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Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. The feature was created because The Broke and Bookish are particularly fond of lists (as are we!). Each week a new Top Ten list topic is given and bloggers can participate.

 Today’s Topic: Bookish Facts About Us


1. I get anxious any time a person tells me about a book. I don’t like to hear anything beyond the first page. I won’t even read the inside flaps of books!

2. I have seven bookshelves in my house, and yet I still have piles of books that don’t seem to fit.

3. I’ve only recently developed a love for libraries. In an attempt to save money, I started visiting them. Now, they are one of my favorite places in the world. There is nothing more peaceful and pleasant than a library.

4. At any given moment, I am typically reading 5-10 books. I’ve always struggle to maintain focus on things (bookish or not), and this helps me address this problem. I always make sure these books are very different, so I don’t get confused about plot points.

5. I have a small fear that my second son won’t love books as much as my first son. I have been so happy with my son’s addiction to books that I worry that my next child (who is currently in my belly) won’t have this same joy.


1. Ricki and I have #1 in common. I am not a huge fan about knowing too much about books. I don’t read flaps, I don’t read backs, I don’t watch trailers, etc. If I am reading a review of a book I’ve never read, I try to stick to the review part (“The writing was so lyrical,” etc.) and stay away from the summary. My students think I am crazy! (I don’t like watching movie trailers either!)

2. I am learned to love ebooks. I love that there is away to always have a book with you without carrying around a book. With a diaper bag, my stuff, and a toddler, a book was very cumbersome; however, I always have my phone with me. I didn’t have trouble transitioning–I love reading on my phone, especially with black background and white text. It also allows me to read in the dark!

3. I have over 3,000 book titles in my classroom library (and I have 4 more bags from purchases and ALA in my car). I am immensely proud of my classroom library, and I love the feel of being surrounded by books in my classroom.

4. I hate when I go to read a sequel and I cannot remember the first book, so I write myself private notes in Goodreads about how books that will have sequels end. This is how I keep myself from having to reread (there are too many books!).

5. I do not like reading aloud. I know this is blasphemous, but I really would rather listen to an audiobook than listen to myself read. I mean, they do voices! I can’t do voices, and if I try to, I can never remember what the voice sounded like from day to day. Even with picture books I find myself having trouble being an entertaining read alouder. Sigh. If you are good at reading aloud, I am super jealous.

What are some bookish facts about you?

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4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Facts About Us”

  1. Ricki, as a librarian your third fact makes me so happy! Teachers, writers and book bloggers in particular should make friends with their local libraries – we’re a lot cheaper than a bookstore, and you never have to feel guilty about not finishing a book! 😉 We also love to hear what you’re reading, it helps us keep up with what’s hot in the reading world!

  2. Congratulations, Ricki!!! I didn’t know you were pregnant again – that’s wonderful 🙂 Having brought up two boys, I can tell you are in for a lot of fun. Is your #5 worry about your 2nd son not liking books because of my stories about my own two boys??? ha ha sorry to scare you. He actually loved books when he was young – loved being read to, especially, and went ga-ga over certain books & series. The “I don’t like to read” thing is a more recent development. And I could tell he wouldn’t like sitting still when he was still in the womb – moved around constantly even then! So, either way, you have lots of years of good books to come! I’m with you on #1, 2, and 3 (though I have always loved libraries), but I’m always impressed with people who can juggle so many books at once! I’m a monogamous reader – one book and one audiobook.

    Kellee, I am with you and Ricki on #1! Sometimes they even give away too much on the flaps! I try very hard not to give any spoilers in my reviews. I am not quite there with e-books yet. i am reading one on my Kindle now, and it’s OK, but I still prefer “real” books. Your classroom sounds amazing!! I absolutely LOVE to read aloud – in fact, I miss it soooo much now that my boys are grown. In fact, I’ve been thinking of finding somewhere to volunteer where I could read to kids 🙂 And thanks for the tip! I didn’t know you could make hidden notes on Goodreads. I have the same problem with sequels so I;m going to try that.

    LOVED this post!


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    • Hi, Sue! Thank you for the congratulations message! I am very excited. I think that having a child who doesn’t like to read has been my fear since before Henry, so don’t worry—you didn’t contribute to this!

      I used to be a monogamous reader, but then something happened. I don’t know what, but I think I was inspired when someone mentioned—“You can juggle three TV shows. Why not three books?” I tried it and loved it. But I’ll admit that if I love a book, I stop all juggling and read it in its entirety. 🙂


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