbell, Illustrated by Francesca Sanna

Saturday: Guest Review: Last Stop on Market Street by Matt de la Peña, illustrated by Christian Robinson

Sunday: Author Guest Post by Diane deGroat, Author of The Adventures of Robo-Kid


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6 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? #IMWAYR 9/26/22”

  1. Looks like a wonderful time of reading, Kellee. It’s fun to read about those early fantasy chapter books that your nephew loves. Hope the hurricane doesn’t impact you on that side of Florida!

  2. Thanks for reminding me about Amari and the Night Brothers. I’m going to try reading it again. I couldn’t get into it the first time I picked it up but this is on me. I’m a very moody reader so I think it was a case of not being the right book at the right time.

    Great list, as usual!

  3. Yeah, loved Amari and the Night Brothers too and just finished The Great Game. You have some fun in store with that one!! Be curious to see what you think about The Inheritance Games, I’ve been wanting to read that one. Have a great week.

  4. It looks like you’ve been reading some amazing books, Kellee! I made note of The Flamingo, and Haven Jacobs Saves the Planet looks great too—Barbara Dee is one of those authors I’d love to try if I had more time. I’m afraid to say I’m probably the only person who didn’t click with Amari and the Night Brothers—I really liked it at first, and then it kind of lost me near the end. But I know people *adore* it, and I’m so glad you did too! Thanks so much for the wonderful post!


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